Are you in relation with robot?



Painful experiences are our teachers, but also executioners. After someone broke your heart, you cry in silence of your room and then your mother or friends will tell you “I warned you.” You will say that nobody has label on forehead  with title “Bad guy”, but if you know to read between lines, some signs will tell you what kind of person is boy you fall in love.  Even you believe that nobody can’t be cruel if you show love to him,  progress of technology makes people different, and your beloved guy is maybe emotional robot.

The main problem of every teenage girl is how to make difference between guys who want to take an advantage and guys who take care for you. Even it looks so fine on first sight, suddenly moron broke you in pieces, and you did not recognize him.

Here is small guide for beginners, how to recognize emotional robots.

He will know his rights, but never his obligations. So, he will ask sex from you, but if you want to introduce him to parents, he will suddenly find million reasons not to do it.

He will not call you every day. He wants you sometimes, not always. 

When he wants you, and you reject him because you have no time, he will be furious. Then you will be guilty for everything, because you don’t run on his call.

He has a lot of female friends, with everyone of them he will exchange kisses, hugs, compliments, and if you show jealousy, you are idiot.

He will talk about your private details to his friends. Beware of this, because now days he can use your internet photos or videos against you.

Search his internet profile. If he has many naked or half naked girls, he is a hunter . You are not his exception, you are his number. 

If you are sensitive person, if you think with heart and not with mind, you are in big trouble. Rational girls always have better results. If you are person who doesn’t fall so easy, you will be desirable target but you will know how to deal with this because your priorities are different. You have friends, hobbies, work, and if your guy doesn’t fit, you will simply erase him from your life.

We can compare love stories now days and from the past. As technology is progressing, as we are surrounded by cell phones, tablets, laptops and all that miracles , with cable or wireless, we are getting colder and colder. Look at some couples when you visit coffee bars. He will write sms, and she will change statuses on her social network. After half hours they will remember that they came together to drink coffee.

In past, women had dance list of partners, men were singing under windows and they got many love letters. France poet Cyrano de Bergerac wrote love letters for fiance of his friend, because that friend wanted to impress her. If you ask modern guy to write you some sweet words, he will ask google or laugh, because that is so turn off.

Modern technology has influence on feelings, so people will act like robots. It is so easy to fall in love in internet and to delete person after you flirt with her. You can block her and you will spare yourself of tears.

New bad guys are not those who will hit you immediately or insult you on first sight.

Their methods are more complicated and sophisticated. They are emotional robots. That guy will send you virtual flowers and then you will see that he did the same to many women. You will get forwarded message about his flirting or some nasty woman will send you his message about you. Remember, that guys grew up in a way that they played video games . They are interested to reach higher level, and you could be their victim.

How to fit emotions in new age?

Be careful who is your virtual friend, don’t get close before you check him.

Remember, this is just computer and if you don’t meet him alive, you are safe from bad lessons.

Be silent if you know what kind of guy is he. Show poker face, he will not know what is behind your mask.

Modern guys don’t sing in front of your window, they don’t write love letters and they search google to learn how to declare love.

Your mother probably used to say before : “Beware of guys who paid your drink, beware of those who wants to slap your butt. ” Now days mothers will say : “Take care of guys in internet space, if they send you request and you never hear for them. ”


Which categories of men you should avoid?



Some men will always walk away with short sleeves from love relations. It is not that they are cursed, ugly or stupid, they are not even poor. Simply, they are in category which is hard to love and women will runaway from them as they are diseased.

I was doing small research between men i know, with different statuses. Interesting thing is, the men who were in relations in past are just temporary alone, and soon they will find new love. They get out from relation, they are between two relation or in front of marriage. That are privileged members in x group. The other group are men who are single a long  time, and they are always rejected. These are members of y group. Between x and y, women will always choose x group.

Members of y group, men on black list:

Narcis. Type of man who is in love in himself. Handsome, elegant, but still alone. Women are avoiding him, they considered him as dull.

Cleaner. Man who lives alone, he is used to do all housework for himself. Flat is clean as drugstore, he cooks as master chief and his guests must follow his order. Women said that he doesn’t need partner. Who would clean and cook better than him?

Nerd. He knows all about computers, he is kind of geek, but his conversation doesn’t go further. Everyone yawn in his company.

Pussy boy. Man who has voice as woman. Sound of his voice is mix of Susan Boyle and Justin Bieber. It is nobody fault if his voice doesn’t have good sound, but you can help yourself with ice cube or smoking. Women like deep male voices. Or at least pleasent whisper, not screaming boy.

Gigolo. He will hunt only rich women, because he is without job. He needs financial support.

Man without standards. If you see guy in nightclub who is going from one woman to another and offer them beer, he is desperate to catch anybody. And woman can’t feel special. 

Virtual freak. Man who is behind his computer all day. He doesn’t know what kind of weather is outside.

Son of his mother. Your biggest rival will be his mother. He lives with her and he will probably still live in the same flat till the end of his life.

Pupil. That kid doesn’t have clue what to do with women. He expect teacher or nanny.


Another group, with x members, was more successful.
Accord fact i know and stories i heard, they are in relation or married.

Financial independent men, with own flat and own job.

Men with life experience. If he knows what to do with women, they will have easier job. 

Rebels. Guys who are able to say no to social requests. Rejection in right place and on right time is always sexy.

Bodyguards. Not professional as David Hasselhoff or Jason Statham, but woman can lean on them if she falls into trouble.

Potential husbands

That man talks that he wish to marry one day. If guy denies marriage all the time, he is not desirable candidate for relation. Someone who talk about marriage as ebola cannot be good partner for common life.

Guys who can make you smile. Good sense for humor is hot stuff. It is very sexy when you have man besides you who knows to cheer you up.

The point is, there is no guarantee for love. You can be perfect and you will still be alone. But, if you have thousand failed attempts behind you, it is time to research your reasons. Change your perspective and reveal why women is avoiding you.

Typical example of speech which will use desperate guys:

“My life sucks. I am so poor. I will never find true love. In fact i hate women. I stopped to believe in love because women are liars. They are devils . The only purpose is sex and after that nothing else left. You did not reply on my message. You are so rude and bad girl.”

Desirable man will say this:

“I can’t promise you fabulous love story but i love to risk and if you dare to take challenge, try with me. What are your plans for tonight? “

Strategies in love relations

What is love without fantasies and strategies? Sometimes it is real race, and we compete who will win. Men are simple, they give us simple signals. If man says “i like you”, he likes you. If he wants to marry you, he will ask you.

Many women are misguided by thinking that men give us double signals. Maybe when they are teenagers and immature, until they have no experience. Little kid will tease girl because he likes her. When mature man wants to seduce woman, she will know it because he will clear expose his intentions.

Women are different. Indeed our nature is more confusing. That is theory of seducing, how we seduce man by words . We want to give them message, that we are not easy and that they must work hard to get us.

Girl likes guy and he invites her for a date.

Possible answers:

i don’t know for today, but i will let you know soon

– now i am busy , i will tell you later

– yes i will go with you, but don’t take it as relation immediately

– maybe

– ask me again and you will know

Games are made by women. 

When guy asks for sex, then game goes to higher level.

Women will reply:

i am not ready

– i have headache

– it is not the right time

– if you are serious, you will wait

– do you want to take advantage?

– do you love me?

Women will hesitate, make excuses,  buy time to get a guy for long relation. Every woman has game with more levels. The one who pass all levels wins award.

Bad player will quit in first step. Average player will try and give up. But the best players will be resistant until they got a score. It also depends about wishes and expectations. Some guys are lazy and they will rather choose more available woman, because they think their odds are better if they play on safe. Others will deal with challenges, no matter how much time they need. Man with experience will not give up on the first sight.

So what kind of player you want? 

If you deal with little boy, he is insecure and it is easy to break him. Some women like to play teacher and student game, because they feel superior in this situation. Weakness of this game is that you never know what to expect, and soon as he will get bored, you will lose. When two people are not on equal level, it is hard to make harmony.  Follower must take a step to be closer. Breakup is here when one person stayed on first level, and other is already far away on level 50. 

How to get a girl?


Love doesn’t come by force. The main mistake which inexperienced guy can do is to push or force girl to date with him. That kind of guys are or bad mannered or violent and every girl will escape from them.

When you like someone, imagine would you be happy to be with that person without her acceptance. This is the same as you hold parrot in the cage and she wants to fly out, but you don’t want to let her go. Love is a choice, not a prison.

Some men forgot that women have choice. In old times women had card to pick their partners for dance. Ladies were choosing accord their wishes. 

I can understand man wish to catch beautiful girl, but wrong approach is to be persistent and to annoy her when she doesn’t want to.

Megan was beautiful girl and very popular in the school. Roy was crazy for her, but she did not notice him. One day he gathered his 5 friends to support him in attempt to ask her for a date. When Megan saw group of guys in front of her classroom, she was very frightened. One of Roy’s friends approached to her and started to talk about Roy and his qualities, how he is good guy and how she will not find better nowhere. She simply runaway because it was trap for her. Nobody asked her what she wants. 

Some guys feel as losers and they compare themselves with their friends who are successful in dating.

Why some guys are chosen and popular, and why others are intruders and losers?

Popular guys have some characteristic:

They are unavailable from time to time.

They are busy with other things and they don’t ask for girl 24 hours.

They will not annoy girl with desires on first sight, they will talk with her first about other things.

They will give space to her to express her wishes.

They will respect her choice.

Also they will wait until she is ready for any decision about relation.

How you will recognize pest ?

He calls you “my best girl” even you did not say even hello to him.

Once you said no and he is again near you, repeating the same question when you will go on date with him.

His jokes are old fashioned and only he laughs at this. 

He got rejection from other women too.

He can be violent or use threats. (“If you don’t want to date with me, i will tell everyone that you are slut.”)

You can get his request for virtual friendship even you don’t have common friends with him, his profile is empty and about me is hidden.

Some men forgot simple thing, that women are not toys. You can’t treat woman as your property, she is not a car to drive her when you want and how fast you want. 

Indeed love is a lottery, and if you are not good player you will be alone because you chose bad strategy.

Connection: Venus – Mars


To understand woman you must enter into her brain and think like a woman. The same is with men. Those who balance well between differences will save relations, because our two genders are from different planets.

Let’s try to make connection between Mars and Venus. Two different planets had always problems with interactions and understandings.

So it sounds like these:

He: – I am going out tonight with my friends.

She: – What is the name of that easy woman you will meet?

He: – Did you eat all this cookies?

She: – You think i am fat, i know it.

He: – New neighbor is very kind woman.

She: – You want sex with her, i know it.

He: – Can you explain me where i could find soap in this bathroom? 

Please give me guidance, i cannot find damn soap because here are powders and creams in thousand shapes.

She: – When you will start to use parfum i bought you last year?

He: – Cristiano Ronaldo did great goal, he is genius.

She: – Do you think i don’t understand football? 

          Yes, i am sure you think i am stupid.

Men are from Mars, and women are from planet Venus. So this connection were damaged, messages could not pass to each other without error in communication. 

Women wants to hear compliments, a men like to be simple, without much explanation and hidden words. Men don’t like double meanings, and women try to pack their words before using.Women will expect compliments even they ask for honest opinion.

That is the key of every relation, try to move obstacles between Venus and Mars. 

So sometimes women must go to Mars to see from inside how is it going there, and men must visit planet Venus to see how there things look like. Rational minds from Mars will try to show practice view of things around, and emotional minds from Venus will put more emotions into their acts.

This updated connection will be faster and better if we use understanding and objective approach.

Guy accord standards


Life is big basket. There are lot of things to choose, but we can’t have everything. One choice will eliminate another because it is impossible to pick up all. Also, we have standards. If you close your eyes and imagine what’s your priorities, your vision is made by this standards.

Person with higher standards is not always happy, but also is not easy to approach. If you hear that man prefers big standards, that he is picky accord women for dating, it sounds somehow interesting, because every woman will think that she is better than others. Standards start the race and competition is here.

When you fall in love in picky guy, you know what to expect. He will be yours or not. At least, you will feel special and not every woman should take your place. An opposite, when man involve with many women, you will never know how long your relation will last. That women are numbers, they can be ugly or old, but everyone can throw you out of race.

How to recognize picky guy?

He will be on abstinence some period, because he can’t go in bed with every woman he meets.

He will be busy with other things so women who try to capture his interest will not succeed.

Sometimes, he is alone with himself.

He is kind and decent, but he will reject you if you are not accord his standards.

He is the one who will say “i can be your friend only.”

He is self confident and he doesn’t need bunch of women to prove his value.

Roberta, Xenia and Sylvia were three friends, always together in night club. Brian was involved with all three girls. Every month he found new target for his hunting. Girls were disappointed and furious at each other, but Brian was not guy for serious relation. He was insecure and it was his way to reach his values. 

Sometimes, women expect that their man will reject or even insult their competition just to make them feel better. Women like to feel special, but with guy as Brian nobody can’t feel privileged. There is no bigger disappointment when you found out that you were just “one of million” in eyes of your beloved man. You thought that you mean world to him, and that slut is now on your place. Sounds bad, isn’t it?

When you give heart to man, open your eyes. Your heart is on his palm now, but he can throw it into garbage box, together with other women there. You have your standards, but this guy doesn’t fit, so don’t give him more benefits until he deserve it.

Big cat woman and dependable man

When strong woman met weak man, we in Croatia love to say that he is cuckold. Woman will hold every angle in the house, and he is her little mouse, ready to be on service.

This combination is not connected with physical look, this is about characters. Some men really needs babysitter, mother or granny, but not woman as life partner. 

If you think that weak man is good and sweet guy, you are wrong. Cuckold is not good guy, he is just an conformist and person spoiled from childhood, he is person not able to make important decision because his wife is a boss. In some cases this man will not work, he will wait his wife to come back from her job and to earn much money. 

How to recognize cuckold?


– he cries more than woman

– he is afraid of conflicts with other men

– he has habits to blame others for his mistakes

– woman is usually cheating him, but he has no idea

– usually, mother has dominant role in his life

Bridget was woman in middle ages and she was almost never at home. Her husband Dan used to cook, clean and wash laundry , and when she needed something from market she used whistle.  Everybody laughed to them, but Dan never complaint. He had no job, she was earning money and their roles changed. He was always quiet and Bridget was noisy. She talked around that they marry from interest, because she wanted  to get over first man in her life who did not propose her.

When woman is dominant, and man is under her power, it reminds of game with cat and little mouse. She is chasing him, she plays with him and later she will grab him and swallow. He is her trophy. 

Why should any man allow this?

Well, some men love to live as kids whole life. They will find older woman who will bring her money, who will take care of them as their mother used to do. Some men can’t grow up, because life is not only sweet lullaby and they will not listen only sweet words all the time. 

When weak man realize that he must fight for love, invest and contribute, he will rather give up. It is too hard, too difficult, why to bother?  Maybe he wanted beautiful and smart woman, but it was too hard to deal with her. So this is easier way, to choose woman who will control everything. Alpha woman will pay bills, and pussy man will be at home, as her backup. 

Everything has a price, so this little mouse will accept to live in the trap for exchange to his comfortable life. He is like child in the cradle, when his mother sang lullaby and life was without problems. Now he sees his wife as new mother, who will take care for him.