Do you live in his memory?

We can love people in many different ways. Sometimes I wish to hug person to express my devotion and affection. My internal instinct never lies, so at first sight, I can see that something is not good or an opposite when I feel how someone can fit in my life. Good memories are for sure […]

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Are you in relation with robot?

  Painful experiences are our teachers, but also executioners. After someone broke your heart, you cry in silence of your room and then your mother or friends will tell you “I warned you.” You will say that nobody has label on forehead ¬†with title “Bad guy”, but if you know to read between lines, some […]

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Strategies in love relations

What is love without fantasies and strategies? Sometimes it is real race, and we compete who will win. Men are simple, they give us simple signals. If man says “i like you”, he likes you. If he wants to marry you, he will ask you. Many women are misguided by thinking that men give us […]

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How to get a girl?

Love doesn’t come by force. The main mistake which inexperienced guy can do is to push or force girl to date with him. That kind of guys are or bad mannered or violent and every girl will escape from them. When you like someone, imagine would you be happy to be with that person without […]

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Big cat woman and dependable man

When strong woman met weak man, we in Croatia love to say that he is cuckold. Woman will hold every angle in the house, and he is her little mouse, ready to be on service. This combination is not connected with physical look, this is about characters. Some men really needs babysitter, mother or granny, […]

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