Life in the blog sphere

“How is it going on the blog? Are you earning a lot? ” My friend asked me this before a long time and said also: “I would like to write a blog, too. “ I did not want to discourage her and break her illusions. Writing blog is not simply how it looks. Mostly, people […]

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How our problems spread claws?

  Every misery ask for company. Trouble never comes alone. In the time of recession many people are unemployed or with small salaries. That problems spread deeper into society. As octopus, their shanks are on many places. Poor man will became beggar or criminal. Beggars will be social problems, and criminals will fill courts and […]

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What we say in silence?

I am talkative person, but once when i get silent, i can be numb forever. With years i learnt about power of silence, especially in situation when someone hurts you. Before i thought that silent people are weak and fragile, and i underestimated silence as tool of cowards. Recently one person hurt me. We were […]

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4 steps how to be selfish

Selfishness is a trap without a bottom. Everyone will fall into this seduced my own desires and wishes. The main difference is in control, how much are we able to resist and fight against this demonic feeling? Every human relation will consider selfishness as the enemy. Mother can’t be selfish, friends can’t think only about […]

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When patience is lost

Someone who waited for a long time said that patience is a virtue. I would not agree with this, cause some things need rush otherwise it will never happen. Imagine a sick woman who needs emergency, and people advice her: “Be patient. ” Imagine a person who waits for a job few years, and the […]

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Seduce my mind

On first sight, seducing is easy. Touch this special someone , squeeze his hand, look him into eyes and kiss him. This is physical contact and body language will speak by itself. If you think that guy is sexy and handsome, you will easy fall on his charm and you will give him access to […]

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