What is indeed romantic?

  Stereotypes develop from childhood. Differences between genders grow through traditional values , modify with time, but skeletons stay unchanged , no matter about fashion and progress. Let me remind you, if you gave birth to boy, what will you buy him as toy? Little car, ball or plastic gun? If you gave birth to […]

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Life in the blog sphere

“How is it going on the blog? Are you earning a lot? ” My friend asked me this before a long time and said also: “I would like to write a blog, too. “ I did not want to discourage her and break her illusions. Writing blog is not simply how it looks. Mostly, people […]

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So called kindness

Use lovely smile and sweet words, talk kind and you are on the half way to get what you wish. Many times such behavior will make our view misty, especially when we reveal the truth. This woman was so sweet and kind, who would tell that she is indeed a bitch? That is in human […]

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How our problems spread claws?

  Every misery ask for company. Trouble never comes alone. In the time of recession many people are unemployed or with small salaries. That problems spread deeper into society. As octopus, their shanks are on many places. Poor man will became beggar or criminal. Beggars will be social problems, and criminals will fill courts and […]

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Your friend is an imitator ?

  Social intelligence is the ability to sympathize with others, to feel their needs and to help them if you can. A selfish person is deaf to other wishes, so when you hear someone to say “What I have to do with this, this is not my concern”, you know what to expect. This kind […]

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