Intruder in my movie – which things irritate you the most in cinemas?


I am big fan of movies. Even nowadays is popular to download movie from internet and watch it at home, cinema will be always my first choice. What happens in big screen, with special sound is incomparable with movie at home.

Every summer in my city, in Croatia is kind of event, summer movie. People watch popular films under stars, near river and in old castle with improvised screen. Take popcorn, drink beer and enjoy.

Sounds great, isn’t it? What can be more enjoyable than fresh air, sky in evening full of stars, full moon and partner next to you? Even if you hide beer in purse, as me , to complete your impression. That movie , Danish “Message in the bottle” was independent production and very exciting. As i love thrillers , indeed it was my favorite.

So, i was totally dedicated, stare in screen and suddenly felt kick in my butt. Woman behind me used my chair to put her feet, as she is watching movie in her own room. I turned on and look at in her face, in hope she will understand my grumpy hint. Few minutes later, her feet was again touching my butt. I had dress and her shoe was not welcome anyway, so i got furious, moved my chair in forward.

At the end of movie, i felt her feet again. Now, it was enough. I said her : “Why you hold your legs on my chair whole movie?” She replied: “You should tell me that it disturbs you. ” I said : ” Smart person understand hint. Did i move chair? It is matter of personal culture. ” Her friends started to laugh, and she laughed with them, so i said, with higher tone : “Fuck of. ” I was ready to slap her, and my husband waited what i will do. They became quiet. Suddenly, silence prevails. I took my purse, stand up as lady and get out from cinema . Peasant woman and her squad did not follow me.


That made me thinking, which are the most irritating things in cinema?

Chewing during movie.

Some people bring whole meals , ready to eat and chew loudly while movie is on. Gosh, you should eat at home.

Talking on phone during movie.

Suddenly person behind me got important call. I hear “I watch movie, i will come later”, so loud, as person is alone. And conversation continue 10 minutes after.

Horny couples on visible seats.

So called love seats are in the middle, me and husband would never take such seats because they are just red, not private.

Talking about movie content in forward.

Some people watch some movie twice and talk about content. I would strangle them.

Farting and laughing loud.

Yes, some people have no manners. As they are main stars in cinema, in some freak show.

Pushing chair with legs, as they want to lay down and make bed over .

Children’s cry.

Ok, if you take your kid with you, make him quiet or show him movie at home. Screaming is not what i want to hear while i am watching movie.

Bunch of garbage under chair. 

Some people are able to left gum on your seat and you can sit on it . Have fun.

Got late on movie so you ask your sit while movie started half hour ago.

Don’t be surprised if someone send you to hell and back.

Also, don’t do to others things which you don’t want that others do to you. Human’s selfishness is familiar on such kind of events.  Such event could turn on into nightmare in your own direction.


Fifty shades of moral

If you ask someone what is in the cinema these days, “Fifty shades of grey” is the main answer. This movie rise the dust, and reactions are various, from thrilled women who wish to scream for amazing Mr. Grey until preachers who wish to crucify author of the book. Some of them go so far that they compare this movie with act of devil.

What is really so special in this movie and why reactions are negative? I remember when women cried on “Titanic” and “Bodyguard”. It was time when Leonardo di Caprio was symbol of dream guy who will give his life for love and Kevin Kostner was main hero who will save you from bad guys. Personally, i was not attached with this kind of movies because it was too sugary for me. I prefer movie “Basic instinct. ” Just, romantic stories were significant for that time and fragile woman as Whitney Houston was symbol of femininity. Kate Winslet was romantic sweetheart and nobody noticed her handsome fiance Jack because all eyes were on Leonardo. 

Perception of love changed. Woman is not fragile creature who waits for a hero, she wants dangerous stranger and vicious games. 

But why some religious people spit on that movie and why romantic souls are disappointed?

It was not typical love story. Anastasia is young virgin who falls on charming stranger Christian. But he will not save her from bad guys, he is kind of bad guy.

Christian is abuser, not sweet guy from neighborhood. He use whip and sex toys and his playroom is place for sexual deviations.

They are not couple who will marry and have kids, as in romantic novels. They cross limits together and she is free to go when she can’t handle situation.

They don’t use words i love you and forever.

Some people will act like moral policy and judge that movie, as it breaks traditional values. Some are terrified because Christian beats Anastasia, but let’s look at other side. First, Anastasia accepted this and she runaways when she realized that is not what she wanted. Also, even she looks like innocent girl , she is horny and her desires are deep. She did not choose sweet guy Jose, who was her friend from college. Her choice is Christian, rich man and she is fascinated by his power and success. She doesn’t act as innocent victim, more she is curious girl who will yell as Red Riding hood when wolf is coming.

Why to be shocked nowadays with movie about masochism? 

Don’t mix it with violence. Yellow is word for warning, red means stop – that are symbols of game between two masochists. If young people can make love in front of cameras in Big Brother, why to be surprised with such movie on Valentine’s day?

Morality is rainbow with more colors and shades. If you see things as black, it doesn’t mean that your sight is real and right.