Invisible escort

Snap, he broke up with you. You got  hard kick, and now your place is on the floor. This cold shower will not hit just your heart, it will affects to your ego, and after this you are victim of bad jokes or condolences. What is worse, that someone feel sorry for you, or that […]

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Happiness in your wallet

Do you feel lucky? That would be famous  Dirty Harry’s words when he is in the action.   Luck is symbol of addiction if you gamble. In casino, when people want to make their day the main challenge is roulette or slot machines. This is not Las Vegas, in my city is just small gambling […]

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Call me when you are sober

Look at the bottom of your glass and you will see your feelings . No matter did you cry, yell or smile when you are drunk, that emotions are exaggerated. If you wish to say something important to your beloved people, better delay this for sober time. Your emotions are not clear during drinking . […]

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