Why i don’t like Monday?


In year 1979 , at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Brenda Ann Spencer was shooting and killed two people. Eight were injured in this terrible event, and when police ask her why she did it, she replied :”I don’t like Mondays. ” She was only 16 and she surrended immediately , without resistance. She inspired Bob Geldof to write song “Why i don’t like Monday”, and Boomtown Rats made music, so it was favourite song on top lists, as reminder on this terrible crime.

Monday phenomenon is not an exception, because many of us will say “i hate Monday.” No matter if you get up early for school, or you are travelling on the road to your job, you will notice traffic jam or crowd and it will upset you, especially because you realized that weekend is over. Our body and mind are in shock, because after relaxing we must back to reality and daily obligations. You will not shoot nobody, but you will be furious , nervous and frustrated.

It is not recommended that you have exam or business meeting in Monday morning. Your mind is still sleepy and even bunch of coffee cups will not help you. Remember how many times you did not sleep well at Sunday, because tomorrow is damn Monday and your duties are waiting for you.

Accord this statistic, mostly car accidents, 1072 happen between Sunday and Monday, at midnight and 3 a.m.

Results from researching in Hong Kong, from 1989-2001 shown that Monday is suicide day. 22% of suicides were committed at Monday. They made conclusion, suicides happens because of family arguments, which started at weekend and continued in Monday.

Why is Monday such notorious day ?

You realise that your problems start again, even you may forgot it at weekends.

If you delayed something, Monday will remind you on deadline.

If you started diet and broke your rules at weekend, you must start again from Monday.

You are unsleepy after party nights with lot of alcohol.

Your vacation is over and you must back to work.


Monday is indeed cut from fantasies and return to reality. This day is useful as alert. Brenda Ann Spencer made terrible action to pull attention on herself.

Did she choose Monday randomly or with purpose? We can guess.


How to control hot temper?


Hot temper is a bomb. Every harsh word and provocation will make fire and person can explode . System will simply collapse and all what is left are remains. You can be smart, beautiful, genius, but if you can’t control your reactions in important moments, your life will be hell.

Arthur is famous as very hasty man. His rage is worse than flame, he destroys everything on his way. One day he returned earlier from business trip. His wife had unknown male guest and before she had chance to say anything, he got mad and smacked him into face . He was shocked, until his mouth were bleeding, he explained that he is new colleague from work and that they work at common project. Damage was here, and Arthur regret his action, but this man never visited them again.

It is easy to get angry. If you let your emotions to lead you, you are in trouble.

The way of anger and rage is full of thorns. You can hit someone who is stronger than you, he can sue you or his friends can make pancake from you. Life is not cartoon and when you get up things cannot be fixed. If you feel large amount of rage, if you act like fury, find alternative way to chill out. If you need to break glasses, do it in your house, when nobody is watching this, or hit into punching bag. Your anger is boiled water, and bubbles are around you, ready to make a flood.

Stella had love relation with Roman. During this relation she found out that he has another relation with Ashley. He was very wise guy who was sitting on two chairs. Girls were fighting, but nobody wanted to stay away. One day Stella decided to let go this impossible situation. She was tired of threats, paranoid phone calls and conflicts with Ashley. Simply she stopped to answer on Roman’s messages, he was asking for her but she was not there. In the same time, Ashley was his shadow, she was following him everywhere and he felt rope around his neck. After two months Roman left Ashley, and Stella did not move even little finger. She won in this battle, but she make things harder for Roman. He was very persistent in his attempts to win her heart again. She accepted him after he propose her.

If you are silent, calm , if you use ignorance, you will not lose. 

An opposite, your view will be more clear, finally you give chance to your brain to think about. Instincts are hasty, if you do actions accord your feeling in one moment, you will lose. Yes how much i want to strangle this girl who try to flirt with my boyfriend, but i will not give her a credit. She doesn’t exist, and if she wish to prove an opposite, my mind will bring calm decision.

The best revenge is cold meal. 

Put your opponent on pending time. Until someone is waiting your next move, you will get advantage. The best methods are similar as in chess game. Wait until you move your king, start with pawn. Protect your queen, don’t go naked into battlefield. Save your best ways for the end. In the moment when your opponent think that game is over, you will stand up from the floor and fight back. This will be your victory, because you gave chance yourself to calm down.

Exclusivity – key for serious relation


When you will know that relation is getting serious? That moment is here when your partner want to make commitment. This kind of obligation doesn’t have to be engagement or marriage, it is simply exclusivity. He said he wants to date only with you, he is interested only for you and other women have no chance to get close with him.

Problem with immature guys is in their wrong perception. When your partner is immature, he thinks that is enough to say sweet words and make excuses or promises , so things will work out. That will pass with insecure women, but when woman is made of strong principles, such vision will fail.

Let’s assume that you are dating with playboy. He is in contact with many women. They write messages to him on his social page. They are calling him. When you are in club , restaurant or anywhere else with him, you will always meet his “friends. ” Title “friends” is secret code for lovers, former girlfriends or undefined adventures. Now, you ask him to clean his mess, but what if he says no?

Normally, you would say, leave him. Situation is not always simple, so if you come to phase when you fall in love in him and you are sad without him, he will use this to manipulate with you.


Where is an exit?

You can be friend with him. Say him, you are friend zoned, until you make decision.

You can give up, because there are lot of fishes in the sea.

Also, you might give him some time. Expiration date next month, next week, for his decision.

You can also have joker in pocket. Tell him, you are dating with someone else and you wait his hint. Make yourself as busy target, you are not taken, but also you will not be free because as every good product, you have your buyers. He is not the only one who wants you.

Now, you did your part, you are waiting him to call you. Don’t call him first, don’t make him rush, because this is as in stock market, your value is decreasing if you force situation.  If this pending time takes too long, if he is silent, you got your answer. Sometimes, silence is for men  the best conversation with woman.

Some guys said these things:

“I did not call her because i did not want to hear her crying or screaming. I was not interested. “

“My ex called me that she wants reunion, so i did not call that girl, i wanted to avoid trouble. “

“I felt i was not ready to commit to one woman. My friends called me on party, it was not time for romance. “

Even some women will say “let him, he will come back at the end”, that is not true. You can’t let guy who is in relation with you to do what he wants with other women. This is humiliation, and if you let him to flirt, next time he will ask you for advice what to do with certain woman. Friend zone can be painful if you love him.

Exclusivity means that :

He respects your opinion. He ask you advices, because you are important to him.

He will not make interactions with other women on a way to hurt you.

He will be loyal to you.

He will not let his friends to try with you. You are his target, he will not share you with other men.

Many women will swallow pride just to have man for adventure, for few nights, when they see, there is no chance to keep him. That is just bullshit solution. Scarves in your soul is not easy to heal. If you ask relation and he ask only flirt, make things clear. You will stay hungry as someone who ordered meal and got only soup on the table.

How to survive as weirdo?


Some people were born to act accord social rules. As they have drafts what to say or to do in particular situations. “He knows to behave” or ” She is well educated” are just some of descriptions. When you fit in, you are safe from gossips and your circle of friends is big. Or, you just think on this way? If you are clumsy and simply stand out from usual patterns, you will have problem to be part of society, but your failures will help you to be more original.
Did you feel that you are part of wrong movie? Your personal twilight zone doesn’t have to be your disaster. For example, if you stuck between female friends who knows all about baking cakes, and you wish to disappear, it doesn’t mean that you are shame for woman species. I personally felt much better when i was drinking beer and watching football match Croatia – Mexico with my husband and male friends, when we all had so much fun even result was not good for us. I did not see myself with women who trade recipes for domestic cookies.  Probably i would yawn from boredom.
When you can be sure that you are different?
When everyone has something to say in group, and you don’t have opinion or you get bored.
When you feel that nobody listen your suggestions.
When others start to whisper and gossip about you, and you feel uncomfortable.
When you say something what makes others to wonder.
One interesting fact is : woman outsider has harder way than man outsider. Different guy is sexy and cool, but rebellious, strange woman is danger. She scares men. She could be victim of bullying. Also she could be declared as target for sex, because her mind is opened. It is not rarity that guys like to have sex with freaky women. She might know different things in bed, and she doesn’t runaway from exploring.
How you will play in this wrong movie, it depends on your character. Will you back up because all are against you, or you will walk in front of this crowd?
Some tips in this case:
Smile if crowd start to mock you. Smile is sign of self confidence.
Reply them on cool way. Don’t make your voice tremble. 
Don’t try to persuade others that you are not different than them. This is your protecting brand. If you listen heavy metal, and they are listening pop, it doesn’t make you bad person. You are not satanic person with horns.
Say what you think even this is opposite from majority. Let they stare at you.
Weirdos are more intelligent people and they have keys to freedom. If your clothes is different, if your accent is funny, if you eat vegan foods and everyone around you eat meat, you don’t have to be ashamed because of this. One my friend came in continental part of Croatia , and she was from Dalmatia. Her accent was different but she was talking loud and with smile, even people looked at her as she is an alien. Be proud of your roots no matter from where are you from, who are your parents and who is your partner. That is the only way that you play main role in this wrong movie, and this is not role of social clown.

Are you person who knows too much?


Let’s assume that is good to know answers on all questions. If you are living encyclopedia, you are useful to everybody. They will not remember and you will remind them, what is the name of movie which made them cry, song when they get drunk for a first time or who was neighbor who lived in your street before ten years.

Sometimes, it’s better to be silent. If they already call you smart ass, you are not favourite one. It sounds irritating, you know everything. 

Jim was one of that kind. Every time in class his hand is in the air, he knows history better than teacher and he is local Einstein. He is member of MENSA and he is proud of that. His classmates don’t like him, he is pain in the ass. Not because he is smart, it’s because he is a pest. Everybody should be happy to see hole in his knowledge, at least something to make him less perfect.

So one day Jim fall in love in Mabel. She was sweet little girl , few years younger than him and they start to dating. They were good couple, and first she was proud because her boyfriend knows everything. One day she went grumpy at birthday, so her friends asked her for a reason.

– He is so bad lover. He can’t excite me at all. Not to mention orgasms, it will not happen with him. He knows everything about space, but woman body is enigma for him. That is tragedy.

This confession spreads around because Mabel’s friends could not keep a secret. Jim became subject of jokes. The top of party was on his birthday, when classmates bought him a gift. He opened box and there was book with title : “How to deal with impotency?” Jim was blushing. He was sad and angry in the same time, especially when someone said : “For sure he will find answer on this question too, or he will deal with his little friend. “

Which is familiar behavior for nerds?

He is full of self confidence, because he knows everything.

He will run for attention, his knowledge should not be unnoticed.

He is talking too much.

He is angry if anyone correct them.

He is participant in every discussion.

He is meticulous.

Dork from classroom, your boring neighbor, boss at work, they are all nerds. When your boss shows disdain on everything what you did, he is not so clever. He is just smart ass and his position made him higher than God. 

Imagine pushy woman who pretend to knows everything, that is not so sexy. Sometimes, silent woman with smile at face is mysterious seductress. She maybe knows more than girl with glasses who is barking all the time. For sure, men are allergic on women who talks like open radio, without pause. They wish to find their turn off buttons.

Really smart person will know when to shut up and when to talk. Also that person will not interrupt others while they are talking. Nerd is positive person if brain is in the background. If not, you have to deal with an ass. 

When patience is lost


Someone who waited for a long time said that patience is a virtue. I would not agree with this, cause some things need rush otherwise it will never happen. Imagine sick woman who needs emergency, and people advice her : “Be patient. ” Imagine person who wait for a job few years, and the only advice he got is “Wait and it will be worthy. “

Sometimes, patience is deception. This is an excuse, delusional answer on question :”Will you get it? Will you make success?” What i think, once in life we must press red button. This means, hurry up, push it forward, even it looks like you are in panic. You would be surprised how people react when you said that you lost patience.

Amber, familiar as patient woman was waiting for a promotion at work few years. She was in line, her colleagues were promoted, but somehow she was in background. This award skipped her, and she was watching this, with silence . She swallowed bitter pills, until the day when her boss promised her , you are next. Amber said with big sigh: “Oh, my time came. ” Day after, boss called her to meet new colleague, Patricia. “This is your new cooperator, indeed your new boss, Patricia. She will take your place in project. I was thinking a long time, and i need fresh blood. ” Amber was red in a face, she started to yell at boss and said her all in face. All these years of struggling , all this mobbing and bitching, and Amber got kick in the ass. Lucky, she had cool colleague, Steven. He whispered in her ear: “I will write you appeal, and send it into higher instance. There is commission, they will know what to do with your boss. She afraid of two things, press and commission for appeals. ”  So, after boss found out for appeal, she was shocked. What, it came from quiet, almost incapable Amber? She invited her to negotiate. Amber was very tense, but also firm. She said: “I have no more patience. You will promote me or i send appeal. I don’t care. I have nothing to lose. ” A week later, boss found solution : Amber will be transferred into new department, on higher place. She will get better position. Nobody wanted scandal, so Amber accepted this offer.

What is indeed patience? Waiting on your turn? Be quiet for a years, never ask woman you love would she like to date with you? Never complain about your salary? Patience is worthy when you have something specific to wait for. If you have date of wedding. If you work voluntary and you know when you will get money. Patience is intro, but the main story develops in rush.

Patient neighbor will lose nerves after he said you 5 times to shut down your music. Patient teacher will give you bad mark after he said you few times that you need to study more.

Be patient is sometimes symbolic word for never. Dreams which will never become true, not because it was impossible. It is just because you waited too long.