5 types of people you should avoid at social networks


Social networks are relaxing place if you share your time with good people. Stranger from internet could be more interesting than your colleague at work or boring neighbor who knocks at your door every day. Another traditions, exotic countries and different views are real refreshment in boring daily schedule. Unfortunately, internet is not always place for enjoyment, so you can fall in trap of some freaks who forgot line between reality and virtual space.

This 5 types of people you should avoid and press NO button for friend request:

Spammer. This kind of person will spam your wall with tags and inbox with messages. He is not here for friendship, he desperately catch attention. Especially is odd when such person start to share your personal photos around, without your permission.

Lover boy. This person is hungry for love and sweet words fly over your page as butterflies, but also you can see the same story in other pages. Sweetie, darling or honey are his daily inspirational words.

Pervert. He is big fan of porno photos and videos and he can embarrass you in publicity, because naked bodies are his hobby. 

Hater. He hates everyone and world is undesirable place, accord him. He will ask for conflict and fight in every opportunity. When such person is leaving, everyone will be considered as idiot or jerk, because everyone hurt him badly.

Lonely soul. Yes, this is kind of person who yells “add me” in every group, because people must add him. Otherwise, he will open fake page and threat you why you did not accept his nice offer for friendship. 

Even every social site has block button, you are not finished once when you block unpleasant person. He or she can open another page or gossip you around, or even try to hack your account, because you did not want to hangout with them. Some cultures are not based on rejections, for them is rude to say NO, and they will hard understand that you pick your friends.

Internet offered exit for every lonely person on this Earth, but some of them mixed reality and dream. Even when you add someone who is not accord your standards, you can soon regret this, because such person will ask daily chat with you and you will have stone around your neck.

Virtual space is not substitute for reality. This is bonus , additional gift together with reality, vacation with keyboard. If your workplace allows access to social networks, you will join to some site to get rest from daily pressure. Maybe you will rather exchange your experience with strangers than drink coffee with your idiot boss or boring cooperators. Person with healthy and sober mind should understand boundaries, that you can’t ask your virtual friend about their ages, statuses or personal life, if she or he feel uncomfortable.

Word choice is magical word but some people on internet are deaf , because they see only what they wish to see. Extreme cases will call you bad person, because you ignored their messages or blocked them, after annoying virtual treatment.

If you are lucky to meet alive person from internet, your perception will be complete and maybe you will find new friend. In any case, limit your expectations. People from internet are not fairies or magicians, they can’t change your reality or pay your bills.


How Murphy’s law surprises us?

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When something is bad, don’t worry. It might be worse. Everybody has one of that days, when everything is going wrong.


You get up and spill hot coffee on your white dress and then you must clean mess and get late at work. There you will meet grumpy boss and hysterical clients. When you finally can go to lunch pause, food in business restaurant will be disgusting and someone will sit near you to talk about work during you chew this bitter meal.

You will think that someone hit you with spell or made woodoo doll, but this is just bunch of negative circumstances. This is an opposite of what you wish because you sent wrong energy to universe, and universe reply you back with bad events.

Can we block our good luck? Yes, we can do it unintentionally.

Sheila wanted that guy Tony so much, and he was not cold toward her, but she had one unwanted admirer at her workplace. Brian was her roommate and it was hard to work with him, he gave her compliments about her looks, he was staring at her so she was blushing every time when he entered into office. Soon, she became very nervous.
She had date with Tony but she came at cafe bar under stress. Tony noticed that Sheila is grumpy.

– What is today with you sweetie?

– It is Brian again, i can’t work like this, he is jerk, moron and everything the worst. He commented my perfume , that it smells so seductive.

– Don’t pay attention dear, he will stop.

Sheila was too angry, and the main subject of that date was Brian. She could not focus on Tony even she wanted to be with him so much, so Tony left from this date because it was annoying for him. Sheila blamed bad luck, but she did not open gate to happiness. She was focused on problems all the time and it was no place for smile and good news.

When you practice Murphy’s law, you will open way to bad things in your life. It is hard to ignore problems, but if you think about something good, bad things will be more at background. Don’t make things worse, if it can’t be good at the moment.


Murphy’s law is label for unhappy people, pessimists and losers.

Try to get rid of this bad mark with smile. No, you are not under spell, that is just bad day which will pass soon. You are not the only one, and probably everyone you met had the same experience. You attract what you feel, and if you feel angry, probably you will spill juice or jerk will send you to hell without reason.

Don’t let your belief to defines you. Despair and fear are not winner’s points when you try to make success. I

f you can’t on other way, pretend that everything is all right. Fake it until you make it.

Why i don’t like Monday?


In year 1979 , at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Brenda Ann Spencer was shooting and killed two people. Eight were injured in this terrible event, and when police ask her why she did it, she replied :”I don’t like Mondays. ” She was only 16 and she surrended immediately , without resistance. She inspired Bob Geldof to write song “Why i don’t like Monday”, and Boomtown Rats made music, so it was favourite song on top lists, as reminder on this terrible crime.

Monday phenomenon is not an exception, because many of us will say “i hate Monday.” No matter if you get up early for school, or you are travelling on the road to your job, you will notice traffic jam or crowd and it will upset you, especially because you realized that weekend is over. Our body and mind are in shock, because after relaxing we must back to reality and daily obligations. You will not shoot nobody, but you will be furious , nervous and frustrated.

It is not recommended that you have exam or business meeting in Monday morning. Your mind is still sleepy and even bunch of coffee cups will not help you. Remember how many times you did not sleep well at Sunday, because tomorrow is damn Monday and your duties are waiting for you.

Accord this statistic, mostly car accidents, 1072 happen between Sunday and Monday, at midnight and 3 a.m.

Results from researching in Hong Kong, from 1989-2001 shown that Monday is suicide day. 22% of suicides were committed at Monday. They made conclusion, suicides happens because of family arguments, which started at weekend and continued in Monday.

Why is Monday such notorious day ?

You realise that your problems start again, even you may forgot it at weekends.

If you delayed something, Monday will remind you on deadline.

If you started diet and broke your rules at weekend, you must start again from Monday.

You are unsleepy after party nights with lot of alcohol.

Your vacation is over and you must back to work.


Monday is indeed cut from fantasies and return to reality. This day is useful as alert. Brenda Ann Spencer made terrible action to pull attention on herself.

Did she choose Monday randomly or with purpose? We can guess.

How to control hot temper?


Hot temper is a bomb. Every harsh word and provocation will make fire and person can explode . System will simply collapse and all what is left are remains. You can be smart, beautiful, genius, but if you can’t control your reactions in important moments, your life will be hell.

Arthur is famous as very hasty man. His rage is worse than flame, he destroys everything on his way. One day he returned earlier from business trip. His wife had unknown male guest and before she had chance to say anything, he got mad and smacked him into face . He was shocked, until his mouth were bleeding, he explained that he is new colleague from work and that they work at common project. Damage was here, and Arthur regret his action, but this man never visited them again.

It is easy to get angry. If you let your emotions to lead you, you are in trouble.

The way of anger and rage is full of thorns. You can hit someone who is stronger than you, he can sue you or his friends can make pancake from you. Life is not cartoon and when you get up things cannot be fixed. If you feel large amount of rage, if you act like fury, find alternative way to chill out. If you need to break glasses, do it in your house, when nobody is watching this, or hit into punching bag. Your anger is boiled water, and bubbles are around you, ready to make a flood.

Stella had love relation with Roman. During this relation she found out that he has another relation with Ashley. He was very wise guy who was sitting on two chairs. Girls were fighting, but nobody wanted to stay away. One day Stella decided to let go this impossible situation. She was tired of threats, paranoid phone calls and conflicts with Ashley. Simply she stopped to answer on Roman’s messages, he was asking for her but she was not there. In the same time, Ashley was his shadow, she was following him everywhere and he felt rope around his neck. After two months Roman left Ashley, and Stella did not move even little finger. She won in this battle, but she make things harder for Roman. He was very persistent in his attempts to win her heart again. She accepted him after he propose her.

If you are silent, calm , if you use ignorance, you will not lose. 

An opposite, your view will be more clear, finally you give chance to your brain to think about. Instincts are hasty, if you do actions accord your feeling in one moment, you will lose. Yes how much i want to strangle this girl who try to flirt with my boyfriend, but i will not give her a credit. She doesn’t exist, and if she wish to prove an opposite, my mind will bring calm decision.

The best revenge is cold meal. 

Put your opponent on pending time. Until someone is waiting your next move, you will get advantage. The best methods are similar as in chess game. Wait until you move your king, start with pawn. Protect your queen, don’t go naked into battlefield. Save your best ways for the end. In the moment when your opponent think that game is over, you will stand up from the floor and fight back. This will be your victory, because you gave chance yourself to calm down.

Date with voyeur


Be spontaneous, you can hear it many times when people talk about sex. That means, don’t think what will be later, don’t afraid of negative side effects. Just to it.

It was cold winter time, one of days when ice is on the road, and trees are decorated with snow. Everyone normal would like to get warm at fireplace, but Sandy decided to go with  boyfriend at some lonely place. Even better, it was evening. So they freeze in the car, under blanket, and it was not realization of dream. Romantic story in the car, who made it? So they were listening music and suddenly her boyfriend made strange face. He was shocked. Expression of his eyes was like he saw devil. His hands were shaking and he said  that he saw face on the window. He suddenly opened window and started to yell on maniac, but outside was only shadow of man who were running through the snow. Sandy did not know should she laugh or to be serious. The rest of night  they did not make love, because top subject was potential maniac. She wondered what made him so crazy to watch other people in car. Did he saw “Zodiac”? 

Maybe he was homeless or his wife left him. Or maybe he lives with old mother as Norman Bates. Since that time, Sandy never wanted to make love in car again. She would always feel that someone is watching her.  


Her feelings were mixed. She was furious, but somehow she felt sorry for that creature. How can anyone do this? And really he needed help. Lucky, he did not saw what he expected, two naked bodies. He saw only blanket and two people who were talking and listen music in the car. It was too cold so that guy chose really cold winter time for stalking. 


It was first time that Jack wanted to watch some couple how they make love. He was not professional voyeur, because he would chose better position and bring camera. He was long time without girlfriend and he wanted to wank, but magazines and movies were so ordinary. He wanted to see something unusual, but he was so clumsy. As much that couple afraid of him, he afraid of them. They thought that he had gun or pistol, and he thought that boyfriend will beat him or at least call police. Jack was coward in soul, and he chose cold winter night because it was less possibility that anyone saw him. He was really quiet, but damn dog on the road started to bark and it pull attention. Sandy’s boyfriend watched on car window where is a dog, and he saw face of Jack. It was unexpected meeting.  


We are not aware of danger, if we accept spontaneous way of living. 

Live or let die, as Axel Rose sing. The point is , if you are wild, be smart. If you do something what you never did, prepare yourself for something which never happened.

Lust and innocence

In ancient times women had belt of innocence when their husbands went in war. That woman should wait for her husband untouchable until he back from battlefield. Belt was from iron and she was not able even for masturbation. It was guarantee that woman will not cheat her husband and that she will stay pure for him. That belt was actual in Europe 600 years, and last was invented in Germany 1903. In 19 century, during industrial revolution, american women in factory had similar belt to protect herself from violent male workers. You can imagine how was uncomfortable to wear such thing, women were starving just to handle this belt easier, and also it was good shelter for any kind of virus and possible dangerous for health.

Feeling of lust can be very dangerous if man is rapist or violent. How to protect innocent women when they are alone in subway, in coffee bar at night or in the street? Some cultures even now days prefer belt of innocence. Many cases of raping in India developed an idea about belt of innocence, so group of students offer some kind of safe belt, as woman protection. 

Conservative and closed minds made conclusion that raped woman provoked her rapist. In Saudi Arabia, law will punish victim, not a rapist. I could maybe understand situation when woman in short skirt is alone on the street in the middle of the night, that she can be guilty if something is happen to her. In other hand, streets are full of violence in daily time, and even if you don’t look so sexy and hot you can still be in trouble.

Few years ago group of men had their exhibition show in the train. Simply, they were hiding in toilets and if some women were passing, they would put out their penis and start to masturbate. Accord Criminal law in Croatia, masturbation will be punished with money penalty about 100 Euro, but if you masturbate on public place in Indonesia, accord their laws, they will cut you head.

Sometimes, people are as animals. They might tear you without any conscience. What makes us different from animals? Do we need again safe belts, death penalty or weapon to control lust?

It is easy to blame women for own frustrations and lack of sexual life. What kind of men masturbate on the street, and even worse, want to rape women? Also, some women can judge others, to pull finger on victim instead to help her.

Some women are hot and passionate, others are closed and cold on feelings. Some women will lose virginity in 16, others will be innocent even when they are over 30. We can mark women as sluts and virgins. If we do that, we are back in the age of crusades, when women wait for their husbands with safe belts.

The main belt is in our heads, that makes difference from animals. Law and police should protect us, and when it is not possible we must find a way to avoid troubles. The worst kind of punishment after something bad happens is judgement. 

Raped woman is not woman without honor. This is woman without understanding of her environment. 

Criticism – double magic stick

Once upon a long time Brian played in sand with his little friend Ross. For half hour he came home, with face full of tears. Mother asked him what happened.

Brian said: “He said to me that i am jerk and that my father is an asshole.” Mother gave him smile and replied: “Oh my dear, during life you will hear many insults, but you can’t cry just like that. You know, boys don’t cry for every harsh joke.”

Rage, sadness, fury are expression of human frustrations. Life is not fairy tale, people are not angels and they are not flying around with flowers and good wishes. People wish to hurt you, tease you, mock you, because this is part of human nature. 

What is source of criticism ?

Someone wants to compete with you so he will provoke you.

Someone is envious so he will tease you to forget his problems.

Your actions hurt someone so he try to fight back.

Someone get bored so he will make jokes to kill his time.

Someone simply doesn’t like you.

Critics are not always in bad intentions, sometimes this is constructive way to show someone that something is not good. If your good friend , parents or relatives criticize you, it doesn’t mean that they hate you. They want to show you their perspective and to warn you what is wrong with your actions. If your partner is nagging you, he or she are asks for attention. Good critic will upgrade your relation or push you to make progress even if you did not wish this. Sometimes, someone needs to pinch you, just to do things better. Good coach will criticize their players because that is part of sport. Good mother will warn their kids what is wrong. It is not good if someone just melts in your presence. Sweet words are nice, but not always useful.

Critic is killer of ego. Oh why me, i believed that i am perfect. Who the hell dare to talk with me like this? After this happens, people will react differently.

Consequences of criticism are visible in this examples:

Bad worker will try harder if his boss criticize him.

Wild child will be calmer after his mother yells on him.

Your husband will clean his room finally.

It is not always so bright, so some people are stubborn as donkeys. They will make step back, because critics kills their self confidence and self respect. So, now they are more lazy than before , more passive, because at least, they are not worthy, so why they should bother?

Critic is kind of needle. It pains so after this you will sleep or move on. Also this is good test for your character. If one critic can kill you, you are chicken. If not, stand up and fight, so other side must watch out.