Why don’t I like Monday?

  In the year 1979, at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Brenda Ann Spencer was shooting and killed two people. Eight were injured in this terrible event, and when police ask her why she did it, she replied:”I don’t like Mondays. ” She was only 16 and she surrendered immediately, without resistance. She inspired […]

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How to control a hot temper?

Hot temper is a bomb. Every harsh word and provocation will make fire and person can explode. The system will simply collapse and all that is left are remains. You can be smart, beautiful, genius, but if you can’t control your reactions in important moments, your life will be hell. Arthur is famous as a […]

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Dating with a voyeur

  Be spontaneous, you can hear it many times when people talk about sex. That means, don’t think what will be later, don’t afraid of negative side effects. Just to it. It was cold winter time, one of the days when ice is on the road, and trees are decorated with snow. Everyone normal would […]

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How you handle critics?

Once upon a long time, Brian played in the sand with his little friend Ross. For half hour he came home, with a face full of tears. A mother asked him what happened. Brian said: “He said to me that I am a jerk and that my father is an asshole.” A mother gave him […]

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