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Fake solidarity – why i will not support some women?


He doesn’t respect me. I wish to kill him.  When woman doesn’t succeed in her intention to get man, she will first talk about respect. As respect is not blind alley, it is not enough that you ask respect, you must give something to be respected.

Recently i got unpleasant message in my inbox. Unknown woman warned me on my dear virtual friend. She said nasty things about him.  My first reaction was rage. I hate when unknown people, especially women, write to me. I hate filtered messages, because i know they have no good intentions. In many cases these are perverts or weirdos, or just jealous people who have nothing to do. So, that woman is from Russia, married or divorced, mother of one daughter. She pretend as angel of solidarity, to warn me on man.

Next things i found out about her (from my other sources) is that she offers money for sex with strangers. She likes kind of sex tourism. Wow. So, when i talked with my friend, he told me that she called him on Skype and shown to him naked body. Then she offered him to spend holidays together. After he said no, she started to spread lies about him.

So, when i said to her not to bother me, because i don’t know her, and also i don’t want to hear lies about my friends, no matter real or virtual, she changed her tone. She said that i am enormous kind of bitch. I said her to pay for sex as she used to. And blocked her.

Not every woman deserve respect. It is not because we are not all equal. It is because of their actions. How i can show solidarity with such woman, who attack people around , just to make revenge?

I will never blame a man who used opportunity. If woman offers him sex , no matter real or virtual, and he accepts, he is not obligated on relation or any obligation. She offered herself, so he did not rape her. It is his decision what he will do next. If he says, it was only sex, dear ladies, why to make revenge or gossip him later? You have choice to walk away and ask for a man who wants more from you.

In life of every woman will be wrong men. Those who don’t want you, hurt you or leave you. So, what? I am enough proud to respect their decision or to walk away alone. Revenge is waste of time, and for sure i will not hold a handle to someone who burnt because of own mistakes.

That woman fall right into my trap. She did not say “sorry for disturb”. She started to insult me, because i did not accept her invitation for public crucifix. Personally, if woman offers herself , i don’t see where i should dig respect for her.

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Perfect match

You are asking for a soulmate. This is as piece of puzzle you have lost a long time ago. Now you are seeking that piece to complete your image. During your searching time, you will find many different pieces with different colors and it doesn’t fit in your mosaic.

What is perfect match? Is this someone which name is written in the stars, that person who was born for you, or you must create your own soulmate?

Shall we meet some imperfect matches while we are waiting for real ones? Does it mean that some people in our life are experimental rabbits?

Some people will regret because they involved in too much relations. Others will regret because they found their soulmate too early. When you find your perfect match, one thing is sure, you must sacrifice others potential matches because place in heart is exclusive. Only one person is your lifetime partner.

Love is rebellious act. 
Stories which were created accord stereotypes, rules and tradition might be boring. Yes, we can live in eternal harmony by choosing partner who will fit in our family and community, but our wild heart will choose someone else and this save ship will swing.

Even romantic novels write fairy tales about perfect match, about couples who were married and live together forever, truth is different. Couples will insult and ignore each other, it will not be always harmony, but those who survive challenges will stay together. 

If you wish to do against rules of society and wishes of your family, you need to have guts at first. Conformists and cowards will often be unhappy in love. They will live with person they love out of marriage or in secret relation, and for the sake of society they will have legal marriage with suitable woman or man.

Man who chose woman against his real wishes is indeed hypocrite and weak. 

Perfect match is not something easy to get. That is something worthy of fight. You can wear gloves to fight for your aim, or you can stay in audience to watch how will other person get something what you wanted a long time ago, but you did not have courage to take it. The day your beloved person will marry will be your judgment day.

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Sugar daddy and Minnie Mouse


Do you remember fairy tale about Sleeping beauty, lovely princess who was sleeping , waiting for a prince and his kiss to wake her up? She was there as beauty sleep supporter, meanwhile high forces where working for her sake. The other heroine, Cinderella, lost her shoe because she was rushing after midnight dance from the castle, in fear that her evil stepmother will punish her. She gone barefoot in panic and charming prince had reason to search, where is this fatal woman. 

As little girls , me and my peers were dreaming about prince who will realize our dreams. In our visions, this prince was young, handsome and kind. He was protector, brave and faithful, We did not think about old man with belly and wrinkles, surrounded by sweet young girls who are ready to fight for their opportunity. 

So, nowadays new fairy tale took place in woman’s dream. This is fairy tale about sugar daddy. Who is sugar daddy, let me illuminate you. In the case you don’t know. This is man over 50, rich and successful, who seeks for young girls to make him company. He will marry girl who is 15 or more years younger than she is. I will mention some world famous examples. Bernie Ecclestone. Flavio Biatore. Mick Jagger. They are all charming men who live with full lungs and love young girls who could be their daughters. 

Well, for game we need two players, so it would be mean from me that i judge men. Where is a trap, there is a trophy. Golden diggers will find their chances as mouses. Minnie Mouse will catch piece of cheese because this is chance to solve every problem in her life. 

Why  she could not live as model, on yacht, wearing famous brands as Dolce and Gabbana, Loubotine and Prada? Why should she wait for a sale in big avenue malls, when she could sell her youth for life from dreams ? All what she need to do is to be beautiful, sweet and patient. 

I read on portals about women who are fighting for attention of rich old man. They are indeed fighting for expensive purses, journeys and cars. They don’t give a shit for old man, they even think about fact that old man could die soon . 

Where are roots of gold digging, why this kind of fairy tale about Sugar daddy became so popular?

Economic crises. 

It is harder and harder every year, prices are high, salaries are the same. In Eastern Europe , in some countries as Romania, Serbia and Albania people live on the edge of hunger.

Internet progress.

Women read about glory and glamorous life , about Victoria secret models, also unknown girls who escaped from poor countries and find happiness with reach men.

Big Brother.

This reality show created many gold diggers. How much is worthy woman’s body, if you spend one night by making love in front of cameras?

Failed educated system, lack of employment.

We have big problems with schools where children are learning too much about areas who are not practical, and too much students who are sitting at home because they can’t find job in their profession. We have too much lawyers, economists, psychologists, and not enough people who would like to do manual work.  Women ask themselves, why should i study and earn so small money? Why should i work for average salary, about 800 euros monthly?

If you read internet portals and public opinion, you will see many women who justify this kind of lifestyle. I could vomit on woman who sell her body and dignity just to make success. I was studying with lack of money, my parents were manual workers and few times i had candle instead of lamp because we did not pay bill for electricity. Well, i never thought about relation with sugar daddy. This few exams i passed were so sweet for me, when i knew that i was working hard. My eyes are still health, despite of all. 

One day i was commenting on article. It was topic about girl who got engaged for rich old man. She is not educated, but she is young and pretty, and accord this article, man helps her to make career as model. I said, what kind of career she could have, when is all clear that she sold her pride for money? Another woman said to me : “Well, she can go to shopping anytime she wish, she will go on famous beautiful places, she will talk with celebrities, she can do everything she wish. ” I gave up from this empty talk. So, that is what some women dream about, this kind of fairy tale, where prince is not hero, she is a buyer. Are you the only his customer? 

Frankly, i believe when someone owe big money, that person will not be satisfied with only one woman. Till death makes us apart? Hardly. I would say, until other gold digger stand between us. 

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Crucifix for mistress


These days is popular new viral hit : two fat married women beat mistress in bikini because she has stolen their husbands. Nobody involved in that street fight, poor mistress was half naked and two Godzilla women made revenge. 

Really, what would you think at first, if you were cheated? To kill the bitch, slap her, make her ashamed? That is first instinct which that two women made real . Well, if they expected that people will clap hands, they are wrong. Only minority will approve this savage act, and mostly will ask : what is with husbands, will they get kick in their asses? After all, husband started this. In such situations, woman’s logic fails , they will not blame husbands because “he is seduced”, “he was drunk”, “we had conflict and i did not want to sleep with him”, “he wanted to make me jealous. ” This bunch of excuses will pass over their mind, without question what is wrong with them and their marriage.

I will not say that it can happen to anybody. Human species in not identified with angels. We are indeed not monogamous. Well, there is difference between humans and animals : control over your desires and moral standards. Obligations, loyalty and conscience. After all, you can go if you don’t feel good in marriage. If street cat likes few cats, he will jump on them. If i like another men, i will look at them and walk away because i am already taken. There is difference between short sparks and eternal flame.

Now here is another part, why some women have problem with unfaithful husband?

I will say few reasons, mostly in common:

Woman gets fat in marriage.

Without chauvinism, i am realistic when i say that getting fat is not sexy. Don’t blame him if he starts to stare around.

Couples are constantly arguing.

Small conflicts, from time to time are stimulative. Big conflicts without ending are not recommended. We are tired from work, and imagine when you are coming home and instead of dinner there is topic about your failed personality. 

Couples have no topic to talk about.

When you are both silent, troubles are on the way. 

Couples are too busy to work on marriage.

Always is another thing more important. Your kids, your job, your washing machine. What about him?

Now, i start to look on these two women with pity. What if they tried to fight back , in a way to find lover? Very hard. First, they need to lose at weight. Then, they need to calm down otherwise all men will runaway from them. Also, they must look inside into their marriage. Really, do you want to cook to unfaithful husband, you want to wash and iron his laundry after he had sex with another woman? You want to sleep with him after another woman touched him?

It is very easy to be mistress. Once i was dating with engaged man. We dated three times. He said that he will introduce me as his boss at work. After his mother saw me , she asked him “Where is your fiance?” This made me thinking, i don’t want to be in this relation. They already redecorated flat, but he got bored with bills, furniture and now he needs to feel young again. I gave up because i felt sorry for this fiance. 

Now, when i am thinking as wife, it is not easy to be wife. You are completely in this . This is not only your fantastic skills in bed, your makeup and clothes, your smile. This is bunch of dirty plates, socks, bills, family, and other things. This is responsibility. What happens wrong , some women get lost in responsibilities and forget to date with their husbands. Imagine that guy who falls in love in young, slim woman, and 20 years after he saw big Godzilla who threats him with dirty fork because he did not clean the table?

I recommend women to be wiser than mistress. Don’t spend all your money on furniture, it is not important what kind of color and shape is your kitchen. Spend part of money on your physical look, remind your partner that you are still desirable and don’t eat whole hamburger in front of him. Talk with another men. Add them on your social network. Your husband must feel that you are still unavailable for him, in some sense.

Forget paddle and fight. Even if you break slut’s legs, she will still be there and wait your partner if he gets mad. You will just give her additional points, to feel as lame victim with broken bones. Also you might get to court and pay money penalty or serve into jail, because your acts were faster than your mind.

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Love scam


We meet our soulmates in different places. Every love story is individual, and life creates the best movies. No matter did you meet your love in the train, in nightclub or he/she was your neighbor, this is your own magic story and you will tell one day your grandchildren about that, if you are enough lucky to meet person who is worthy.

But love is also area of the biggest misleads and fraud. Human heart is very fragile, and the biggest mistakes are in love , indeed love is the weakest spot of everyone. This key discovered many cheaters and impostors, and they found ideal place for their activities. That ideal place is internet.

What will lonely person do in attempt to get rid of loneliness? He/she will open internet pages, in searching of soulmates. But as much some soulmates are in internet, also there are many traps. It is like you are walking on battlefield, you don’t know when you will stand on bomb and you can explode together with your illusion.


What kind of misleads are in internet love stories?

– you can meet person who only asks for your money

– you can meet  sexual maniac

– your favorite person can have fake identity

– he/she can be someone who broke the law

– your soulmate can be married, in mental hospital or in prison

Internet is kind of lottery. What kind of reward or punishment you got? 

How to avoid to be a victim?

don’t meet with person until you are sure in his/her intentions about you

– don’t give money 

– check identity with ID, search google, ask other friends about that person if you are in doubts

– buy smartphone to discover IP addresses

– if you travel to meet her or him, don’t be alone

– if you are alone in foreign country, ask for embassy of your country to protect your rights in the case of troubles

– give notification to your family, friends or anyone close to you in the case you decide to go in another country, they will easier find you if you leave a track

– you must have full charged cell and some money to get away in the case of trouble, go into cyber cafe and never forget your passwords if you need quick access to internet 

It is easier to stop possible problems than to solve problem which already exist. That charming stranger was full of love when you talked with him on internet, but suddenly he is not so nice anymore? Or that girl was so sexy, but who is that man with her and what they are asking from you?

There are no such blind people , like people in love. Love can create such misty area that you get lost in a moment. When you wake up, you can be robbed, raped, without dignity and honor. So think about yourself, but also think about your family and on people who love you and who are concerned about you.

If your internet soulmate is real one, that person will wait, he/she will help you. Usually first sign of any jerk is that they are rushing always. They have no time, because there are many victims who wait them , to get lost in their spider net.

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Promiscuity – panties on cane


Accord some statistic  average American woman kissed 50 men before marriage. Interesting result of one poll shows that Croatian people are first in the world accord number of changing partners, about 11, and minimum of promiscuity have Indian people – 2 or 3 during life.

What is lie, and what is truth when results of polls came out, it is not easy to discover. Men want to brag about number of partners, and women wants to hide.

Why is hard to found out past sexual experiences? Woman will hide the truth because they afraid of men reaction. If you said that you slept with 12 men before your husband, what he will say? He will think about you as whore or he will simply break relation?

And what about you? What if your man says that he is a virgin? Will you feel as his teacher or you will afraid that after sex experience with you he will simply slip from your hands to show his skills to other women?

Promiscuity is ground covered with ice. When you stand on ice, one piece of ice can break, and you can drown. It depends how you expose your promiscuous past. If you say at first date that you jump from bed into bed or you had sexual disease, many men will not call you back never again. If you reveal yourself step by step, your partner will avoid shock effect.

What are reasons of promiscuity?


If you ask women:

– some men were not for me, i had no luck, so i changed one by one

– i was too busy for long relations

– i enter into sexual life too young, so i wanted to collect experience

– one guy broke my heart, so from that time i ask for his copy in every man

– i cannot be faithful

– i am not ready for marriage, i have fear from obligations

If you ask men:

– i feel more masculine when i change partners

– playboys are more successful and popular

– i want to try many different women to compare them

– i have big libido

– i want to compete with other guys, if they have sex often and change women, i want to try this too, i am not worse than others

Everyone knows own reasons. It is wrong to judge promiscuous person. If you think such people are unstable or unable for serious relation, walk away. Sometimes if you admit your past adventures and affairs, possible partner could label you as dirty. Staying with partner and judging is worse option than breakup.

In the case you stay with someone who carry past burden, don’t remind him or her every day what happened before. It is annoying to spin every time the same movie, about people who visited your bed. This is like you wear panties on the cane to show your partner that you wash it. 

Sometimes, women think to tie playboy forever because of delusional  beliefs that they are the last station of their journey.  One day this person will find safe shelter, but it will be when  he decide, not when you wish that happens. Such women will deliberately pick playboy and promiscuity is for them sign that everyone wants their partner.  What is glitter for someone, that is treasure for others. 

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Message from one night stand



Did you ever fall in the arms of stranger and spent hot night with him? In this moment you did not make questions, decisions or any moral dilemma. You surrender yourself to him, without thinking what will be tomorrow. Later, if he did not call you , your best friend was with you to collect your pieces. 

When friend ask you for advice to have sex with unknown guy, you will say her :”Don’t do it immediately. Wait. ” When she do it anyway , and ask you for advice again, you say : “I told you not to do it, forget him now. ” 

It is not over if your strategy is right, and you need to press some other buttons to catch this guy again.

First button is self control.

Try to think normal and don’t expect his call. If he is interested, he will call you. Also, don’t call him. You did one step too much, now is time to back off.

Second button is formal button.

If he calls you, be polite, but formal. Don’t say “i love you” or “i adore you”. What you did, was just sex. If he wish more, he must try harder.

Third button is kindness.

Be happy, smile and talk nice. Don’t accuse him if he did not call you right now. Don’t ask him what he is up too. If you see him on street, give him hint but don’t run for him. 

Fourth button is busy button.

It means, show him you can be alone. Don’t appear with other guys if he did not call you. Don’t act like flirt woman. You wish to be with yourself. You are busy with work, cat, mother, sister. Just not available for him immediately. 

Sex is chemistry and after partners exchange fluids, it is not easy to think normal and act like nothing happened. For your own sake and balance, you will not act like lunatic who cry, scream or yell if something went wrong.

Here is example of story where everything went wrong, but not because of one night stand. It happened because girl made decisions with heart, not with mind.

Lisa met this guy Victor in amusement park. She was with friends, drunk and abandoned by ex boyfriend. He was journalist and he made photos for local newspaper. Her friends introduced her to him. They drink few beers and Lisa went to his bed. After this he did not call her. She was waiting for a week, and when he met him he said he lost her number. After one more week, she met him again in night club, they went into car and had another sex. Mistake number two, she let him to repeat the same. Third time she was totally without control, and they did it again in his office. He had keys, it was night and they did it again. After this, Lisa saw him with his girlfriend. She was desperate and she involved with his brother. They did sex too. His brother was also not material for relation, so he did not call her either. When Victor heard about her affair, he was angry. He asked her to talk. He said to her : “Lisa, why you involved with my brother? Would you have relation with yourself, after what you did? ” They never talked again. Lisa learnt lesson on painful way. 

Guys have nose for easy women. They can smell where is opportunity for fast sex. It doesn’t matter did you sleep with him first or second night, or after few months, if you are rational. If you show that you have dignity later, he will respect you. You will not be marked as slut if you don’t use same pattern always. 

If you are able to accept the fact that guy maybe will not ask for you later, you don’t have nothing to lose. You had pleasure and now you can learn something. If he calls you, even better. It means he is interested, but that is his choice and you don’t have influence on this. 

When you see friend in tears after one night stand, don’t judge her. Say her to wait and act with mind. In this way, you send message that you are cool person. You can sleep with him and you will not cry after, but also you will not do it with everyone. You wanted to do it with him. If he doesn’t understand you, he is not for you. You can send him back to his boring girlfriend or to his friends. You don’t have time for him, it was one night stand. 

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Bad romance

Clint and Isabel were walking on the beach in summer evening. They knew each other about one month, and Clint hold her hand to pick moment for his crucial words. That words were : ” I want to have sex with you.” Isabel was disappointed but she did not wanted to spoil evening, and she replied: “I thought it will be special and romantic moment when our souls and body will connect into one. ” Clint said: ” You can see moon and the stars, and now let’s fuck.” 

In this example is very easy to recognize a jerk. As much Clint was rude or ruthless, he said honestly what he wants, even he forgot good manners. When men want to have sex with some women, they will use more sophisticated ways to enter in your private area, and it is not easy to make difference between jerk and gentleman.

Here is the list of pranks which men use to have sex with women.

Promises about serious relation or even marriage. If you will sleep with me, i am yours forever.

Break the ice. That is old trick, when man say ” i think we will not be so tense after sex”, he is rushing situation. He wants to collect more women as trophies.

You are so special for me that i must make love with you immediately. You attract me too much. If woman is so special, man will afraid not to hurt her on a way to put her under pressure.

I will show you how much i love you this night. I will do amazing things to your body. 

Hot night full of passion is not guaranteed for deep feelings. What he says or do after this is more important.

I think that you don’t like me or don’t love me as you said, otherwise you would sleep with me.

Emotional blackmail is powerful weapon. Now you feel guilty, bad bitch doesn’t want to give him what he wish.

I want to forget my ex girlfriend and until we don’t do sex, i still think about her.

Memories are nasty thing, but you don’t want to be his upgraded lover. 

Relation is mutual decision, as everything else what exist between you and your boyfriend. If you feel you are ready to make love, you will do this because you decided this with your own brain. If you feel that you have no trust in him, if you are not ready, beware of his persistent actions. How would he feel that you force him every day to visit your parents and to have lunch with them? That is situation when you might feel unpleasant. It is not matter about time, love is not calculator. If you are ready after one week, one month or one year is not important, basic thing is state of your mind and heart. Otherwise, you could feel as you are in mislead. 

Which are wrong reasons to have sex?

You were under stress because of important exam or situation at work so you slept with this guy.

He was persistent, he was begging you so you slept with him.

You wanted to make your best friend jealous, it was her ex boyfriend, and she was always so cocky that she deserved lesson.

You are last virgin in your circle of friends. Now, you are not anymore, they will not make jokes about your purity anymore.

You wanted to show your friends or parents that you are mature. One step to your maturity was that you make sex with stranger.

Your boyfriend wanted to split relation with you. Now, you offered him sex, he accepted so he will not leave you.

No matter if you use sex as tool of manipulation, guilt or self confidence, that reasons are wrong way to get someone’s heart. 

Now, what jerk from the beginning of this story said? He shown to his girlfriend moon and stars at the summer beach so he expected his paycheck. The same is with every woman who use sex on different purpose, and neither of that purposes is not love. Women also expect paycheck after hot night, not in a form of money, more they wish to be safe from frauds.

If you are sure in his love, that safety will come spontaneously. You will not put yourself in position to ask, search, beg or force. He will call you and you will make plans with him together. In this story, sex is crown of love, not kind of crime trial. Who is guilty, guy who told you lies, or you who were naive? 

In real love this question is not necessary.