Why women like naughty guys?

    Forbidden fruit is sweeter. Grass is more green around your neighbor’s house. That is logic of some human minds. They see things what other’s have and they want to involve in this. Such women are imitators and insecure in own choice. This is more safe, to try something what is already proved as […]

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Perfect match

You are asking for a soulmate. This is as piece of puzzle you have lost a long time ago. Now you are seeking that piece to complete your image. During your searching time, you will find many different pieces with different colors and it doesn’t fit in your mosaic. What is perfect match? Is this […]

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Sugar daddy and Minnie Mouse

Do you remember fairy tale about Sleeping beauty, lovely princess who was sleeping, waiting for a prince and his kiss to wake her up? She was there as beauty sleep supporter, meanwhile, high forces where working for her sake. The other heroine, Cinderella, lost her shoe because she was rushing after midnight dance from the […]

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A crucifix for mistress

  These days are popular new viral hit: two fat married women beat mistress in a bikini because she has stolen their husbands. Nobody involved in that street fight, the poor mistress was half naked and two Godzilla women made revenge.  Really, what would you think at first, if you were cheated? To kill the […]

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Love scam

We meet our soulmates in different places. Every love story is individual, and life creates the best movies. No matter did you meet your love in the train, in nightclub or he/she was your neighbor, this is your own magic story and you will tell one day your grandchildren about that, if you are enough […]

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Promiscuity – panties on cane

  Accord some statistic  average American woman kissed 50 men before marriage. Interesting result of one poll shows that Croatian people are first in the world accord number of changing partners, about 11, and minimum of promiscuity have Indian people – 2 or 3 during life. What is lie, and what is truth when results […]

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