Freedom of speech


Freedom of speech allows you to call me idiot. Well, it also allows me to reply you back, with the same word, or even worse, because i am very creative when i insult people. Democracy brings us choice, bunch of words for expression of our opinions and we use it in limitless amounts. The problem is, it is easier to use free speech, than to tolerate this.

Croatian actress Nina Violić stuck these days in trap of this freedom. She said that she lives in “ass of the world”, so she offended my country Croatia. She is also citizen of my beautiful country and she enjoys in some benefits, more than other citizens, because she is “free artist. ” And my country has benefits for free artists, that they can’t die from hunger, one day when they will not be so popular and when their movies, songs and other skills will not bring them money. Despite of all, Nina felt terrible in our country, so she mentioned fascism and fear from nationalism. Meanwhile, social networks exploded from insults toward Nina, she got some threats, and she started to fear for her life and life or her child.

To be honest, it is not nice to threat someone, especially not to little children, because every mother will afraid the most for her kid. But, what was Nina thinking when she openly talked about “ass of this world?” Maybe she doesn’t like Croatia, but here are many citizens who love their country, no matter how much injustice and bad decisions from our politicians happened now days. That is why we have elections to choose better people who will make good decisions, if they are able too. Except this, when you spit in plate where you eat, you talk about yourself more than you think. So, Nina yelled wolf, and wolf came from the corner to bite her.

Freedom of speech is very twisted value. You can send me to hell and i can slap you. You can express your opinion, but it will not protects you from mocking and insulting. Pull me for tongue, i will reply, because, surprise, i heard from freedom of speech too. 

If you really know real meaning of this freedom, this means you must have arguments. 

No swear, because it doesn’t make good impression about you.

Don’t make yourself victim, because you were the one who attacked first. 

Be ready for feedback. Someone will not like it. 

Jean J. Rousseau talked about freedom, as value which we can use until we don’t hurt freedom of others. Ok, i can say to my boss that she is fat cow, but i will get punishment, because i broke ethics codex. Well, why should not i make it on other way ? I can simply say that i disagree with her and i can give her idea how to make our collaboration better. 

Freedom of speech is not for everyone. If you use this to insult and hurt people, this is battlefield, not freedom. If you use this to complain and make better system, then you should know something about laws. You should know something about insult of honor, about penalties and hatred speech. Once when you learn this, you can make public speech without shame that somebody will laugh to you, or without fear that someone will threat you. 

Maybe Nina thinks she was so cool when she mentioned “mother pussy” or “ass of the world”. Unfortunately, her enemies understood this as challenge, to open war on her. In this case, she should ask herself : “I really need this?” Just because she is not happy with life in her country. Well, surprise, nothing changed after her statement. Except big amount of people laughed.