Fatherhood on the patch

Decision about marriage is not easy step. Once when man decide to propose his girlfriend, his wild life with other women is over and he will have much obligations and duties to share with his wife. Also, he is obligated on devotion and fidelity, even some men pretends that they are still free when it comes an opportunity to cheat his wife. 

Men are aware what is marriage, and some of them will try to avoid this on every possible way. Bachelors are not rarity, and some men never get married. Women will use all possible skills to catch husbands. One of them is “get pregnant and catch him unready.”

When woman try to get pregnant without talking with her man about this, such way is worse than avoiding of marriage. Pregnancy should be mutual decision, because if your guy will be a father, he should know about this. If you lie about your intentions, this is fraud. 

What is in mind of woman who try to get pregnant without acceptance of his partner?

He will change his mind when i give birth to baby.

He will love his child so he will love me too.

He needs proof of our love, so i will give him a baby.

These presumptions are absolutely wrong, because when you do things under someone’s back, he is deceived and it could not end on good way.

Susan and Calvin were couple for a year. They loved each other so much, and Susan wanted to share his happiness with her best friend Natalie, so she invited her sometimes to go out with them in clubs and bars, because Natalie was single and lonely. Once, Susan and Calvin had big argument and they did not talk for a week. That evening Calvin was so drunk, and Susan was out of city. Natalie was secretly in love in Calvin, he was a man from her dream, but of course, Susan did not know nothing about this. So, that evening Natalie went to favorite bar, where Calvin was sitting alone with a bottle of vodka. They were talking and Natalie invited him in her flat. She said that she will give him more drinks, because it was late and waiter told them to go out. That night Natalie seduced Calvin. She got pregnant and she kept that secret for a few months. 

It was big shock for Susan and Calvin too, because he regret sex with Natalie, he wanted to get back to his girlfriend, but Natalie told him news about baby. Natalie had success in her action, because Calvin took responsibility to marry with her. Susan was desperate but she accepted his choice. After wedding, Calvin called Susan on the phone, to tell her that he will never love Natalie and that he did this because of child. That situation was like that for a year. Susan accepted role of mistress, and Calvin was avoiding to make love with Natalie, but he was very gentle father. One day Natalie caught them both in action, and she was furious. She realized that she did damage to herself and others. She asked for divorce. Now days Calvin is married with Susan, they have son, and also he is father of girl, daughter of Natalie. They made agreement and he can visit his daughter when he wants. Natalie never forgot her stupidity, but she learn lesson for a life.

Pregnancy is great way to confirm relation, but when both partners agree about that.

Children are fruits of mutual love. They are not traps for men who are not ready for obligations. If you catch man with pregnancy, this is kind of raping. As much is unpleasant when men force women for sex, the same is with pregnancy, that you force them for fatherhood.

When man loves you, he will accept you as you are, and he will participate in this relation with his own will. If you think an opposite, you will got hard kick when you don’t expect this. In mutual love, you will go on straight road, which ends with children as gifts. When you try to set up your pregnancy as reason for marriage, you are on the wrong patch and your intentions will break as car without driver.