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Recently i wrote book about outsiders, cause i made group at Facebook and it inspired me to write something about this phenomenon. When i created group, i got requests of many people, and some of them thought that they will chat there cause they felt lonely. Program in their head was totally wrong, cause i had no intention to open dating site and chat service. I wanted people who think out of standards, who see beyond social conventions and who are able to make progress. So all these loners, pests and rigid people i rejected.

I don’t know how someone can get an idea that outsider is lame creature who beg for friendship, relation, attention? So i wrote a book to explain my view.

In this book i got awesome review from British author Patricia McDonald .


By Pat McDonald
Oct 12, 2017
This is a book to make you think. I found myself pondering introspectively about my childhood and developmental years. Whilst it reinforced some of my beliefs about myself, it made me reassess others; it even made me look again at why I took the path to become a bullying activist during my working life. The author has an extraordinary insight for one so young and a rare understanding of human behaviour. Having just discovered the truth that in hardship you discover just who your friends are, to read it here hits home. I thought I had friends until two years ago and a brain tumour was discovered; it still amazes me that only one person has come back since I survived and all the others disappeared. They say the ‘Truth will set you free’ – sometimes it is hard to take! This is well worth reading. I heard today that the petition I signed to lobby Parliament for including teaching mental health in schools in the UK has just been accepted and the debate is scheduled for November 2017, one small step! Always believing myself a black sheep, and I tick so many of her boxes to confirm it, it is the why that has been challenged. You are indeed never too old to learn especially about yourself. This may have helped me sooner had I read it years ago, as it was it took me 55 years to like myself! Well done Kristina Gallo! Pat McDonald British Crime Author
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Do you blame others for your failures?


You know the feeling when someone is getting on your nerves, but for some reason you can’t respond properly. You depend on this person and you will swallow your rage. When rage is placed deep inside you, it will find a way out.

This rage is travelling until the right target. So, poor victim is third person, someone who is on wrong place in wrong time.

Mother comes home after exhausting day at work. Her boss gave her hard time, but little daughter asks for attention, she wants her favorite candy or she lost her Barbie doll,  so mother should help her to find where it is.

Damn, leave me alone. I can’t open my eyes, i am so tired. Can’t you give me a little peace?

Little girl will be offended without special reason, just because her mother did not face it with problem eyes to eyes with their causer.

New man comes in business company, he progressed as boss. His employers are in fear, because they don’t know when he will explode. He is recently divorced, and his wife escape with another man and their two children, so he is in the middle of court battle for custodial services. All the time angry and frustrated, he doesn’t see his employers. What he notice are not  indeed his employers , they are just symbols in this situation. He can be unkind and rude toward them because they are replacement for wife who is untouchable.

Shifted aggression is divided on attackers and victims. 
If someone tries to hurt you without reason, ask yourself what is bothering him or her. That are internal demons and they want to swim out .

These are signs of shifted aggression:
Person yells without reason or raise his voice.

Person accuses you for something you did not do.

Person provokes you, just in intention that you will fight back.

Person doesn’t want to see what you did good. He is interested only for possible mistakes.

This magic words “calm down” or “relax” will make even more bad effects. Just wait until storm pass. Maybe to offer them cup of coffee or tea  or tell them good joke?


Book for all women who lost hope in finding partner

You can find it here for symbolic price:

I would appreciate review. I wrote this book , which is indeed collection of my best blog posts accord this topic, for all women who are not self confident. Lack of trust in yourself is the main barrier to find a partner .

This book is divided on three problems:

Women who think that some men are out of their league.

Women who are desperate for being single.

Women who think that persistence in searching men is a value. 

Seducing is not just outside work on hairstyle, makeup and suitable clothes. Seducing start with mind and control of desires. Why to put all cards on the table immediately if you saved ace in the sleeve? How to seduce guy on internet?

Answer on all questions are in the book.

How many women cheats with makeup?

Woman’s  face is space for painting, for those who are not satisfied by their natural look. Fake lashes, mascara, lipstick and all cosmetic tricks will make you awesome, as your role models in magazine. All right, i am kidding, probably you love yourself and you don’t want to ruin your face with too much makeup. What if you have perfect makeup and you lose man because he saw you without this, in your natural edition, when you did not expect this?

In Algeria man started court trial based on this subject. Day after wedding, man wants verdict about his marriage, as it never existed because he is victim of fraud. He said, this marriage is not valid, because he saw his wife first time without makeup and that person is very different from glamorous woman as he knew. People around world at forums judged him as jerk and make pity about poor woman, who found this creature. He will throw her away, because he could not stand to see her face without makeup? Indeed, he is a jerk. He is superficial and from his statement everyone can see that only outside look matters to him. Neither character, neither brain. Also, he wants big money for compensation, 20.000 dollars because he is in state of shock.

On other hand, what kind of woman will get marry with secret, about how she really looks like? Your man must know you very good before you sign your legal papers. Without fake condolence, what was she thinking, that she will lay to bed with mascara and bunch of powder on her face, make shower with lipstick on her lips and draw eyeliner in early breakfast time, before her husband wakes up?

One of men fears are artificial women. Women with face full of colors , where her eyes drawn in new model of Max factor mascara, or her lips are similar to fish because she discovered Maybeline ( or maybe she was born with this, you can imagine) . In next nightmare that woman take off her high heels, push up bra and wash her face, so when man sees this natural creature he runs away. Wow, girls, let’s admit, who did not use some trick to seduce guy? Well, men are not stupid and you will not always have a chance to be colored doll in front of him.

I met my husband in summer and after two weeks we went to river, on swimming. He saw my face as it is, and he did not complaint. I had eye bags cause i was tired from Saturday night, but i did not use nothing to fix that. It was early phase of our relation and kind of test, will he like me without makeup? He said that i don’t need it, because i am better natural. Then i said that i use it only for evening parties, when i will have elegant clothes. In fact i am really allergic on mascara, my eyes can’t stand this and when i use makeup i prefer something more natural.

I can count women fears, especially of those who are insecure in their beauty.

“He will saw me without makeup and i am done with him. “

“I look so ordinary without my colors on face. “

” My eyes are small, my lips are thin and my face looks to white. I have pimples, how to cover this?”

Bunch of fashion blogs are based on women fears, with advises how to fix errors of mother nature and how to hide imperfections. Well, nobody said that you must be dirty and that your bad hair day  is your advantage. Bad teeth are also not charming weapon. There are some situations, as business meetings, parties or dinners when you will put makeup because it looks more appropriate.

Makeup is an addition, not way of life and you can’t use it as tooth brush. Just, try to be more yourself, because men don’t tolerate  lies. As one my friend said: “I saw this girl, her face had more plaster than my house. ”

As much some men are superficial, some women feed them with false impressions. How could he knows who are you if he never saw you without makeup or if you run in bathroom for lipstick every time when you wake up?

What this poor woman at the beginning of story can expect? She did not take a risk to show her face so her husband brought extreme decision. Next time, she will throw her cosmetic purse in trash bin.


List of things which money can’t buy

Sound of money is favorite music for many ears. Who would not like to be rich? Imagine what you can buy with money, but also imagine what is still unreachable, despite of your big wallet?

When Sam was angry, his mother would buy him chocolate. When he was crying, she would give him money for ice cream. As teenager, Sam got new car because he broke up with girlfriend. His parents were rich and they wanted to make him happy, with money. As adult man, Sam did big success. He is boss in one successful private company , his wife has own fashion line and they are rich couple. It looks perfect, but during one of his business trips he found mistress and he bought her flat , just to meet with her from time to time. When Isabella, his mistress wanted to cut her wrists because she was lonely, Sam bought her plane ticket for Tahiti, to travel and clear her head. He has solution for everything.

One day Sam got new neighbor. She was separated woman, with small kid. She was attractive, and he did everything to get close with her. Even that woman had financial troubles, she rejected his help. She also rejected to have sex with him. First time in his life, Sam did not buy something with his money.

Some people grow up as rich, and money spoil them. For them it seems impossible that in this world are things which money can’t buy.

Money is tool in your hands and symbol of power, until you can get everything what you wish.

What will be your possible obstacles?

Where you can’t use money and where is money worthless?


 If person has high level of pride, he will not take money to sell himself.


If you parents taught you that you don’t receive money from strangers or suspicious sources, you will not take it.


If you are careful and full of doubts, you will not risk your life for big money.


Some people will not take money cause they feel unpleasant or embarrassed.


Loyal person has no price and such person will not betray friend or love for money.


Place in heart cannot be filled by money. 

If you based your relation on money, your partner can find another person who has lower price. Once, when he realize that you will do everything for money, it will be easy to manipulate with you. Empty pockets are something you can change. It is more difficult to fill empty heart, especially if you lost precious piece a long time ago.

Did you burn your own bridge?


The worst thing you can do to yourself is to burn your own bridge. If you underestimate your abilities and values it means you underestimate yourself. So you think that you don’t deserve the best, and you won’t get it because you ruined your odds at the start of this race.

Nobody is perfect so sometimes we will afraid of high standards, some terms and requests from others. You see an advertising for great job, but you are not qualified. That girl captured your eyes but she is gorgeous, and you are just an average guy next door. The main question is: “Where is my place and should i stand out?”

If you are not ready to cross your limits, your destiny is sealed. You will always stay in your small city with poor job and small salary , married to someone just to break loneliness, because that person was not your first choice. Once you wanted to marry for guy you loved passionate, but you never get courage to show him your affection. Your husband was safe choice so today you think about “what if” option.

Scarlet was average girl with weight problems, but she had an excellent taste and high standards for men. Her self confidence was high and she dared to approach any guy. She was never pushy, an opposite, her methods of seducing were masterpiece. First she would get info about guy, his preferences and interests, to know her target better. It was sophisticated way to create opportunity and make spot for her actions. So she “accidentally” met James in library when he learnt for an exam, Scott on playground when he was training basketball and Richard on course of Spanish language. Scarlet was cheerful and her sense of humor was great so guys loved her company. Even she did not manage always to catch guy in her spider net, she was surrounded by handsome and popular guys so it was matter of time when she will catch the right one. One day she met Ryan in the club, they started conversation about music and next step was dance. Scarlet had provocative clothes for this opportunity and Ryan fall on her charm, even he could pick more beautiful girl than Scarlet. He was fascinated with her personality.

How to catch someone or something out of your league?

Stretch yourself. So do things which you never did before.

Don’t listen pessimistic people. It will spoil your mood.

Take a risk that you may fail or get embarrassed. This is the price.

Never behave accord previous patterns. Take a new horse for a new ride.

Be flexible. To catch something out of your league, you must be ready for changes, even you may not like it.

Life is bunch of strategies. Your results depend about skills which you adopted by experiences. If you stand in the same circle, if you make your own boundaries, you are prisoner in your own jail. So, when you wish something out of your league, it is time to change your beliefs from “i can’t” to “i can”.