Is his compliment real?

Many women fall on flattering. Even the coldest woman will blush when someone hit her weak spot. It is good when a handsome man praises you, isn’t it? Well, women like to compete with each other. In this race is a mix of jealousy, envy or just food for the ego. He looks at me, […]

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How to make a good book review?

I started as an indie author before a year ago. Like every writer, I met with various kind of people. Many of them supported my work and I am very grateful to them. Also, some authors underestimated me, in a way “you need to learn a lot, to read more books from other authors, don’t […]

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How to deal with a stress?

  We all pass through a stress, in every life area. At this moment, the whole body has a primary task, to prepare the organism for a survival. That is why a blood pressure is high, the heart is beating too fast and your hands are shaking. A headache is terrible like you will explode […]

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