7 myths about blogging

Many people are interested to make a blog which will be popular and famous. Once, a girl said to me: “I wish to open a blog site, I have a sense of writing, how does it work? It looks easy.” I am a blogger about 5 years and English is not my native language, so […]

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Football and a policy are inseparable

Sport and policy are two different things, but often policy interferes in sport, especially in football. Good examples are footballers Giorgos Katidis who got a lifetime ban from all Greek football teams because of fascistic greetings, and Joe Šimunić who got money penalty and 10 football match out of the game because he said controversial […]

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You are what you represent

Beautiful face opens many doors which are closed for average people. If you are pretty and if you know to represent your beauty, this door will stay open for you always. We can talk about injustice, but beauty will capture our eyes on the first sight and even it can deceive us, we will still […]

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In the name of tradition

Passion is wild connection between two people who like each other. This is something hard to control and we can’t explain why we like particular person so much. Glimpse of his eye, the way how she is smiling, her lips, his hands, sexy voice and sparks are in the air. Passion doesn’t know for time […]

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How far we go for self promotion?

What kind of trend is the most popular nowadays? In one sentence, everyone wants to feel special. Shine like a star, let everyone clap their hands at your appearance. In this period of Big Brother, instant celebrities, and internet, it is not hard to feel special. Create your page and your audience is here to […]

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The applause

Some people will do everything for little attention, just to be in the newspaper or on the TV screen. If nothing else, they want to star in their neighborhood. For example, Croatian fashion guru Neven Ciganović wanted to talk about Nelson Mandela. He said, “I had a dream”, so by mistake, he referred to famous […]

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The price of reputation

Good rumors are travelling fast, but bad rumors travelling even faster. Scandals will sell newspapers. Gossips will make your free time interesting, as more juicy, that’s better. Reputation is our invisible coat. We wear our reputation around us, but sometimes we are not conscious how much damage we can have from own acts. We did […]

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