Social media – truth and lies about Luka Modrić

When i talk about Croatian football, Luka Modrić is the most famous name nowadays. As Davor Šuker in the past, Luka Modrić is somebody who is the most popular in this area. When i was at stadium Maksimir , during football match Croatia-Norway, audience supported him as leader of victory. Luka Modrić started his career in football club Zadar and continued in football club Dinamo, so together with Dinamo they won 3 championship title in Croatia. Nowadays, he plays for Real Madrid, famous spanish club.

Luka is not typicall footballer, he has no model look as Cristiano Ronaldo, he is not star of scandals as Maradona, and he is not playboy. Luka is modest guy, married with one kid, and he is not star of parties as Neymar, he is more guy from neighborhood, but his talent is limitless. Recently he was chosen as the best footballer in Zagreb, he got reward from children, and he was in gathering, between children, as their role model.

People will say : “Wow, really golden guy, everybody must love him, isn’t it?” But, world is not nice place, he was object of jokes during World championship in Brasil, when Croatia lost match against Mexico, their newspapers were full of jokes about Luka, because he is not sexy macho man. Also, american portal recently talked about him in article as about someone who is bad example for kids.

Luka said : “I wanted to be a barman, if i was not footballer.”

Author of article Miriti Murungi twisted his words and explained that Luka has bad influence on kids, because in this case he supports alcohol and bad behavior in bar. This superficial way is double negative, because barmen are , accord this words, group of people who don’t deserve respect and this job is discriminated, and on other hand, Luka should be someone who need to stay away from kids. Also author of this text talked about his hairstyle, as Luka is model for Vogue or on the cover of Playboy.

Luka Modrić is one of rare footballers who is not connected with affairs. He is not cheater and he lives in stable marriage, he is not involved in scandals and corruption, he lives healthy sport life and every famous football club would like to have him. His wife is not famous model, she is ordinary girl and her photos are not theater for audience, as some football wives do. She is certainly not Victoria Beckham and publicity knows her as girl who worked in administration of football club Dinamo.

What is the point ? Finally we have someone who did not build his career on scandals so in the lack of ugly stories, newspapers must imagine fairy tales about Bad Luka, as he is Grinch who stole joy to kids. Many Croatian kids will wear shirts with his name and they will be proud on it. In his statement, Luka said something very modest and positive, that he appreciate money and he doesn’t make a difference between rich and poor. He did not changed, he stayed guy from neighborhood, simple and ordinary as we remember from the start.

He gave lessons to human ego and stupidity on the first place. We are not all born to be rich and stars, but we should not underestimate anyone, no matter is person waiter, carpenter or footballer.


Discrimination about sex orientation -both sides

In Croatian Family Law marriage is described as community between man and woman, and idea of referendum for family  is protection of traditional family, which would be elimination lesbian and gays as married couples. 

In Croatian Constitution, on that way should be regulated that marriage is allowed just between man and woman. 

Croatian Constitution regulate that everybody has right on own freedom and expression of own opinion, freedom and values, so this kind of article is against law. In Sunday people must vote yes or no, to change basic of this Constitution. The group “In the name of family” started actions for this referendum.

Croatian people’s opinion are different. Here is wish to take care of traditional values, mother and father who will take care of their children. On other hand, in Croatia are also people with lesbian or gay orientation and they want to have their love on official way. Gay pride in Zagreb and Split every year is cause of mess in the streets . 

Many people in Croatia agreed in one thing. This referendum costs, 48 millions Croatian Kuna, and who paid this money? Croatia has almost 400 000 unemployment citizens. Is this time for this referendum, also in period when every third woman in Croatian marriage  is abused woman? Why should not we vote about protection of women?


Since Croatia entered in European union, everyone expects resurrection of rights. 

People with gay or lesbian orientation, people who change gender asks their rights, because it is impossible to have surgery in Croatia and to change gender person must to go Belgrade in Serbia. That people have their aggressive ways to push their rights forward. Croatia is not Wonderland, it can’t be realized over night. Especially, when salaries are smaller and smaller, and our basic rights are in danger. As Marx said , in this case it would be suitable “first you must have money to satisfy basic needs, then second wishes.”

Everyone expect to realize dreams in Croatia. Homeless, Gypsies, refugees, people without job, and not everyone will give their contribution to work on better life. They wish benefits but they are not willing to take obligations.

If you think that Croatia is prison, look around other countries. Go to see their law regulations, and somewhere you will not have right even to say about your sexual orientation or you will be punished. 

We got life partnerships for gays and lesbians as form of community. This is not equal as hetero marriage, but couples has certain rights and protection. We have Gay pride every year and there are no victims, because we use democratic methods to express our wishes. Besides that, we are country which lives from tourism. Gay tourists are profitable and politicians should know this . 

Even many associations accuse Croatia for discrimination, that is not true in many cases. What we could expect from country which was build on blood and wars, that we will so easy open our doors to people we can’t trust, as refugees, migrants or others who search their shelters? 

Football and policy are inseparable

Sport and policy are two different things, but often policy interfere in sport, especially in football. Good examples are footballers Giorgos Katidis who got lifetime ban from all Greek football teams because of fascistic greetings, and Joe Šimunić who got money penalty and 10 football matches out of game because he said controversial words from Croatian history  “For home we are ready.” 

FIFA said clearly, zero tolerance on racism, Nazism and any kind of similar aggression. It is understandable when some footballers are hurt, for example Mario Balotelli when people tease him with bananas and compare with monkey. 

We have other side of this mirror.


Sometimes, footballers are good servants in political games. In the time of elections in Croatia, before 7 years,  ex Croatian coach Niko Kovač supported politician Ivo Sanader in his campaign. It was good marketing, because Niko was famous football player and he also said “and my brother Robert too.” His brother Robert Kovač, also famous footballer was announced as part of his support. Niko justified his words in a way that he only wanted to promote himself as captain of Croatian football.

Ivo Sanader was Croatian premier and he won that elections 2007. Later Ivo Sanader was subject of investigation, he was corrupted and he finished his political career in Croatian prison Remetinec. Advertising with Niko was subject of jokes, even these days people laugh at quote “and my brother too”, when Niko Kovač has something important to say about football. He is now national coach and for sure he is not proud on days when he supported Ivo Sanader.

Politicians and football cannot be separated, so you will see premiers, ministers and president in VIP during the football match on national level. They will shake hands with footballers. Some of them will go so far that they will be candidates for parliament in next elections, why not to connect football and policy? Croatian football manager Zdravko Mamić, who was president of Dinamo , football champion club in Croatia, said that only fools think how is possible to separate football from policy. When Croatia played against Czech Republic, hooligans interrupted match because VIP seats were taken by Tomislav Horvatinčić, man who was convicted for killed two people in accident on the sea. He seat next to Davor Šuker, president of Croatian football association.


Policy is a bitch. You never know when will some successful politician finish his career behind prison bars. Then you can be ashamed if you supported his side. Just because politicians bring money and connections, football and policy are inseparable but also this is reason for mess in stadiums.

You are what you represent

Beautiful face opens many doors which are closed for average people. If you are pretty and if you know to represent your beauty, this door will stay open for you always. We can talk about injustice, but beauty will capture our eyes on the first sight and even it can deceive us, we will still admire to good shape of body, pretty eyes and sexy lips.

When we represent our country to the world, we can talk about beauty of nature, historical tradition and one of the most cleanest sea, Adriatic sea. Imagine that you are on seminar and you want to know more about Croatia. Would you listen more carefully that it comes from the mouth of pretty woman?

Now take a look this picture. This is ex minister of planning in Croatia. 

So, you are invited on seminar about investment in Croatia, would you be interesting for something what she is talking about?

On next photo is  ex Italian minister, even from background, she will capture attention. For sure, her audience would be much bigger, even you are not interested for topic she is talking about, you will visit such seminar because her image captured your eyes. 

Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think that politicians should be models or actors.

On other hand it is not enough to have education, knowledge or experience . What you represent to publicity, in your country, and especially outside of your country, is promotion of values. First impression is very important. So if you visit embassy and if there is old fatty granny in dress which was popular during the war, what would you think? Let me guess your opinion.  “Oh, it must be savage country with primitive people. I am afraid that wolf can catch me in those forests or there is no water. Maybe there are monsters too?”

When World Cup in Brasil started, on the opening was Jennifer Lopez with Claudia Lette and Pitbull. They did not hire Jennifer Lopez because she sing as Maria Callas. She was there for promotion of big event, because she is popular and she looks amazing. Also, ask audience, would they rather see Susan Boyle or Adele in this opening ? We can talk about world as superficial place, but when is time that we promote our tourism, historical values or to get better rating on the world, we should lean on our eyes. 

You can laugh or cry or think about why is like that. Beauty is not forever, but ugliness bites until the bones.

Hot sauce from stereotypes

When we talk about stereotypes as phenomenon, these are beliefs about members of certain group who will act and think in the same fashion. That are labels, and we will recognize every person accord group which she belongs. When we decide to think accord this beliefs, life will be closed box and all impressions will be predictable. 

Some of usual stereotypes are:

About young people. They are green and they don’t know nothing about life.

About blondes. They are stupid and easy women.

About elders. They forgot all what they know and they are not in steps with time.

About models. They are anorexic, bulimic skinny girls without brain.

About policemen. They have small intelligence. Jokes are often about them.

About footballers. They are also not so smart.


Thinking accord stereotypes could be negative or positive, but in both cases this is superficial perception. Imagine that you walk in the park and group of young men who wear leather jacket is there. You will feel insecure and fear will come in your mind, because they can hurt you, they can be a gang. In the same time, if you see bunch of kids around, you will feel safe, because they can’t harm you. The same we can tell about men on motorcycles. We will be afraid to be close if our beliefs belong to stereotypes.

If you see young girl with hard makeup and short skirt in the nightclub, you will think she is easy, even she could be a prostitute. You don’t wish to dig more, because otherwise you could see that she is business woman who came to have fun and to relax. Once policemen in USA caught Heather Locklear because she was wearing very short skirt, they did not recognized actress and it was indeed funny. She left impression as she is prostitute. It is not once that some people will be hold at airport, if their face reminds on terrorist. Especially nowadays, grumpy look , black hair and beard could be suspicious. 

Also if you see man in business suit, you could think that he is manager. He can be criminal or someone without money, he could borrow or even steal this suit to represent himself as elegant business man. If you live with labels, your impression can be destroyed in the moment when you start to think about other side. Blond girl was maybe easy for you because she slept with you very fast, but she has kids and husband and they are in marriage for a 20 years. Maybe you were victim of stereotypes too, if you are guy with muscles and great body, she could consider you as good opportunity for one night stand. 

When some things are important for us, it is recommended that we don’t jump with conclusions. Stereotypes are hot sauces, we could burn on our own beliefs. Things are not always as they look like, and also it looks limited if you put all people in one group, without making differences between them. Then you will get label, as person who is small minded and primitive.

In the name of tradition


Passion is wild connection between two people who like each other. This is something hard to control and we can’t explain why we like particular person so much. Glimpse of his eye, the way how she is smiling, her lips, his hands, sexy voice and sparks are in the air. Passion doesn’t know for time and place, and when libido run over limits, we can ask for only one question :”Where?”

If you are flexible and not so picky, open air will be one of the option for making love. In summer time every river, lake, meadow or forest are good places for sex. Take a blanket  if you want to be in forest because insects and rocks will be your big obstacle. Spray against mosquitoes is also very welcome and you can go in your hot adventure.

Except of insects, unknown visitors and chance to be ashamed, you can also meet policeman. The Law of order in Croatia has money penalization for sex on open air, so accord new updates you will pay 700 euro for your pleasure. It is absurd that you will pay more for sex on public place, than if you slap a woman. If you slap woman and she report you , money penalty will be about 300 euro. It sounds ridiculous that abusing woman is smaller criminal act than sex at public place. Obviously, moral is more important than woman dignity. What can make woman humiliated, situation where she is in flagranti with her lover, for example in the beach , in hot summer night after night swimming, when both decide to make love ? Or, situation when guy slap his woman in front of the people? Because she deserved, as would small minded people say?

Public order is not just censure of naked bodies or forbidden sex on the beach.

This is just a superficial way to protect traditional values. Just, here is something forgotten. Many women in Croatia are abused, accord statistic every third woman, but nobody got an idea to collect signatures for referendum. Speaking of this, recently 65.87 % Croatian people in referendum voted for marriage as community just for man and woman, because some people were in panic of gay or lesbian love. One more time traditional values were attacked, because of sacred marriage. People forgot, what kind of marriage is community where husband beats his wife? The main thing was, traditional framework must be saved.

Sometimes, public order is as shit wrapped in golden paper. You are impressed with shinny envelope, and when you open it still stinks. 

How far we go for self promotion?

What kind of trend is the most popular nowadays? In one sentence, everyone wants to feel special. Shine like a star, let everyone clap their hands at your appearance. In this period of Big Brother, instant celebrities and internet, it is not hard to feel special. Create your page and your audience is here to wait for showtime.

In old times, only stars from Hollywood, as Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner could feel special. Nowadays, girl next door will also capture attention, because she colored hair in green or she put earrings in nose. Or, she posts her photo where she puked after party. This astral moment is taken at photo, for eternity. 

Which things will make people famous and special nowadays?

1. sex video – Croatian example, singer Severina. After her “stolen” porno video, her popularity grew more than ever. There is no such famous song from her album as this is her video.

2. criminal act – if person is behind jail, popularity grows. Bad guys and bad girls are competition to each other, so easy conflict with law will help them to be more popular.

3. nudity – many women will take off clothes for some magazine, just to be famous. Coco is famous because of her big booty, this is her brand.

4. sex with someone who is famous – girls will yell that they had sex with Beckham, Ronaldo, Neymar

5. public scandal – if you try to push or fight with someone who is famous in public, people will ask who are you, who dare to hit star?

Glory is not as it used to be before. People were famous accord science, Nobel prize or as war heroes. It was something noble and generous. Nowadays, you must break moral standards to pull attention on yourself. This will be for sure easier way. 

Imagine this example. If you doing performance on the stage, as masturbation, you will gather many people. If someone is playing violin, audience will not be so big. Famous pianist Sam Rothman was in my city before 2 months, his concert was great, but despite of free tickets, people were not so interested. Mostly, pupils from music school who were obligated to go on this event and some old women in retirement. In other hand, when concert of some folk or pop singer is announced, people will run to see her legs, decolletage and to dance on music without musical values. 

Let’s see ordinary world. 

What people do on internet, to feel special, just that someone notice them?

Spit on other photos or page. Some people think that is so cool to say “fat bitch” or “cheap slut” as comment.

Steal other photos. It is not rarity that man or woman put photo of some famous person and represent himself as someone who is famous.

Make bad comments under articles, blogs or videos. If they swear, they think this is so cool.

Add random friends, about thousand, just that someone thinks how everybody loves him or her.

Spam other walls with flowers, kind artificial words, not because they love everyone on this world. They do it to make popularity.

There is something what such people don’t know. Everyone of us is special person, but this is hidden inside of us. This special personality will get out on spontaneous ways, and when such person appears, real people will recognize it. This is not guy who bursts from ego or girl who is smiling on every photo or who has the biggest breasts or longest legs.  This is person who use feelings from the heart. This kind of person is here not to expose herself. She doesn’t care will someone like her or not. She will do things accord intuition, no matter about reactions. At the end, she will do many cuts, but real people will support her.

Once guy named Bill opened profile at internet. He was very popular, women sent to him naked photos, every girl wanted to have his attention. He wanted to talk with Barbara, woman who never noticed him. He got her attention, but his ego was bigger than his affection. Once he offended her, and she deleted him. He asked her : “Why don’t you like me? Everyone likes me. Women love me. ” Barbara replied to him : “You are just getting on my nerves, that is all. ” After that, she blocked him, without further discussion.