Football and policy are inseparable

Sport and policy are two different things, but often policy interfere in sport, especially in football. Good examples are footballers Giorgos Katidis who got lifetime ban from all Greek football teams because of fascistic greetings, and Joe Šimunić who got money penalty and 10 football matches out of game because he said controversial words from […]

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You are what you represent

Beautiful face opens many doors which are closed for average people. If you are pretty and if you know to represent your beauty, this door will stay open for you always. We can talk about injustice, but beauty will capture our eyes on the first sight and even it can deceive us, we will still […]

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Hot sauce from stereotypes

When we talk about stereotypes as phenomenon, these are beliefs about members of certain group who will act and think in the same fashion. That are labels, and we will recognize every person accord group which she belongs. When we decide to think accord this beliefs, life will be closed box and all impressions will […]

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In the name of tradition

Passion is wild connection between two people who like each other. This is something hard to control and we can’t explain why we like particular person so much. Glimpse of his eye, the way how she is smiling, her lips, his hands, sexy voice and sparks are in the air. Passion doesn’t know for time […]

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