Why office work sucks?

One day at the work lasts 8 hours.  A trend in the European Union is working week with a smaller number of hours, and there are differences. 35 hours working week in France against 39.3 hours of working week in Croatia makes difference. 30 hours a week in the Netherlands sounds a fairy tale for […]

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Did you burn your own bridge?

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to burn your own bridge. If you underestimate your abilities and values it means you underestimate yourself. So you think that you don’t deserve the best, and you won’t get it because you ruined your odds at the start of this race. Nobody is perfect so […]

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Who are social martyrs?

Life meals are sometimes bitter. It is not that everything is sweet as milk and honey. If you raised in happy family maybe life spared you from miserable moments, but the grudge will wait you later. Humans are on this world to taste fish oil because this is indicator of their firmness. Pain and sadness […]

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Why don’t I like Monday?

  In the year 1979, at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Brenda Ann Spencer was shooting and killed two people. Eight were injured in this terrible event, and when police ask her why she did it, she replied:”I don’t like Mondays. ” She was only 16 and she surrendered immediately, without resistance. She inspired […]

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7 signs that breakup is near

Once when woman caught man of her dreams she will focus how to keep him. That is not easy task, because as much is hard to find soulmate, it is even harder to save this relation forever. Butterflies in stomach are here for 2 or 3 years, and then situation is changing. Our relation is […]

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