Are you a man from the cave?

  Once upon a time, there was the man in the cave. His duty was to feed his family, to make fire and to defend his woman from beasts. He was strong and tough, and all were afraid of him. Despite the fear, ¬†they felt safe in his presence. During centuries things changed, technology gives […]

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Where are knights nowadays?

The main fear of every man is that others will label him as a cuckold. There is a no bigger shame that the man who is under his woman’s skirt and jump on every order, as her dog. This is a trap which every man wants to avoid, so in some cases, he will choose […]

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Do you think that a temporary distance is a solution for problems in the relationship?

  Quarrels are part of every relation. Until you are fighting and arguing, your relation is alive. Both sides want to compromise, want to progress, to run for a better situation. Even you are swearing, still, you care about your partner because you want to prove him something. Quarrels are the process of learning. On […]

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How to deal with haters?

  Feelings of anger, rage and wrath are united in one strong emotion: hate. So when you hate someone, you wish all the worst for that person. You imagine all possible ways which could hurt her. In the same moment, you spend large amounts of the energy and waste a precious time. Hate is a […]

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A brief love story

Why do we fall in love? Are we asking our missing parts? Do we need someone to breathe with us? To listen to our joy and sadness? To wipe our tears and share laugh? Maybe emotions live in the cage and another person has a key? Maybe our hearts are frozen and special one has […]

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