Why you lied about your age?

  Have you ever lied about your ages? Do you look younger? If you can make a wish to stop the time, would you ask a golden fish to make you younger? I know that many women desire to look younger, especially if their partner is younger than them. Men are as wine, as older […]

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My book – Lost in the virtual world

https://www.amazon.com/Lost-virtual-world-traps-internet-ebook/dp/B076KM31YY/ref=pd_sbs_351_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=EDYACD7ZJGFXMY4KS9SD I am representing my first book, inspired by traps in the virtual world. The Internet is place where people come to hang out or find love, but what they find is not always what they expected. Even people are behind their computers, their thoughts and expressions are alive. If you say something ugly you […]

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A girl who changed her mind

Have you ever liked someone at the beginning but later you put a wall, cause something happened? A woman’s nature is not simple. We might like a guy, but it is not the final decision in a way “happily ever after. ” Between like and love is a long way, so some acts and words […]

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How material girls survive?

Have you ever dream that you woke up and your whole day is free, without any obligation? Simply, you can throw your alarm clock into a garbage box and continue to sleep. Your beloved man will work the whole day for you, and all you need is to be beautiful, just for him. Economic crises […]

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Why some life stories never end?

Some situations in life stay unsolved forever. Unfinished college, unhappy love relation, betrayal in friendship. Stories marked with words “to be continued” or “stay awake” are the most dangerous, because fake hope will fly over us, as stardust, without real value. Things we always wanted and could not get, the person who stuck in our […]

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How to respond on ignorance?

  Yesterday you had a wonderful friend. Today you associate with a pretender who talked behind your back. It hurts, and when we are hurt, we are fragile and the only wish is to fight back.┬áLove, friendship or business are areas where we need trust, loyalty, and confidence. If your boyfriend is cheating you, there […]

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