Do you owe self-esteem?

How many times you take a look at yourself in the mirror, as your worst enemy?  So you said something like this: “I am fat. My skin is wrinkled. I have eye bags and pimples. My nose is big.” There is much exaggerating when women describe themselves. Especially if the woman is young and her […]

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Is his compliment real?

Many women fall on flattering. Even the coldest woman will blush when someone hit her weak spot. It is good when a handsome man praises you, isn’t it? Well, women like to compete with each other. In this race is a mix of jealousy, envy or just food for the ego. He looks at me, […]

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What do we ask in a chat room?

We wish to share some secrets with others, but a lack of trust will stop us at the moment. Maybe we feel ashamed and insecure. Maybe we can’t handle expression on other’s faces when we say shocking story. Or, we afraid of a boomerang effect, that all that we say can be used against us. […]

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Who is your romantic target?

  Sparks are in the air and our heart made a choice. Every romantic soul will say: “Listen to the sound of your heart. Heart know the best.” The heart is not always wise and choices made by heart are not always in harmony with logic. We can fall in love as teenagers or mature […]

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