How to pretend kindness?

One of the hardest things for me is to be nice to someone you can’t stand. How to speak kindly when you want to slap a person? I imagine a cloud over my head where I shot when I need to be kind to my enemy. For sure every one of you experienced this. You […]

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How we hurt ourselves?

We used to say that someone hurt us or make us miserable. This is not completely true, because if you are hurt, there is the connection between your reaction and the another person’s act. If you cut off that connection, there is no harm. What makes us depressed, hurt or sad?   How we hurt […]

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Do you hate your job?

How much of us can sincerely say: “I love my work and I enjoy to woke up every morning because it makes me happy.” Hard times, the age of recession makes us more materialists than we wish to be. Once upon a time, we could say that we are poor and happy, but nowadays we […]

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