Who taught you about love?

Love does not have rules but sometimes it reminds of a chess game. Just a few bad moves and you lost. And then, being desperate, you wonder where you made a mistake. This is not a story of a secret formula which you can use to win and keep your partner. This is a story of […]

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My book – Lost in the virtual world

https://www.amazon.com/Lost-virtual-world-traps-internet-ebook/dp/B076KM31YY/ref=pd_sbs_351_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=EDYACD7ZJGFXMY4KS9SD I am representing my first book, inspired by traps in the virtual world. The Internet is place where people come to hang out or find love, but what they find is not always what they expected. Even people are behind their computers, their thoughts and expressions are alive. If you say something ugly you […]

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Do you live in his memory?

We can love people in many different ways. Sometimes I wish to hug person to express my devotion and affection. My internal instinct never lies, so at first sight, I can see that something is not good or an opposite when I feel how someone can fit in my life. Good memories are for sure […]

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How many women cheat with makeup?

Woman’s  face is space for painting, for those who are not satisfied by their natural look. Fake lashes, mascara, lipstick and all cosmetic tricks will make you awesome, as your role models in magazine. All right, i am kidding, probably you love yourself and you don’t want to ruin your face with too much makeup. […]

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