Did you date a hooligan?

The young girl will easily fall in love with the hooligan. A guy who drives fast, spit on the floor and swears, what a dude! He said to his mother to go to hell, his teacher got nickname bitch, and his old neighbor is just an old corpse who breathes this air for a granted. […]

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Did you date a reserve player?

  The main player is always on the ground and his substitute sits on the bench. He will jump in accord opportunities. He must wait until the main player hurt himself or give up on the match. A similar situation is in love affair. If you love someone who is taken, you must wait your […]

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When passion dies?

How is possible that you feel a passion in the one moment and for some time that feeling dies? Remember when someone attracted you in a way you felt like the drunk. He was a reason to smile and the source of your tears. You would give him everything. Then something happened. He betrayed you. […]

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How to seduce a woman online?

Shy guys were reborn with the appearance of the internet. Finally, they don’t need to approach in reality to thousand girls, and to risk rejection. All that they need is to open computers, to make an account at social networks and their problem is solved. They will avoid disgrace in public because they hide under […]

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