Do you know how to pretend?

Did you ever ask yourself why some people don’t accept you even you did your best effort? Did you ask why you give more than you get and why you stayed with short sleeves in some situations? This question bothers me because I am the person for “all or nothing. ” I give myself incomplete, […]

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When passion dies?

How is possible that you feel a passion in the one moment and for some time that feeling dies? Remember when someone attracted you in a way you felt like the drunk. He was a reason to smile and the source of your tears. You would give him everything. Then something happened. He betrayed you. […]

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Seduce him as a real woman

  What he wants and how to get his attention? This question will make many women in attempts to seduce a right guy. If men want to be the first lover of their women, for sure women want to be the last woman in their bed.  There is no girl after me, he is mine […]

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How to seduce a woman online?

Shy guys were reborn with the appearance of the internet. Finally, they don’t need to approach in reality to thousand girls, and to risk rejection. All that they need is to open computers, to make an account at social networks and their problem is solved. They will avoid disgrace in public because they hide under […]

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Do you forgive too fast?

Do you like to taste a victory? This sweet feeling when you know, you won the game. That means another side is defeated and now you can celebrate. Winners are many kinds, so you are a merciful or ruthless winner. If you are softhearted, that is not your advantage. That is your weakness. You might […]

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Who taught you about love?

Love does not have rules but sometimes it reminds of a chess game. Just a few bad moves and you lost. And then, being desperate, you wonder where you made a mistake. This is not a story of a secret formula which you can use to win and keep your partner. This is a story of […]

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