Makeup sex

15095077_1358561900823096_3544870188036048831_nThey were arguing whole day, and they could not make agreement. She was stubborn, and he was macho type, who believed that man should be boss. Suddenly he kissed her, she fall in his arms  and they made love whole night. In the morning they start to argue again, about the same things.
So called makeup sex is one of ways how to solve problems with your partner. When two different characters fall in love, their relation will often look as battlefield. Especially if that differences are expressed in important areas of life, couple will make many efforts to create harmony. Here is the question, what will win in the end, their love or ego?
Sean and Paula met each other in the shopping mall. They were in crowd and Sean had problem with credit card, so he caused big line at the pay desk. Everyone was furious, and Paula send him to hell. He invited her in coffee bar as sign of an apology and their relation started at this way. Soon they realized that they are as dog and cat. Paula was liberal woman, and Sean was traditional and conservative. He complaint even about her clothes, that she should change her style, because her skirts were too short and accord him, she was seducing men on such way. Also he never wanted to admit his mistakes, and many times Paula apologized to him, even he was wrong one.
Paula had weak spot, she adored sex with Sean. When they made love, all differences were vanished, their bodies made understanding so clear. It was not important who is right, and who is wrong. Paul erased all conflicts with his kisses and Paula was blind on his failures. One day, Paula found track of lipstick on his shirt and it woke up her doubts. When he was showering, she checked his cell phone. There were bunch of romantic messages. She was quiet, but next time when Paul started to complain about something, she was cold toward him. She even rejected sex. Then she got the point how makeup sex was temporary solution, because problems were still here. She caught moment to sit and talk with Paul, and he accepted. They made progress by talking and in the moment their relation is on transit zone, because Paul realized that he did something bad.
You can see in romantic movies how man will rip clothes and push his beloved woman on the bed, as in “9 and half week” or “Basic instinct”. Later, that passion will not solve problems, they will still be in stand by position.
Women are especially sensitive after sex, so they will made some questions.
How could he insult me after sex?
How could he call her after sex with me?
Sheets are still warm from our passionable night, and he went without explanation.
How it doesn’t work out? I thought, after that night, everything will be allright.
Men will think different, because sex is field of their power. If you can’t win woman with words, take her into bed and show her who is the boss. They will separate love from sex and if they don’t love women who are their sex mates, it will be tough.
Makeup sex is not good way to solve problems with your boyfriend or husband. That is good intro, but never solution.
If you don’t have mind connection and understanding with your darling, even kama sutra will not help you .

Forbidden love with spouse


Many articles talk about women who fall in love in married men. They are considered as victims, delusional or marriage breakers. Words are not saved, so slut, whore or bitch is not rare name for mistresses.

What happens when situation is an opposite? When single man falls in love in married women, how society look at this? Famous Richard Branson waited one year that his present wife divorce from her former husband. He loved married woman.

What kind of men can fall in love in married woman and got involved with her?

Men who had no luck in love. His partners are always wrong, and he is already so disappointed that he gave up from love.

Playboys. He ask perfect opportunity for relation without obligation, and married woman can’t commit to him cause he is already obligated to her husband.

Teenagers and young man in twenties. Their fantasies in bed starts with married teachers, neighbors or his friend’s mother.

Man with Peter Pan syndrome. He is afraid to commit and married woman is ideal for this.

Men in midlife crises. He is already divorced or he never got married, but he needs warm body next to him.

Now, this kind of affair has some rules, and if mad husband will not catch you , you need to stick to some rules:

As married man, spouse will not divorce in mostly cases. She needs refreshment, not commitment.

Husband is in first plan, so forget about spending holidays and vacation with her. 

Don’t make her feel guilty. You knew she is married so you have no power as her husband.

Don’t be jealous. She will sleep with her husband too, at least she is a wife.

Expect messages and calls in unpredictable time. She can’t know when she is free. 

In such situation, society will pity for man who got involved with spouse, and judge her who is cheater and marriage breaker. In situation where man is cheater, society will judge his mistress. In both situations, women are in worse positions, because mistress is a slut as cheating wife is a slut.

I wish to say, man can also found out himself in difficult situation. What started as sex can finish as broken heart. Man’s heart is also not from stone, he can really fall in love in spouse who is already taken. Then, what’s next? Do you want this woman because she is forbidden or you really want to steal her to be your wife?

In some situation fooled women fails and chose donkey instead of horse. She got divorce, but her lover is not interested for her anymore. It was great until here was drama and forbidden space. Now, when here are dishes and bills, all is routine, too much obligations and this is not funny anymore.

That happens with affairs, you never know when it could be worse. If you cut of affair and your husband still doesn’t know anything, you are saved. If you continue this road to hell, you can expect everything. Two or three broken hearts or another marriage? Time will show until you still have it enough guts to wait.


Start relation when you are ready

When someone hurts you, it is a chain reaction. Sooner or later, you will have side effects. 

Very important basic of every relation is that you are ready. Than means you are free from burden, from past and that you have healthy self confidence. If you love yourself, you can love your partner too.

If you don’t love yourself, it will affect to others and they will hurt you too, because you give them rope in their hands.



Melissa was always with wrong guys, since she fall in love first time as teenage girl, until maturity. That guys built her character, because she chose them not with intention. That were choices made by her character.

Steve was aggressive, Martin was cold to her, Alan cheated her, and she passed through this. And then she met Richard.

When she introduced her new guy to her friends, all were thinking that another moron is on the way. Surprise, Richard was nice, with good manners, tender and she treated Melissa as a queen.

Soon he realized that Melissa has own vision of this relation. She found him as boring or too easy target for manipulate with him. All what her ex guys did to her, she did to Richard. She cheated him, she slap him once, she was cold toward him, and Richard had no chance. At the end he left her, and Melissa was aware that she lost the only guy who truly cared about her.

 When she cried, her friend Elisa said to her :

But dear, you were not ready to relation at all. You must forget past and try to love yourself.

It was late for Richard, but Melissa learnt lesson.

It was : don’t start relation when you are unhappy and lonely, start relation when you are ready. 

Virginity loss

The important step in private life is loss of virginity, this moment when boy become man, and girl become woman. This change brings various reactions, from fascination until regret. Girls were imagined their perfect man and boys expected big testosterone adventure. Movies and magazines fooled them with some fake visions how should it be.
Some reaction of girls i knew:
Vision number one:
“In my fantasy, my first lover was man who made me romantic dinner with slow music. We were dancing in room with fireplace. Then we went into bed and made love until morning.”
“That happened with guy i know for a 3 weeks. We were in his flat, he was with me about 10 minutes, i was bleeding and he went to sleep. He was hairy and i could not watch on his penis, it was too big, first i saw in my life, it was shock to me.”
Vision number two:
“I love him a long time ago and i wish that he is my first lover. I want drink expensive champaigne with him and later i want to show him my best underwear. I want that he say he loves me and look at deep into my eyes.”
“We were in his car, this was so small place, i hurted my back, and i did not know where i will put my legs. So uncomfortable. He said that he is in rush. It was painful, like someone put needle in me. He did not say he loves me.”
Young girl will have own perception about making love. Loss of virginity is something magic or saint for her. She will be real woman finally. Nobody can’t say later she is a little girl, because she made love with man. Girls will compete to catch handsome guy who will be the first, because he will stay in their memories. Some girls have long relations and then is naturally to make love with their boyfriends, after one year of relation. They are prepared on this big event. Others are not so careful, they want to be wild and to taste life. When girl can’t find appropriate guy, she will catch someone to do this cut into her femininity.
Guys have different way and loss of virginity is their initiation. The same as they want to break ice with fists, they will go brave into this unknown world. Later they can tell story about their first sexual experience.
What guys said?
“I was the first lover of my three girlfriends. I made it safe and practical.”
” I did it with older woman. He teached me everything i should know.”
” I made love first time with my friend. She was my school mate, so i practise with her.”
” During summer holidays i met fabulous stranger. She was from Germany. It was my first lady , my blonde woman, it was perfect.
What indeed happened?
” I did not know when i need to cum.”
“I could not put condom, and i lost desire.”
” I don’t get it when she should have orgasm.”
” She said i am fast as rabbit.”
“She did not bleed. I am not sure is she really a virgin.
2014 - 1
Some stories are created with half truth and half lies. All this is part of experience, so with first sex you will learn also first tricks. Adult man will not have the same expectations, and adult woman will stop dreaming. Average girl will lose virginity in period of 16-21 years old. Boys will also lose their virginity in youth, as teenagers or younger.
What happens when person skip that period and stay virgin? Also, some are virgins with 35 or even 40 years old. When person is still innocent in that period, shame and fear is bigger. Possible partner can say :”What you did until now? Nobody wanted you?”
Some women are dissapointed with their ideas of innocence and virginity. They are not married so they think sex outside of marriage is a sin. Also, some are so selective so they think nobody deserve their body until he did not fit to their standards. They were waiting, and they are still waiting for right one. Later, when they get old, choice is so small that they left alone.
Men will try to solve their lack of experience by watching porno movies, masturbating on magazines, or visiting brothels. Some men will try cyber sex with unknown women on internet. They will collect their knowledge on different way, until real opportunity knocks on their door.
Virginity loss is not only physical act. This is not amateur surgery. You are step forward into your maturity. You shared something private with other person and give someone part of you. Person who never experienced this will miss important lesson. Woman from fairytale will never be equal to real woman, as man from erotic movie is not man from reality.

Why couples should hold hands?


Walking on the street with your partner and you don’t hold his hand. Some people will consider you as couple in the moment when they see you are holding hands. If he let your hands free, he is not interested. If you do this, you are not interested enough. That would be superficial conclusion about your privacy and intimacy.

When i see couple hold hands together i will not assume everything about them. They could make impression about passionate love , but in private could be very opposite. Holding hands is gesture, kind of formality but not necessary sign that someone loves you or cherish you so much.

I don’t hold hands with my husband on the street. If we stuck in crowd he will grab my hand not to lose me from sight. Meanwhile, our hands are free. Sometimes we made jokes about couples who are going slowly, hand by hand or if they walk on the street hugged as Siam’s twins. Isn’t that clumsy?

What this gesture should mean?

He is mine.

He will never leave me.

Let all know that he is only mine.

Now everyone will see that i am taken. Even my competition.

Recently group of psychologist considered Melania Trump as unloved wife because Donald remove her hand. That is absolutely ridiculous. Touch is spontaneous thing, private, intimate and why should we remind people in every moment that we are couple. Some couples act as they wish to scream : “He is mine. Don’t you see that he holds my hand?”

The most funny scene happens when guy hold gently his girl on hand, when he is kissing her in public, and then his eye stuck on some butt. He is looking around while holding his girl for hand. That kind of guys wish to say : “So, you got what you wanted, and now let me look what else is on the market, because i am not dead yet. “

What connect couple is not forced intimacy which is expected from others. Common jokes are more useful than that. My hands are free, but my heart is taken. Me, as independent person don’t have to prove anything. If old neighbor stare from window and say : “Oh, but you don’t hold your hands together!” , that is not important to me. I don’t hold my partner for publicity, i do it for us.

Where friendship with benefits ends?


Two people never fall in love on equal way. You might start from the same position, but feelings will develop on different ways. One side will love less, other more. When this happens in relation called “friends with benefits”, things are getting harder.

Although women usually ask how to keep friend with benefit and turn him into real boyfriend, situation could be opposite. Sometimes, friend with benefit wants to be your boyfriend but you don’t want this indeed.

Sounds cruel? At the start of this relation you dealt that you meet only for sex and fun. With time, you will chill out or connect on higher level. When guy says to you that is over because he finds another woman or he got bored, you might think about him as cruel player , selfish egoist or playboy. What when woman said, there is no more fire and you can go?

Cynthia met Brian at social network. She was business woman, single and she wanted something in the middle, not boyfriend, but neither relation for one night stand. She was honest and told him that it will not be classic relation. He accepted this with joy, because finally he found woman who will not nag , make jealous scenes or ask for a commitment.

Their meetings were full of passion, he made her smile and fixed her self confidence, because she had few relations before which broke her heart. Brian also respected her, he appeared on dates with chocolate and flowers so she did not have feeling as random woman in his life. The problem was, Cynthia was ambitious lady. She was involved in few projects, and boss promised her bigger salary if she will work overtime. She wanted promotion. Brian, on other hand, lived in rented flat with roommate and he was between two jobs and with financial debts.

Cynthia enjoyed with him but she did not see future together. She had no intention to pay his debts , also he told her about his previous marriage and alimony and it was not happy news for her. So, step by step, Cynthia wanted to get out from this.

They broke up on her request, but she wanted to keep him as friend. She had conscience guilt, as she broke his heart. Brian left in silence and did not call her anymore.

Women could be in ungrateful positions in this kind of relations. You have fuck buddy, and if you fall in love in him you will expect more. If you chill out from him, you will expect less. In first example you are victim , in other example you are bitch.

Problem is, we never know on which way will some relation develop. What if passion doesn’t live here anymore? Shall we turn love into friendship and take care for person even our feelings are dead?

What to do when you sleep with friend with benefit, and you don’t want to continue?

Give person time to chill out.

Don’t use rude words because you don’t know what other person feels.

Don’t jump into new relation immediately.

Tell him, you can lean on me as friend.

Man’s ego will not accept fact of abandoning so easy. Especially if you are friend with benefit, it could be humiliated. She had sex with you and she doesn’t want more? Aren’t you the one who should break up? What if she changes her mind? Sometimes it happens, because it is hard to draw a line between friendship and passion. If she was with you before, why not now?

Chemistry is odd thing. Sometimes you chill out due some reasons. You don’t see future, you are not ready for more or you simply want to be alone. Then you feel sorry because of breakup and you want again. That is why friends with benefit dance with the devil. There is no beginning and no end, this is not defined relation. One of you can say enough and leave, other side will wondering.

If you leave, better not to make track, if you don’t want that your rejected friend find you.

Unbreak my heart


Playing with feelings is cruel game. Any normal person can’t feel pleasure to left someone in tears or broken. In situation when ego is celebrating, conscience still regret, why should we hurt someone who did not deserve this?
If i ask you did you break someone’s heart, you might say no. Well, if you think deeper, you will remember past events when someone’s heart was broken, by your fault. You did not mean it, you did not do intentionaly, but damage is done.
If you are interesting woman, attractive, smart and sensitive, you will pull attention. Even your heart is focused on one guy, you can’t prevent yourself to be someone’s silent pain. You don’t know for him, you did not do anything, except you exist. Still, that person can consider you as heart breaker, because he imagined in his mind common life with you.
When is possible that you will break someone’s heart?
Your photos are on internet. You are pretty. Some guy will fall in love in you.
You are successful business woman. Your colleagues might try more with you.
You are sexy, your dress is provocative and others notice that.
You are target of gossips, because you change your partners.
You are friendly with guys. You might not think bad, but they wrongly understand signals.
Let’s meet Sandy. She is pretty , sexy, smart and in marriage. She is happily married and her husband is busy with his job, so she use social network to talk with people, and spread her friend circle. She captured interest of many guys. Then she draw line, she is not obligated to reply on all these messages.
Result is next:
Some guys deleted her, because she doesn’t want to talk.
Some guys insulted her, that she is nasty bitch.
Some guys blocked her.
Other guys wanted to see her husband, they consider him as rival.
Sandy was upset because her intentions were not bad. She was honest from the start, she published her wedding photos and she said that she is taken. Normal men accepted this and talked with her about policy, philosophy, even sport. They were gentlemen. Some of them even shown respect toward her husband. Other men said that she should close her page, because she is married. She had unpleasant time when guy opened profile with her photos. She did not want to vanish, because who are they to ask her what to do in her free time?
Can you avoid situation to break someone’s heart?
In this case, don’t talk with this kind of men:
Too young guy. He will not understand difference between dream and reality.
Loner.  If man did not have girlfriend a long time or never, he might stalk you as maniac.
Too old guy. He can see you as reason of his existence. 
Man who doesn’t understand word no. 
If you say him that you are busy, and he continues to bother you, block him or avoid him.
Man who opens his privacy on first sight.
If he jumps with his private details at first time you know him, he is desperate.
Everyone can be heart breaker. You will smile to someone and it will mean world to him. You will say hello and how are you, and certain man will stalk you, because he likes you. Don’t feel ashamed because someone cried for you, if you were fair from the start. If you don’t like someone’s attention, say this from beginning, don’t make false hope.
Guy with broken heart could turn into dangerous patient. Now, his illusion is gone, and he might hate you. Why you ruined his dream, why you made him miserable? If he tries to persuade you that he loves you, don’t trust him. Real love never involves force or blackmail. Real man will accept defeat and go forward.
Broken heart is not reality, this is just symbol for wrong target. He wanted someone who is not available. The best description of this story should be broken dream, not broken heart.

Magic spell for your lover

When we love someone, we are able to do everything for that person. If usual ways don’t help, we will pray God or high forces to help us.

Also, we are ready to try some unusual ways.

There is no easier target for any kind of manipulation than person in love. That person is able to believe in anything, just to realize her wishes, even to make fool of herself. Old superstitions are good way to deceive those who lost their love or who are still alone. Tarot masters, magicians and psychic will tell you many trick how to attract love or make your ex to fall in love in you again.


How to find perfect match and how to return ex partner with a help of some spells?

Some tricks if you wish to have your beloved in your arms:

1. peel apple and eat apple before you sleep. You will dream future husband, if you dream unknown person you will meet him

2. throw rose petals in the river, in the time of full moon

3. take pieces of hair of your beloved, make heart from paper and make a wish

4.  take a cup of coffee and hairs from your vagina, let coffee be strong and make your desired man to drink (unbelievable, but i saw in one movie that trick), and when you get period, man will be yours

5. before Valentine day put pieces of paper with few names under your pillow, in the morning take one paper randomly, and name on this paper is name of your future husband

When pretty woman found ugly man, in old times in Croatia people believed that he visited magician to put a spell on her. 

Even love is kind of magic. How to explain why you love just that person and nobody else?

As long on this world are lonely and naive people , others will use this weakness for their purposes. Anyway who wish to have fun this is good experiment to try. Valentine’s day is opportunity to try some magic in hope to find your perfect match.

My lost half

People in love use to say that they found their lost half. This is someone who complete you and you share everything with this person. Bad or good, till death separate you. 

If you look into real meaning of this sentence, your lost half is someone similar as you. There must be something what connected you and this person is your reflection from other side of the mirror. Although couples are two different people, they are connected in one, and that means their parts fits perfectly. Our choice of partner talks a lot about us.

What guys say?

I like to date with married women. I am their lover and i am not ready for marriage so i enjoy in this type of relations.”

“My girlfriend can’t have children. It is ok for me, because i don’t like kids and i can’t imagine myself as father.”

“I love young women, fresh and innocent. Really i like control and to teach them, it makes me feel powerful.”

“I like women with experience. Virgins are not challenges for me, it is easy to manipulate with them.”

Every time when you pick up your lost half, it shows something about you. Your girlfriend has a lot of common with your mother? You like dominant woman? That shows your characteristics, or your weakness. Something is missing you, and you will find this in your partner. Together is easier to handle life.


What girls say?

I like strong man. I feel i need protection, leader who will show me the way. So my men are older than me.”

“My choice is young guy. It makes me younger and desirable.”

“I love smart men. It is indeed sexy, i did not finished college so for me this is cool. If such guy choose me, it will make me valuable.

Your lost half is your treasure box. Something attracts you to this person. Paola and Damien had that click. She was stubborn, fearless and sometimes rude, and he was insecure and distrustful. Women tried to be nice and kind with him, but he fall in love in girl who was not sweet as he expected. Simply she shown to him that life is not fairy tale and that he must wake up. Her honesty was better gift than other’s kindness. She pressed this right button.

We will explain to others and to ourselves why we picked just that person. Sometimes, it has no logic. There is saying that love is blind. Why that guy chose this girl, he could find better, more pretty girl, someone with style? That question will ask others, who will be surprised with our choice. Your choice will be different than vision of your parents and friends. They will advice you about love, but finally you will chose by yourself. If you stand by your attitude, you will never justify to others why you made this decision and why you get married with this woman. 

She was your lost half.

Wake up your imagination

After 10 -20 years of relation or marriage time will stop. Partners have different priorities and desires than before. Restless mind and heart should be warning sign, to move on.

It is wrong thinking that we need update with infidelity, because this will ruin our partner’s trust and confidence. If you use that logic, you can leave your partner and marry your mistress, and for few years you will cheat again with another woman. Try to imagine yourself without your beloved wife and husband, and if you feel pain in your heart with just one thought of farewell, answer is here. You need fantasy and attention, not change of partner.

In old times women even used magic spells to keep atention of their husbands. You can try with swinging, but this is sensitive area and only for really open minded people. Also, it is always lottery to involve others in your privacy, because you can finish in blind alley.


How to make magic in your marriage, without including other people?

This is photo from museum in Prague, reminds us on time when women used old tricks to seduce their men:

Maybe to taste some favourite food as aphrodiziac:

Or, if you feel too safe, make your comfortable zone more risky, so go in journey when weather forecast is not good, as here when storm was coming:

Whatever it is, underwear, situation, insecure circumstances or risky journey, something will turn on your senses, and make your relation more spicy. 

You miss your  hunting days ? 

It is time to refill your adrenaline bag. Go to some special place with your partner. Remember song or movie which remind you on your best days. Visit sex shop to buy interesting stuff. 

Maybe you will laugh with your partner because now you are both old fools, but still with sense for humor.

Seduce your favorite person one more time and you will enjoy.