Magic spell for your lover

When we love someone, we are able to do everything for that person. If usual ways don’t help, we will pray God or high forces to help us.

Also, we are ready to try some unusual ways.

There is no easier target for any kind of manipulation than person in love. That person is able to believe in anything, just to realize her wishes, even to make fool of herself. Old superstitions are good way to deceive those who lost their love or who are still alone. Tarot masters, magicians and psychic will tell you many trick how to attract love or make your ex to fall in love in you again.


How to find perfect match and how to return ex partner with a help of some spells?

Some tricks if you wish to have your beloved in your arms:

1. peel apple and eat apple before you sleep. You will dream future husband, if you dream unknown person you will meet him

2. throw rose petals in the river, in the time of full moon

3. take pieces of hair of your beloved, make heart from paper and make a wish

4.  take a cup of coffee and hairs from your vagina, let coffee be strong and make your desired man to drink (unbelievable, but i saw in one movie that trick), and when you get period, man will be yours

5. before Valentine day put pieces of paper with few names under your pillow, in the morning take one paper randomly, and name on this paper is name of your future husband

When pretty woman found ugly man, in old times in Croatia people believed that he visited magician to put a spell on her. 

Even love is kind of magic. How to explain why you love just that person and nobody else?

As long on this world are lonely and naive people , others will use this weakness for their purposes. Anyway who wish to have fun this is good experiment to try. Valentine’s day is opportunity to try some magic in hope to find your perfect match.

On the other side

When everything is going down, we could feel as in trap. Million problems can appear around us and we cannot find the way out.

Maybe we will look on the other side of reality, into dreams. What is happening during process of sleeping  and can we think about our dreams as messages? Maybe we need to translate that hidden messages and one dream is indeed secret code. 

Olivia had tough year. She was released from work, her boyfriend break up with her and many friends turned her back. Suddenly nobody had time for her. Woman without job, without love and without comfort. She was thinking about suicide. She was introduced to darkness. Her life was abyss and it was no way out. She tried to send appeals for job, she was calling people she knew to go to coffee bar with her, just for one talk, but everyone was busy. In despair she had date with guy who was driving fast and she almost had an accident. 

One night she slept in tears, so tired, with strong wish not to wake up anymore. She had a dream. She saw face of one boy from her university, even she did not know him well but she recognized his face. He said : “Wait for the news from capital. “

She was confused and after one month she got letter in blue envelope , indeed from capital. She got job. That dream was saved in her mind, and she felt creepy. That boy was messenger and he never appeared anymore. Like someone send him to her in dream, to give her message.

Sensitive people will dream more intensive, and sometimes that dreams can be a mirror. I don’t talk about superficial books, sold in cheep prices in libraries about meaning of dreams. Not everything in your dream will be true. If you dream that you are king, you will not rule with kingdom, but maybe you will take things in your hands. 

Dream is kind of comfort. It will be time in your life when you will be totally alone. Nobody can’t help you, or nobody wants to help you. You will lean on yourself, and maybe you can get help from the other side. 

People who had accidents , who had experience with coma or hard illness are kind of radio receiver. They can receive signals , very confused and messy, and it is good to know their meanings. Many people will laugh or ignore signals from dreams. Think about , did you dream something what became true later?

Your dream can warn you, notify you or show you the way. Olivia received news about her job, and source was her dream. She did not know that will be true. She remembered later. Sometimes, when you cry, when you are so sad and angry, you can have sharp sensors to catch signal from the other side. Try to be as cat, silent and wait, it can be important.

Why are people attracted to gambling?


Get up early and stay at work , then repeat it until weekend. It doesn’t sound nice , isn’t it? Industrial age invented work time 8 hours, and when alarm clock rings , this sound is worse than any bad songs you listened during your life. So, thoughts about easy money are present in your mind, you would sell soul to devil just to stay in bed. That is how average person lives, work for money. 

One day i was walking in the street and two pretty girls gave me free tickets for casino. It was promo ticket and i went there to taste luck. I did not win, but they wake up my curiosity so next time i came with my money and won. During seven years i was winning and losing , depends of luck. I don’t have debts but i heard about people with bad destiny, who get into troubles because of pathological  gambling. I heard about neighbor who lost flat because he had no money to return. I heard about man who spent social recompense for his children, all on poker table. I heard about other man, who never came back in his country, because somewhere in overseas he lost huge money in casino.

Why are people attracted to gambling?

Escape from routine. 

When you spent all day in office to earn 30 EURO daily, your sight is focused on machine which can bring you jackpot. Sit half hour and you might earn more money than whole month. The same, you can lose your salary for half hour. This is risk and if you feel your heart is beating, you are addicted.

Possibility to meet interesting people.

For sure, in casino is always something happening. You can meet even celebrities . You can get advices how to gamble. Also you can share experiences.


Many casinos have organized tournaments with rewards for the most successful players.

Last time you won.

That is how story starts. You won when you were there and now you want to win again. Or, someone else won and you are hoping that is your turn.

Last time you lose.

If you lost money, you wish to get it back. And how you will return money, if you don’t play again?

You are depressed or sad.

This game will raise your blood pressure. If you get money, you might forget reason why you are sad. Alert, if you lose money, you will get out from there with more anger than you get in.

No matter do you play on slot machines, roulette or poker, your intentions are to get money. It means, you are player. There are also other kind of people, observers. These are the worst. I remember woman who sit next to me , with cigarette in her mouth and tried to talk while i was gambling. She was not there to join, she wanted to see how others lose money and to disturb. So i said to her to go in coffee bar for chat. 

You will easy recognize players who are not only observers. 

They never talk with you. They are focused on their game.

They play sometimes on few machines. Automatic button is turn on, so they wish to increase their odds to win more money.

Sometimes they are swearing , it means they are losing. 

They knock on machine, for luck. They play with smallest coins, just to be there. It means they already lost much.

If you see someone who is bragging about big amount of money, be sure that he lost a lot before. That is darkness of gambling, you will lost much money before you win. You will win and then it will not be enough, so you will play and then lost. Once, when debt is here, you will start to make plan B. Maybe you did not eat because you need money for gambling? You did not go to hairdresser because this time you feel lucky?

Gambling is one of sins. If you are minor, gambling is forbidden to you and owner of casino will pay big money if minors are gambling there. 

Even this addiction is invisible, gambling is red apple with worm inside. When you drink, you feel dizziness. If you smoke, you will start coughing. If you eat too much, you will feel sickness. Well, when you are gambling, there are no signs of alert, just your empty wallet. Then you will start to ask people to lend you money. Then you will sell some jewelry because you need money for one more time. 

Gerard Piquet, famous Spanish footballer has habit to gamble. If he lose money, he will not feel sad, because he has more than enough. When ordinary person lose money, trouble is here. Everywhere in casino are warnings about influence of gambling. 

Gambling is somewhere between hell and paradise. Losers are in hell, and winners in paradise. If you once won and then lose , you are in purgatory. You will for sure back again in the game. 

Send me a miracle


If we could predict our future it would be step forward. Maybe we could avoid something unpleasant and stop things which we don’t want.  How to win in this race with unpredictable life?

Fanny can’t find normal boyfriend. She is blind in this tunnel of love. Every guy she met had something what rejected her at the end. So, she was printing their photos with one purpose. She will take this photos to clairvoyant. Fanny heard about man who lives in lonely house in the village. She paid him some money to see important things from this photos. 

She was disappointed with result.

– You are insecure person Fanny. You can’t decide what you want. That men are unavailable at the moment and i don’t see clear what is on their mind. Seems vibration for today are not good. 

Later, Fanny met with her best friend Alice. 

– Dear, why you paid him for this? I could tell you some things from cup of coffee , without money. Sometimes you are really naive.

When you are in trouble and way out doesn’t exist, you will think about high forces. 


In this situation, you are perfect victim for any kind of fraud. So called seer can convince you that you are cursed and that someone put spell on you. Also, if you are unhappy in love, seer can help you too. You will get some materials and that guy you dream every night will be yours. Just , first you need to pay some money. But, what is money in compare with eternal happiness without spell or whole life with person you love? You can give all money you have, so result will be better and better.

One day Gypsy woman said to me that she wants to read from my palm. I accepted from joke, and she asked me money. I gave her small coins to check her. Suddenly she said to me that she can’t see future with so small amount of money. She said, that i have spell and if i don’t pay bigger money, this spell will ruin my life. I knew this was scam so i just left. 

Some people are indeed talented to predict future. Even FBI will ask for a help from seers and that people are professional. They will not threat to others, they will do their job and it takes lot of energy and they are exhausted from their visions.

Other people are also talented, but for fraud. They will deceive innocent victims. Man in Croatia said to woman entrepreneur that she has spell and she paid him big money to clean this curse. He gave her stinky water and some other things, and for a return, he use her for marketing of his services, and he robbed her. He got six months of prison. 

When you are desperate, or in panic, don’t let your fear to take over your mind. You can get devil’s offer. This will be promise that your problems will disappear over night. Instead of this, you can have bigger problems , how to return money you lost. 

You want to dig into your future? Let’s cook coffee and go to your friend or neighbor to have some fun. Maybe they can see something useful, and for sure you will not leave with empty pockets.

4 illusions about happiness



“I wish to be happy. ” How many times you said or heard this request? Happiness is follower of power, so when we are happy we can reach impossible goals. Simply, this wind in back is motivator, and we are safe, whatever we do, it will be in right direction.

Here is big catch. Many people are lazy and comfortable, so they can’t recognize happiness as reward in the end of hard work or as crown of pain. So, you wish to avoid obstacles and just grab your happiness? 

Close your eyes and think about misleads, how much your perception about happiness is wrong.

You would never believe that this elements are indeed basic of happiness.


This is situation where you try hard, and something is always on your way. Obstacles are here, and someone will always steal carpet under your feet. You will fall and fall.


You had loss. You lost job, friends, love. Still, you don’t realize that is part of future happiness.

Lack of justice.

Your neighbor is rich, and he doesn’t deserve this? Why not you? Because you did not finish your task.


Every happy person had some defeats in his life. Famous people should be born under lucky star, but facts show different. Remember, Einstein had bad mark in maths. Bill Gates did not finished formal education. Marilyn Monroe never got Oscar.


You hate your rivals, but they are more useful than friends. Why? Because critics will move you forward, not compliments. The best coach for happiness is person who underestimate you. You need to stay awake, and compliments will make you sleepy.

People will mix happiness with superstition, and some will believe that only chosen one will reach happiness.

The most often misleads about happiness are about sources. Happiness is not market, especially not for sale.Happiness is state of mind, and if you can’t be happy with yourself, other things will not make you happy. An opposite, you will bring bad luck.

What people think? 

Money will bring you happiness.

Maybe you are rich, but bad investment will make you poor. I know man who got big inheritance and he spent all on betting.

Your lover will bring you happiness.

If you give your partner so big burden, you will judge him if he makes you cry. 

Your religion will make you happy.

If you expect from God to make you happy, you are wrong. Your religion must come from the heart, God is not here to please you.

Your children will make you happy.

Children are the biggest wealth, but you are here to guide them. If you have no sober and health mind, you are bad role model.

The biggest fault of all people who expect gift of happiness is in their approach. They wait Granny with cookies. That is syndrome when person doesn’t want to do nothing to change situation. That person just expect ring on door, and someone will great news. “Oh, you won on the lottery!” “Dear, you are love of my life. Come here, i will make you happy. “

If you don’t see word “work” in your perception of happiness, you live in illusion. You might feel nice on your cloud, but jump at ground will be fatal for you. Don’t break your bones. Don’t say “i am cursed”, because that is result of your thinking.

I don’t like Mondays


In year 1979 , at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Brenda Ann Spencer was shooting and killed two people. Eight were injured in this terrible event, and when police ask her why she did it, she replied :”I don’t like Mondays. ” She was only 16 and she surrended immediately , without resistance. She inspired Bob Geldof to write song “Why i don’t like Monday”, and Boomtown Rats made music, so it was favourite song on top lists, as reminder on this terrible crime.

Monday phenomen is not an exception, because many of us will say “i hate Monday.” No matter if you get up early for school, or you are travelling on the road to your job, you will notice traffic jam or crowd and it will upset you, especially because you realised that weekend is over. Our body and mind are in shock, because after relaxing we must back to reality and daily obligations. You will not shoot nobody, but you will be furious , nervous and frustrated.

It is not recommended that you have exam or business meeting in Monday morning. Your mind is still sleepy and even bunch of coffee cups will not help you. Remember how many times you did not sleep well at Sunday, because tommorow is damn Monday and your duties are waiting for you.

Accord this statistic, mostly car accidents, 1072 happen between Sunday and Monday, at midnight and 3 a.m.

Results from researching in Hong Kong, from 1989-2001 shown that Monday is suicide day. 22% of suicides were commited at Monday. They made conclusion, suicides happens because of family arguements, which started at weekend and continued in Monday. 

Why is Monday such notorious day ?

You realise that your problems start again, even you may forgot it at weekends.

If you delayed something, Monday will remind you on deadline.

If you started diet and broke your rules at weekend, you must start again from Monday.

You are unsleepy after party nights with lot of alcohol.

Your vacation is over and you must back to work.

Monday is indeed cut from fantasies and return to reality. This day is useful as alert. Brenda Ann Spencer made terrible action to pull attention on herself.

Did she choose Monday randomly or with purpose? We can guess.

Friday the 13th -invisible killer



Did you late at work because you stuck in traffic today? Maybe you are fired? Look at your calendar, today is Friday 13th. If you saw black cat who crossed your way, definitely your day is ruined. 

Legend about Friday 13th is western superstition. Old belief said that Kain killed Abel on that day, and Eve persuaded Adam to bite the apple. Accord Bible, that day is considered as death of Jesus Christ. In old Rome was legend about witches circle, which gathers 12 witches, and 13th member is devil by himself. 


What else happened on this fatal day?

In year 1307 was execution of knights templars , mostly in France, on 13 October.

In the year 1927 was bankruptcy on marketplace and many brokers made suicide. Guess, it was on Friday 13th.

About 20 milion people in SAD suffer from special kind of phobia,   paraskevidekatriaphobia. Greek word “paraksevi” means Friday, dekatreis is thirteen and phobia is fear. This title appeared in 1911 for a first time.

This fear shows up as small disorder , but it can grows until large anxiety, as form of panic or nervous attack.  

Accord some scientists, many hotels and 80% skyscrapers have no 13th floor. Failed journey of “Apollo 13” is also good example, why this number is unlucky.

What is not recommended on Friday 13th?

Don’t cut your nails.

Don’t go on business meeting.

Don’t change your sheets.

Don’t go on journey.

This day has also positive side, so people are more cautious in traffic, accord some statistics number of accidents is smaller. Also, movie industry is earning good because of this legend, so everybody knows about famous killer Jason and movie “Friday 13”. 

Once i got two bad marks on Friday 13th, but it was result of my laziness, i did not study enough. People are used to ask roots in superstition because it is easier to blame demons and devils for possible troubles. 

You attract what you feel, so if you afraid that something will happen on that day, it will happen. As famous Gioacchino Rossini considered Friday 13th as unlucky and  died on that day.