Swinging in Rovinj


Rovinj is sweet small city in Adriatic sea in Croatia. I was there before 5 years when famous DJ Carl Cox had  music advent. It happened in Monvi center, place with night clubs near the beach and surrounded by forest.

Rovinj was famous also as swingers destination. Swinger couples had own night club for their gathering and also they were tourists at wild beaches, as naturists.

It was nothing unusual to see naked man or woman somewhere in the shadow, and usually that people don’t disturb to nobody.

This year someone decided that nudity and swingers are shame of tourism in Rovinj . So they hired policemen and security to watch out about ethic and public order. 

Indeed, only rare swingers survived, because even ships with possible swingers were stopped and it was forbidden to enter into Rovinj.

Yes, there were some cases of breaking the law, but in generally swingers did not do nothing bad as raping or some criminal acts.


The question is, what is disturbing people? 

What’s insulting feelings, some naked bodies or couples without limits in love?

Usually, that kind of people are in groups and they know each other and they will not disturb to nobody else.

If you compare this with beggars on the street, there also should be some penalties and it would be more reasons for bodyguard or police actions.

For example, you can’t cross over street in Zagreb peacefully. Beggars will ask you for money, some will drag you for arms, some will even spit on you if you have no luck. If you want to drink coffee in some coffee bar , you will be disturbed by people who are so called blind or numb or deaf (they just have paper in hand and little toy), and they will also ask for a money. Or you will be blessed by those who are selling roses. No, you can’t eat pizza or drink beer or juice or coffee at peace, because you are irritated by them.


So, what is indeed public order and who can break public order? 

Naked woman or man will not ask you for a money, swingers are people who have money and they are rich tourists. 

Sometimes is hard to move limits if you are old fashioned. Money has no gender and sexuality. 

What is worse, beggars on the street or swingers on the beach? Public order is broken when someone makes mess. People should accept unusual forms of behavior if that is not threat to social communities. It is not easy in places with religious inheritance , where moral is very high and people are not used to this. That is why this city was not suitable place for swingers, at least temporary.