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Hamburger made in Croatia

Have you ever been tourist in Lake Plitivice? That is beautiful place in Croatia which i visited three times. Croatian pearl of nature is full of waterfalls and green – blue water looks as in fairy tale. Also you can breath fresh air with full lungs. Lake Plitivice is favorite destination of Asian tourists, who will not mind to enter into not so comfortable bus, just to see this miracle.

These days one man got hungry and ordered hamburger. He got meat between two slice of bread, with salad and tomato. He was bitter because it cost about 4 euro, and that photo appeared on social network, as warning for Croatian tourism. People say that is disgrace, how tourists are robbed by this price.

Yes, hamburger should have rolls, ketchup and bigger piece of meat, but that is not the point. If anyone think that you will pass cheaper in other countries, that is a lie. Just, touristic agency from other countries will not apologize, people will not make scandal as here in Croatia. Why should we apologize because someone spend 4 euro on hamburger? During my journey in Vienna, i bought bag for 4 euros, because salesman offered me ecologic bag, not ordinary. I ordered cappuccino for 4 euros. When i was in Gardaland, Italy, i was drinking small beer for 4 euros and eating small slice of pizza for the same money. Their touristic offer is expensive, but people don’t cry on social networks. 

Also, did Mc’ Donalds make apologies for their food, even every day we see horrible stories what is inside hamburgers and chicken nuggets? Tragedy is not in this hamburger, tragedy is in lack of courage and creativity. Why you can’t introduce this hamburger as domestic food, made in fresh air, not in industrial centers from where tourists came? Also, if you go on the trip, will you go to eat hamburger or to see nature wealth? 

If you are hungry, you will take a sandwich with you, or buy anything to eat, without expectations that you will not spend some money. It is not the same when you eat hamburger in coffee bar next to your house or when you eat this in some touristic area. How much you spent on coffee near sea? The most cheapest trip is near television at home. Take your remote control and watch “National geographic. ” Then make your own hamburger accord your taste.

Caterers are in panic because this hamburger looks like a joke. Good entrepreneur would take an advantage from this photo, to make joke or good marketing. Successful businessman will turn shit into gold, and others will pay from this. Poor minds will apologize and make shit from gold. Attack is the best defense, so why not to find this unsatisfied customer and send him box of hamburgers, not to get hungry next time. 

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Vacation with selfie


Do you remember summer holidays before cell phones and internet? Somewhere in the sea, while sunny rays shine, you are writing postcard to your friends and parents, to notify them how you have fun. Or you call them to talk about warm sea and how you get tanned, how many sexy guys are here and how many women in topless you noticed. After this you will close your eyes and drink your cocktail, trying to relax and forget obligations. I remember i was happy every summer because it was my chance to see something new, and to take a break from exams. Later, my batteries were filled and i was new person.

This year i was on vacation on Island of Pag, famous Zrce beach with many parties. This place was familiar as Sodoma and Gomora, and even it was my seventh time to travel there, every time people were wondering about rumors, is that really true. Sex in forests, man who stabbed other with knife and stole his cell phone, dead man found on the beach were just few of many news from this place. The main story was not in reality, it was behind the scene. In the middle of beach parties and crystal blue sea, technology takes over like in movie Terminator. 

People were staring on their cell phones more than in mirrors. Girls take photo with waterproof camera even in the sea. Every coffee bar has wi-fi connection and after you drink coffee you can be logged on internet if you wish this. When i was walking on the scales i almost push young girl who were busy with her laptop. 

Sun, sea, and sexy people around, but all are staring in their gadgets? The main tragedy was next.

I can’t connect on internet. “

“My battery is low. “

“He blocked me from Facebook, what can i do?”

“This bitch sent to me provoking message in inbox, i wish to kill her. “

While i was in night club Papaya , in VIP seats, four gorgeous girls were sitting in fashionable clothes, not interested what is happened around them. Guys tried to approach them without success, and they were typing on their cell phones, focused only on this like it will be end of the world.

Ok, i admit that i connected myself also to check my profile and greet my friends, but when my partner warned me that i am not listening him, i put my mobile phone  in purse. Yes, he has right, if i will typing messages, how can i listen to him? And what is so important on internet, that it can’t wait?

How people can ruin their vacation, how they might miss something beautiful and regret later?

Are you one of those people?

You are checking your official email every hour.

You are going everywhere with your selfie stick.

You spent money on credits at phone, and now you can’t buy yourself a drink.

Your camera is open and you have thousand photos in your folders.

When someone ask you who was there, you must check your photos.

You call your boss to check is everything all right at work.

You allow your client to call you while you are on the beach. 

You check your Facebook or Twitter even in the middle of the night. 

Between all this options, you are forced to choose what is more important to you. Peace and vacation, or to be in the virtual game even when you are far away from home? I understand your doubts and fears, that someone will delete you if you are not online or that you will miss latest gossips. Well, real friends will be satisfied with one note that you are ok and that you enjoy in wild parties. Later, when you came back you can share all photos and news. 

The best photo is indeed spontaneous. When you don’t care about your mascara and lipstick, when your dress is ruined with salt and foam is on your face, when your beer is warm because you can’t drink anymore, and smile on your face talks everything. 

I saw two girls in the sea who entered with perfect makeup and all technology, to act like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. Then, one girl blamed others to look fat on photo because photo was not taken from real angle. 

Later, while i was travelling home, i was tired and happy. I was exhausted from swimming and dancing, i took few photos from ferry and give promise to this place to travel again next time. Somewhere near me, girl took phone and said:

“I will make new Facebook and i will not add him anymore. No , he is a jerk. “

I was happy because this disease did not hit me too much. Internet is good servant, but really bad master. 

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Summertime sadness

Recently i read in newspapers about couple who had argument on vacation. They took free days and spent holidays at the sea, but whole week was rainy so they could not realize their plans. After vacation they complaint to each other why they spent money and free days, when they did not have quality time.

The point of every relation is not to celebrate only good moments. 

All is nice when people passionate make love and earn big money so they can share joy and victory. What will be when you step into black days? Problems are test of every relation, because the point is how to dance on the rain when you expected sun. Sometimes, you will be sad because of partner’s behavior, you will be so mad at him or her that you will swear the day you met them. If you will give up from relation so easily, you should change partners every time when something goes wrong. People are not shoes, so you can’t throw them in garbage when they are not useful anymore. 

Sources of love delusions are different. What you heard, read or saw somewhere else doesn’t guarantee that the same will happen to you.

Where is anchorage of such thinking?

Love novels will talk about happy couple where two beautiful and rich people got married and live happily until the end of their lives.

Romantic movies will show perfect couple in bed , how they have breakfast with juice, coffee and roses , until they whispering sweet words to each other.

Your neighbor or best friend will talk about his husband as perfect one, but other part of story, when the had argument or say ugly words, you will never know.

It is ungrateful to compare your love stories with others, because you are not in their skin and you don’t know what is behind their experiences. Who is asking for perfection, i am afraid that will not happen.

Now let’s get back to the beginning of this story. What to say about that couple that they were lazy, without sense for imagination and without passion? You can swim on the sea during the rain and enjoy in waves , because that is cool experience. You can swim in hotel pool if you wish refreshment and you are afraid to go out. If you don’t want to spend more money, you can go on terrace and drink vine , smile to each other and make a fun from bad weather. I remember that i ruined shoes because i went with my boyfriend on the open party during the rain, and that i was barefoot after this, but i laughed so much that i forgot this trouble. 

Some people will make celebration from usual day, others will not have joy even in own birthdays. If you are flexible you will find source of happiness even during the storm, and if you are dull and grumpy, you will not notice rainbow.

That is why some people after vacation say : “Oh i am so disappointed. It was not what i expected. ” This disappointment doesn’t come out from life circumstances. It comes out from them. You can’t stop the rain, but you can bring umbrella to protect yourself. It depends of you will you be a part of summertime joy, or you are just pawn in summertime sadness.