Did you drink your own poison?

When I got angry, I use harsh words. I swear and yell. That is my reaction to injustice. Later, when I calm down, I read my messages and I wonder myself should I react different, calmer or sophisticated. What is that telling me? That I can’t control myself. That I exaggerated my reactions and shown […]

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Key of harmonic relation is clear mind, pure heart, and strong character. If we are free from inhibitions, halfway is done. We don’t doubt ourselves, there is nothing to shame about if our wishes are not in harmony with others and wishes of society. No matter do you wish to show your naked body in […]

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How to develop the guts?

Until the world is here, violence will be a reality. The aggressive people are everywhere, no matter of gender, race, age or religion. Violence is instinct inside and such person is pushed to do bad things to others. Targets are weak people, those who don’t show an intention to defend themselves or who are afraid […]

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