Makeup sex

15095077_1358561900823096_3544870188036048831_nThey were arguing whole day, and they could not make agreement. She was stubborn, and he was macho type, who believed that man should be boss. Suddenly he kissed her, she fall in his arms  and they made love whole night. In the morning they start to argue again, about the same things.
So called makeup sex is one of ways how to solve problems with your partner. When two different characters fall in love, their relation will often look as battlefield. Especially if that differences are expressed in important areas of life, couple will make many efforts to create harmony. Here is the question, what will win in the end, their love or ego?
Sean and Paula met each other in the shopping mall. They were in crowd and Sean had problem with credit card, so he caused big line at the pay desk. Everyone was furious, and Paula send him to hell. He invited her in coffee bar as sign of an apology and their relation started at this way. Soon they realized that they are as dog and cat. Paula was liberal woman, and Sean was traditional and conservative. He complaint even about her clothes, that she should change her style, because her skirts were too short and accord him, she was seducing men on such way. Also he never wanted to admit his mistakes, and many times Paula apologized to him, even he was wrong one.
Paula had weak spot, she adored sex with Sean. When they made love, all differences were vanished, their bodies made understanding so clear. It was not important who is right, and who is wrong. Paul erased all conflicts with his kisses and Paula was blind on his failures. One day, Paula found track of lipstick on his shirt and it woke up her doubts. When he was showering, she checked his cell phone. There were bunch of romantic messages. She was quiet, but next time when Paul started to complain about something, she was cold toward him. She even rejected sex. Then she got the point how makeup sex was temporary solution, because problems were still here. She caught moment to sit and talk with Paul, and he accepted. They made progress by talking and in the moment their relation is on transit zone, because Paul realized that he did something bad.
You can see in romantic movies how man will rip clothes and push his beloved woman on the bed, as in “9 and half week” or “Basic instinct”. Later, that passion will not solve problems, they will still be in stand by position.
Women are especially sensitive after sex, so they will made some questions.
How could he insult me after sex?
How could he call her after sex with me?
Sheets are still warm from our passionable night, and he went without explanation.
How it doesn’t work out? I thought, after that night, everything will be allright.
Men will think different, because sex is field of their power. If you can’t win woman with words, take her into bed and show her who is the boss. They will separate love from sex and if they don’t love women who are their sex mates, it will be tough.
Makeup sex is not good way to solve problems with your boyfriend or husband. That is good intro, but never solution.
If you don’t have mind connection and understanding with your darling, even kama sutra will not help you .

How to collaborate with beasts?

This world is not perfect place. When you are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you, that is indeed source of happiness. Unfortunately, it is not always like this, and life will put you into unpleasant situations. Sometimes, you will be rabbit in the forest, and wolves will seek you as good trophy.
How many times you collaborated with guy who can’t stand you? Did you have neighbor who is rude every time you met him? You must work with ex boyfriend? This kind of situation are as taste of fish oil, bitter in your mouth, but you must digest this.
If you are flexible and mature person, you will make balance between your feeling inside and your official approach.
What to do when you are forced to deal with nasty , boomer person at work?
Stay calm. Any loss of nerves is point for your opponent.
Be formal. Don’t try to be smarmy or don’t act like coward. Your ex maybe scares you, but don’t feed him with your fear.
Smile and stay positive. Smile will upset him, because it makes you a winner.
Give him material for gossips. Talk loud at phone about something what makes you happy.
Be silent and make a memory. Next time, when this person will ask something from you, make a prank.
Recently i got new office mate who is very unpleasant. I tried all to approach her, but she decided that she doesn’t like me. In the morning i say good morning, at the end of work time, i say bye. That is all our conversation and i don’t want to force her or beg for more. After all, this talks about her manners and education. I made also small revenge so i told her that  client asked for her, even he asked to talk with me. She was annoyed with long phone call, and i was smiling quietly. Let she taste her own medicine.
When you talk with your parents, sister, best friend, you are in good atmosphere. They courage you, you get respect, love and appreciation. With unpleasant people, with your enemies and rivals, you will be in the company of beasts. They will also give you something good. You will learn how strong and calm are you, and how you handle critics. You will learn about your tolerance and your fighting skills. Imagine how much is strange if you must work with ex husband or wife. Or, if you have common friend who invited you at the same birthday party. You will pretend that everything is all right, and deep inside of you fire will burn, ready to destroy your system.
Immature and weak person will lost nerves, start to yell or cry . Remember your childhood, did you ever play on playground with other children who were nasty to you? Maybe they slap you or hit with ball, and you came at home in tears. Now, this is not playground. This is your workplace or another space where you must cooperate with beasts. Your choice is to survive,or they will tear you.

Start relation when you are ready

When someone hurts you, it is a chain reaction. Sooner or later, you will have side effects. 

Very important basic of every relation is that you are ready. Than means you are free from burden, from past and that you have healthy self confidence. If you love yourself, you can love your partner too.

If you don’t love yourself, it will affect to others and they will hurt you too, because you give them rope in their hands.



Melissa was always with wrong guys, since she fall in love first time as teenage girl, until maturity. That guys built her character, because she chose them not with intention. That were choices made by her character.

Steve was aggressive, Martin was cold to her, Alan cheated her, and she passed through this. And then she met Richard.

When she introduced her new guy to her friends, all were thinking that another moron is on the way. Surprise, Richard was nice, with good manners, tender and she treated Melissa as a queen.

Soon he realized that Melissa has own vision of this relation. She found him as boring or too easy target for manipulate with him. All what her ex guys did to her, she did to Richard. She cheated him, she slap him once, she was cold toward him, and Richard had no chance. At the end he left her, and Melissa was aware that she lost the only guy who truly cared about her.

 When she cried, her friend Elisa said to her :

But dear, you were not ready to relation at all. You must forget past and try to love yourself.

It was late for Richard, but Melissa learnt lesson.

It was : don’t start relation when you are unhappy and lonely, start relation when you are ready. 

Woman in offside


It is hard to be woman these days. If you support men, feminists could label you as supporter of slavery. If you support equality between genders in every area of life, men will draw you mustaches. Additional problem is in your attitude toward football, somehow there are lot of traps you should avoid if you don’t wish to be judged.

Saponia, Croatian industry of chemicals made promotional spot inspired by EURO 2016, about woman who wash man’s shirt until he is having fun as football supporter, with his friends. Message was “behind every supporter is his woman. ” So, on first sight, funny way to say men that they are powerless without women, because they could not wash their shirt alone. This raise big dust between feminists, who felt discriminated and humiliated, because promotional spot made woman as servant, accord their opinion. At the end, Saponia marketing experts  apologize and made withdraw , so publicity has no pleasure anymore to see this funny video. 

Football is great opportunity for marketing so i don’t see nothing bad in this advertising. Do i feel as humiliated maid when i wash my husband’s shirt? Yes, we will go in football corner to see match against Czech Republic, and i will wash mine and his shirt. If this makes me slave, than my partner is slave too, because he made popcorn every time when we watched match. Is this sense of one marriage or relation, that we measure every act we do for each other? 

Somehow, it became popular to treat husbands as less worthy in some situations. When i said at work that i wish to spent vacation with my husband and this is reason i harmonize my schedule, boss looked at me as i am an alien. “Well, you will watch him all your life. So you need vacation with him, too? ” What is appropriate then, to spend vacation with friends? I am sorry, i am not so trendy so i don’t have single friends who wish to go in the sea with me and even if i had i would not be interested. There is no pleasure for me that i lay half naked in the beach until some jerk is staring at me and my female friends try to set me up date with sexy stranger. I enjoy in mutual vacation with my partner . 

I will not act like dominatrix and say that i don’t want wash and iron our clothes. In my world we don’t compare who did this and that, frankly, i don’t remember how many times he made lunch and how many times i made. I also wish to say that i am employed , educated and i know very well my rights, but i am not in war with my partner , because our marriage is not battlefield. 

Those who mind for this promotional spot must think about themselves. You are woman and you hate football, so this is your way to say “turn of television. ” 12% women , accord one poll watch football matches with their partners. I read one article about women who cheat partners because they don’t pay attention on them during Championship. Dear ladies, is that a way to pull attention on yourself because he watch Cristiano Ronaldo instead to whisper in your ear? 

Women will say : “What is so interesting in game where man run for ball 90 minutes?” I am asking you, what is so interesting in Mexican soap operas with predictable scenario, something like this : “Pedro and Juan fall in love in the same girl Rosa, and Rosa must choose between two of them, so what will happen next? Will Juan kill his brother Pedro to get love of beautiful Rosa?” In this moment your lunch is burning and your husband stays hungry. So, is that smaller damage than dirty and sweaty football shirt? Your partner maybe spill beer in living room during football match, but you can throw your lunch into garbage because of two Mexican brothers. We all have our small weaknesses. 

Until i wait next match with my bet ticket , shirt is drying on the wind and i don’t feel less woman because of this. Lucky me because i don’t need any progressive female group to remind me on my rights. And what would be if man would wash his shirt in this promotional spot? Men would complain, or maybe not ? Saponia should respond on this critics with another video, this time with man who is making popcorn in kitchen until his wife is watching Luka Modric in the action. We women are so sensitive that we need approval that our battle was not without reason. 

If you are wise woman, you will not let everyone to push you in this offside. This so called battle is indeed trick . You are equal as much as you show. If you need to blackmail your partner with washing laundry , your relation is seriously damaged already. 

Trust me, i am the right one


How much we can trust to others? I would say : open your heart, but keep your mind ready in the case of trouble. As much some people wish to believe that good acts will be rewarded human nature is not so genuine. We need to make line between confidence and naivete.

If you are weirdo , your access will be denied for everyone. The world is full of snakes and it is better to be alone.

You will imagine reasons why not to let approach in your life. 

Typical example is insecure person. When someone wanted to ask Margot for a date, she was thinking only the worst. Ray invited her, and dark could over her head was full of monsters and threats. He wants to use me or he wants to make fool of me. I will be mocked and subject of laugh. No, i don’t want to go on this date. 

Next example is paranoid person. She burnt by bad experiences, and instead to think positive, because all bad already happened, she closed her door. Once i met a girl who was so distrustful that i gave up on her, it was wasting of my time. She said : “Everyone i met made fool of me, i write poetry and i did not want to show my poems to others because they would laugh. I feel lame, and probably i am. ” It was hard task to bring back her trust, and why should i bother? As much we want to save someone, sometimes role of savior is ungrateful because you can get knife in back even you are innocent.

Stubborn people feel so good in their skin that they don’t want to give their hands, unless this is useful for them. They will watch people and give them chance if they wish. Their trust is not broken, they just decided not to trust because that is not suitable for them. Sybill had attitude about rich people. Accord her, rich people are assholes. So when Iris wanted to make friendship with her, she denied because of her principles. Rich bitch with expensive purse and fancy car will not be her friend. Simply, she despised everyone from that circle.

Trust is precious gift and powerful weapon. 

Once when you decide to give trust, you are bonded to that person. If she will not justify this, you are responsible for your choice. You will pay for consequences and possible damage. Also, if someone breaks your trust once, second chance is very expensive. You open another opportunity to distrust. 

What kind of people are worthy of trust? Here we can make golden rule : It is not gold all what is shining. 

Where are possible traps?

Too kind people. Just because someone use sweet words, it is not proof of trust.

Friend of everybody. This person can sit on more chairs .

People who ask favors from you on the first sight. Why to bother someone immediately you met him? Trust must be deserved.

When rumors talk about distrustful person. Where is a smoke, there is a fire. Check it.

When person repeats all the time – you can trust me. He is ready to beg on his knees. Something stinks here.

Sometimes, you will feel unpleasant if you reject someone. He smiles to you and gives you hand, so you feel guilt. That is weak spot, because person with bad intention will press your guilty button. You can decide will you trust or not. Maybe your choice will be unexpected, and you will choose your guardian of trust accord your intuition. You will not trust to recommended person, because your six sense choose different.

Whatever you choose, responsibility is yours. When you give trust, you take a risk. You will not regret or you will learn a lesson. 

Girl with benefits


You wish to meet guy who will rock your world, who will fight for you and change your life. Instead of this you got someone who just want to drag you into bed. 

How woman’s jealousy begins? It is based on the fact that men categorize women. Men will , maybe unintentionally pick women for marriage and women for sex. If you are in second category, you have bad luck. 

So, your boyfriends are indeed friends for benefits? Are you target for fuck buddies?

Some women were born with discipline and self control. No matter are they raised in traditional , conservative family, or they are just like that by their character, that kind of women will have big advantage. They have walls, and men will be interested to break those walls. Woman who will not fall on sweet words on first sight, who will not accept invitation for bed immediately is for sure woman worthy of attempt. Other kind of women were born as passionate, but they learn with time how to make difference between real man and player. They were there, they passed hard time, and they know all tricks. This kind of women are even more interesting, they will show all what they know in bedroom, but just for the right guy. Now, the last category of women are those who never learn. They fall every time on the same exam. They know the questions but their answers are still wrong.

This facts will reveal to you, are you in third category, as easy target.

You can easy fall in love. One blink of eye, sweet smile and your heart beat faster.

You will jump in bed after two weeks or less.

Your clothes reveals more than it should be. Short skirts, transparent blouses, too much makeup, high heels in every opportunity are signs that you want for attention of men.

You changed more than 10 sexual partners in short time.

You will talk open about sex, in front of unknown men.

There are lot of gossips about your reputation, and many are true.

Leslie was always loser. She had many boyfriends but her relations were short and unhappy. Other women would pick cream, and she would just get bones from men. She was watching, during many years, how her friends were married, one by one. Then she met Bryan, who had a lot of patience. He was at first very harsh to her, he even called her slutty, but he had enough nerves to stay with her. Then she saw difference between him and other men and she fall in love in him. She even rejected ex boyfriend who wanted to sleep with her again.

One of negative things, when you accept to be someone’s bitch, is that you will think, all men are the same. You will maybe skip the right man, because of your perception. Or you will maybe cheat right man, because you learnt this during years, not to play fair. These are obstacles you should avoid. If you were fuck buddy, it doesn’t have to stay like this. It is important to recognize tricks, that situation when man try to drag you on thin ice. 

When men categorize women, they will act on the same pattern. If woman was married, they will take her seriously. If woman was promiscuous, they will ask her for sex. It is so similar as the last scene from the movie “Nymphomaniac. ” She was talking with man, all her story about her dirty past. At the end, he wants to sleep with her too, and she rejected him. And he asks her : “But why, you fucked thousand man, so what is the problem?” She shot him with a gun. The message of whole story is, your reputation is your friend or your enemy. You can get lucky to find man who will read between lines. Or you can swear life, what was wrong with you. 

Mr Wrong


The main subject of many female conversations will be about love. Did you find perfect match, who is he, how long are you together and when you will get marry for him. If you are happy, friends will listen you and go to next point, because happiness is boring and they want to hear about problems. If you caught Mr. Wrong, you are ideal partner for coffee time with disappointed women. 

It is not first time that women kick out from their circles someone who is happy. Well, Sandra found good husband, what we will talk with her? Sheila has perfect marriage, there is nothing to add. Suddenly, here is big abyss between single and married women, and married women should be guilty for their cosy life, because they are benefited. Even worse, why guy pick Sheila, not you? You are better than her, she was so slutty and indeed stupid, so why she? If Sheila wants to give you an advice, you will get offended, after all, who gave her right to mock you? 

My office roomate made big list of women who are not married on my workplace. She was happy because she is not the only one who is single. Even better, she found more than 20 women in forties who never got married. She brought an important conclusion : “They are more happy than those who are married. ” On other list were women in cohabitation and in long relations, and they were also subject of her jealousy, because they have someone to share life, and she is alone. So she chose to stick with those who are single, to feel more safe from rude objections.

This appearance has deeper roots. 

Why some women always catch wrong guys and end up single?

Big patience.

Patience is wonderful value, but only when you are going into right direction. If you give too much chances to wrong guy, you are not good person, you are idiot.

You are time killer.

If you spent too much time to wait guy who is just flirting with you, you are time killer. Your doors are opened only for him and others stucked between them.

You are transmitter of wrong signals.

Are you forgiving all the time? Did you forget when he cheated you, punched you or lied to you? Your message to him is clear. He can do to you everything he wants.

Nobody is enough good for you.

It is ok to have your standards, but when you start to eliminate guys because of small things as bad shirt and wrong choice of music, your circle of candidats will be very small. After all, even if you find this perfect man, who said that he wants you?

You want someone who is taken.

Married men are not good choice. Also, guy who loves someone else, even he is not in relation, is also not good catch. If he is focused to bring back his ex or he is quietly suffering for other fatal woman, he will not notice you. You can try, but give yourself deadline.

You think that he is your problem solver.

That is wrong step. When you date with guy and start to treat him as shrink who can solve your money debts, depressions or conflict with best friend, he will runaway very fast. You must be independent person with strong mind, able to solve own problems, because only then this guy will feel special. 

Let me back to the start of this story. Sheila, married woman became target of envy and jealousy between her single friends. But, one of them, Carmen,  was ready to listen her advice. Carmen was single, but not desperate. She asked Sheila how she managed to be happy with her husband. 

“You just did first step, Carmen. You are ready to listen others without jealousy and envy, it means you are focused to your problems, not to ruin other happiness. “

If your followers were despair, jealousy and envy, you are on wrong path. If you are ready to accept your happy friend as your lucky sign, your mind is opening. She is not your threat, she is more an example that men are not pigs, as you might believed. This is logical answer on your questions. If you look on the wrong side of mirror, your choice is Mr Wrong. But, if you open your eyes, Mr Wright will be your possible catch, not just prince from dream.