Guy accord standards


Life is big basket. There are lot of things to choose, but we can’t have everything. One choice will eliminate another because it is impossible to pick up all. Also, we have standards. If you close your eyes and imagine what’s your priorities, your vision is made by this standards.

Person with higher standards is not always happy, but also is not easy to approach. If you hear that man prefers big standards, that he is picky accord women for dating, it sounds somehow interesting, because every woman will think that she is better than others. Standards start the race and competition is here.

When you fall in love in picky guy, you know what to expect. He will be yours or not. At least, you will feel special and not every woman should take your place. An opposite, when man involve with many women, you will never know how long your relation will last. That women are numbers, they can be ugly or old, but everyone can throw you out of race.

How to recognize picky guy?

He will be on abstinence some period, because he can’t go in bed with every woman he meets.

He will be busy with other things so women who try to capture his interest will not succeed.

Sometimes, he is alone with himself.

He is kind and decent, but he will reject you if you are not accord his standards.

He is the one who will say “i can be your friend only.”

He is self confident and he doesn’t need bunch of women to prove his value.

Roberta, Xenia and Sylvia were three friends, always together in night club. Brian was involved with all three girls. Every month he found new target for his hunting. Girls were disappointed and furious at each other, but Brian was not guy for serious relation. He was insecure and it was his way to reach his values. 

Sometimes, women expect that their man will reject or even insult their competition just to make them feel better. Women like to feel special, but with guy as Brian nobody can’t feel privileged. There is no bigger disappointment when you found out that you were just “one of million” in eyes of your beloved man. You thought that you mean world to him, and that slut is now on your place. Sounds bad, isn’t it?

When you give heart to man, open your eyes. Your heart is on his palm now, but he can throw it into garbage box, together with other women there. You have your standards, but this guy doesn’t fit, so don’t give him more benefits until he deserve it.


Freedom of speech


Freedom of speech allows you to call me idiot. Well, it also allows me to reply you back, with the same word, or even worse, because i am very creative when i insult people. Democracy brings us choice, bunch of words for expression of our opinions and we use it in limitless amounts. The problem is, it is easier to use free speech, than to tolerate this.

Croatian actress Nina Violić stuck these days in trap of this freedom. She said that she lives in “ass of the world”, so she offended my country Croatia. She is also citizen of my beautiful country and she enjoys in some benefits, more than other citizens, because she is “free artist. ” And my country has benefits for free artists, that they can’t die from hunger, one day when they will not be so popular and when their movies, songs and other skills will not bring them money. Despite of all, Nina felt terrible in our country, so she mentioned fascism and fear from nationalism. Meanwhile, social networks exploded from insults toward Nina, she got some threats, and she started to fear for her life and life or her child.

To be honest, it is not nice to threat someone, especially not to little children, because every mother will afraid the most for her kid. But, what was Nina thinking when she openly talked about “ass of this world?” Maybe she doesn’t like Croatia, but here are many citizens who love their country, no matter how much injustice and bad decisions from our politicians happened now days. That is why we have elections to choose better people who will make good decisions, if they are able too. Except this, when you spit in plate where you eat, you talk about yourself more than you think. So, Nina yelled wolf, and wolf came from the corner to bite her.

Freedom of speech is very twisted value. You can send me to hell and i can slap you. You can express your opinion, but it will not protects you from mocking and insulting. Pull me for tongue, i will reply, because, surprise, i heard from freedom of speech too. 

If you really know real meaning of this freedom, this means you must have arguments. 

No swear, because it doesn’t make good impression about you.

Don’t make yourself victim, because you were the one who attacked first. 

Be ready for feedback. Someone will not like it. 

Jean J. Rousseau talked about freedom, as value which we can use until we don’t hurt freedom of others. Ok, i can say to my boss that she is fat cow, but i will get punishment, because i broke ethics codex. Well, why should not i make it on other way ? I can simply say that i disagree with her and i can give her idea how to make our collaboration better. 

Freedom of speech is not for everyone. If you use this to insult and hurt people, this is battlefield, not freedom. If you use this to complain and make better system, then you should know something about laws. You should know something about insult of honor, about penalties and hatred speech. Once when you learn this, you can make public speech without shame that somebody will laugh to you, or without fear that someone will threat you. 

Maybe Nina thinks she was so cool when she mentioned “mother pussy” or “ass of the world”. Unfortunately, her enemies understood this as challenge, to open war on her. In this case, she should ask herself : “I really need this?” Just because she is not happy with life in her country. Well, surprise, nothing changed after her statement. Except big amount of people laughed. 

Party time in the office


If you have job, you will spend at least 40 hours a week with your business partners. You did not choose people who are your office roommates but you must share part of your life with them. That can be really annoying, because you never know what kind of person you can get to cooperate at work.

When you are lucky, your roommate will be quiet, focused at work and she or he will not poke nose at your private life unless you don’t want to share your privacy. Sometimes, you can get real monster in your office, and you must be ready for cold war.

The worst office monsters:

smoker who want to choke you with cigarettes, even smoking is forbidden in office

– woman who is barking on the phone whole day , with voice as crow

– parrot roommate, person who will copy your ideas and represent this as own

– snitch, he or she can report you to main boss if you get late at work or with deadlines

– person who is spreading rumors about you to ruin your reputation

– the host who will gathering all people from work in your office room, they will drink coffee and disturb you in every part of the day

– D.J. who can’t live without noisy music , your office will be radio station

Now you can imagine that someone gets idea about party with that kind of persons, out of your working time. Come on people, it is Christmas or New year, let’s make small office party and let’s be together at private, because we are working together and we like each other so much.

My ex boss had an awful habit, to make small parties for her birthday in her room. She gathered about 20 people from our department, we were sitting around her desk and she wanted to make us smile. Her stories were during the war, as Albert in “Only fools and horses.” 

Something like that:

Do you remember the file we solved and fat woman who did not want to accept your solution? She called us every day until security did not throw her out.

So, after work or in work break, let’s talk about work again. We must smile. Why don’t you smile? After my ex boss finished her story, all were smiling, it was sour and artificial smile because people wanted to please her wishes. In that time i loved my watch so i waited moment to get out, that nobody notice. Suddenly toilet was my best friend because it was reason that i can left this room without too much explanation. Even my clients became my favorite people in compare to boring boss.

If we live in democracy, why we don’t have choice to avoid such gathering? Freedom of rights, thoughts, expressions, all this is only written on paper. The truth is , democracy at work doesn’t exist in right sense. We have choice between worse and the worst.


What will happen if you say no to office parties?

boss will deny your promotion

– you can get harder task or work overtime

– people will gossip you

– you can get bad mark in the end of your business year

When someone is on business top, that is an opportunity to spread power in the way that person wants

Let’s have party but on mine way. I am the boss and i will tell you when you need to smile, when you will dance and what kind of music is good. Why you are so anti social person, so quiet, numb or dumb? You need to be happy because you have job and all this wonderful people around you. If you are not happy, we can find your replacement very soon.

Don’t be second violin


One day you looked yourself in the mirror and realize that you were just stage in someone’s life. Even worse, that every your relation was indeed transit zone and other people gone when they take from you what they needed. You had this role of teacher, surrogate or substitution, until real woman come to finish the story. As in theater, where whisperer reminds main actors what to say, you were here to keep other’s place warm.

The role of whisperer is full of sacrifices, and the worst part is wasting of time. You gave someone your youth, your best edition, and he gone to replace you with other woman. Now she has all benefits you did not have, but you invested all your energy to get this man. Also an opposite, man who spend many years with woman will be unhappy if she just vanish from his life and get marry to someone else.

Lydia was one of this girls who always catch flowers at weddings but never get marry. She followed all her friends in the way to marriage, and everybody asked her when is her turn. She was eternal girl in pink dress, who will take care for best friend bride to get safe on her destination. She met Jeffrey when she lost hope in love. Then she was 40 years old. Jeffrey was little younger than Lydia, but her life energy fascinated him. She was so disappointed in love that she attacked him at first date how he wish to take an advantage. Lucky, Jeffrey was persistent and he did not want to let her go. For six months she finally get married.


What is role of teacher indeed?

You will prepare your partner for maturity. All his failures will be expressed in relation with you, later he will not repeat this. So if you waited 10 years to get marry for him, next girl will wait probably just 6 months.

You will teach him some experiences. Maybe he will lose virginity with you or how to dance with woman. Next time he will do this without help.

You will punish him if he do mistakes, so this punishment will be lesson for the future. On this way you shown him areas which are not recommended to enter, like infidelity or saying woman that she looks fat. With next partner, he will walk on eggs. You give him red light of warning.

Not every teacher is a victim. If you play your role so magnificent, your ex will remember you for the rest of his life.

Some teachers are saints, because every next partner will be compared with them.

My ex fiance was an angel. I can’t fall in love after her. My ex husband was perfect man, but he died too early.

Some teachers are here for lifetime.

I get married with girl who taught me how to make love. I did not want to ask more.

Some teachers are threats and it is hard to forget them.

My ex wife was a witch. I still feel hurt by her acts. What if i meet someone as her again?

Until you are whisperer, you did not solve your private status. How can you be sure? Ask some benefits from your partner, so you will know is your status forever or just temporary. You don’t want to be an episode in his life? Tell him you will go away to whisper to someone else. If he did not hear your whisper, raise your voice.

Are you person who knows too much?


Let’s assume that is good to know answers on all questions. If you are living encyclopedia, you are useful to everybody. They will not remember and you will remind them, what is the name of movie which made them cry, song when they get drunk for a first time or who was neighbor who lived in your street before ten years.

Sometimes, it’s better to be silent. If they already call you smart ass, you are not favourite one. It sounds irritating, you know everything. 

Jim was one of that kind. Every time in class his hand is in the air, he knows history better than teacher and he is local Einstein. He is member of MENSA and he is proud of that. His classmates don’t like him, he is pain in the ass. Not because he is smart, it’s because he is a pest. Everybody should be happy to see hole in his knowledge, at least something to make him less perfect.

So one day Jim fall in love in Mabel. She was sweet little girl , few years younger than him and they start to dating. They were good couple, and first she was proud because her boyfriend knows everything. One day she went grumpy at birthday, so her friends asked her for a reason.

– He is so bad lover. He can’t excite me at all. Not to mention orgasms, it will not happen with him. He knows everything about space, but woman body is enigma for him. That is tragedy.

This confession spreads around because Mabel’s friends could not keep a secret. Jim became subject of jokes. The top of party was on his birthday, when classmates bought him a gift. He opened box and there was book with title : “How to deal with impotency?” Jim was blushing. He was sad and angry in the same time, especially when someone said : “For sure he will find answer on this question too, or he will deal with his little friend. “

Which is familiar behavior for nerds?

He is full of self confidence, because he knows everything.

He will run for attention, his knowledge should not be unnoticed.

He is talking too much.

He is angry if anyone correct them.

He is participant in every discussion.

He is meticulous.

Dork from classroom, your boring neighbor, boss at work, they are all nerds. When your boss shows disdain on everything what you did, he is not so clever. He is just smart ass and his position made him higher than God. 

Imagine pushy woman who pretend to knows everything, that is not so sexy. Sometimes, silent woman with smile at face is mysterious seductress. She maybe knows more than girl with glasses who is barking all the time. For sure, men are allergic on women who talks like open radio, without pause. They wish to find their turn off buttons.

Really smart person will know when to shut up and when to talk. Also that person will not interrupt others while they are talking. Nerd is positive person if brain is in the background. If not, you have to deal with an ass. 

Seduce him as real woman


What he wants and how to get his attention? This question will make many women in attempts to seduce right guy.

If men want to be the first lover to their women, for sure women want to be last woman in their bed.  There is no girl after me, he is mine forever – women will say.

So, how to keep him forever?  Woman in love is able to do anything. No matter if man is married,  if he lives so far away from her, or if he is already taken, some women will use all tools to get particular guy. Some women will cry, other will force or beg and even try to fight with fists with their competition.

Main mistakes are next:

  try to capture someone by force (if you don’t want me, i will make your life miserable)

– despair (i will make suicide if you don’t want me)

– delusional tools (spells, prayers – if he doesn’t want you, believe me, no prayer and spell which can help you)

– gossips (if you want to remove competition by spreading lies about other woman, it can be as boomerang)

– to hire messenger (don’t involve others in your attempts to catch someone – man can fall in love in your friend, or he can simply be disappointed  and felt like he is in trap)

There are type of women who use wrong ways to approach to men.


sister role – she drinks beers with him, she is his buddy, shoulder for crying, and she is his label, but she doesn’t see that his interests is different

mother role – she brings him sandwiches, she check is his jacket comfortable and if he is getting cold she calls doctor and cook tea every hour. If you are not already in relation with him, don’t do this for him, you remind him on his mother

boss role – she is making orders, she decide where will they go, what will he wear, and also circle of their friends, from the start it will break


So, you ask me what to do ?


Be spontaneous – smile like girl. Let he feels that you are young in soul.

Act as you are full of energy – nobody likes dead nature.

Behave as you are unavailable at first sight – you have many offers, so keep him on distance for a while.

Pretend that you are busy – you will have more interests.

He will notice you. It is important that you entered in his space. Once he noticed you, let him to lead this game. Different men need different strategies, but search his weak spots and shot there.

Your main card is your femininity, let he thinks that he started this game first, let he speaks and suggests . If it doesn’t work out, focus on next target. Don’t waste too much time for someone who is not worthy. 

If he doesn’t want you, it doesn’t mean that you are ugly. Simply, maybe you are not accord his standards or he is already taken. You will walk away with dignity and ask for guys who are interested. 

Seduction is a game, and only the best players will have best results. 

Can you stay faithful to your partner?


Butterflies in your belly, feeling of dizziness, and you dream with open eyes. What happens when you see person who is subject of your desires daily and nightly? If you could be experimental rat, scientists would make amazing result how your body tremble and heart is beating like crazy. This situation has special meaning when you wish someone who is forbidden to you because you are not single.

Many will judge women who have lovers and men who cheated their wives until the same happens to them. Some will resist to sweet temptations in a way to choose middle solution, how to keep their sweet dream and not to ruin their reality. Temptations are part of our life, and in this case you need Libra to make balance what is good for you, and what can damage or even destroy your reality.

When couples talk that they never wanted another person for a 20 or more years, they lie. You will go on summer holidays with wife and look at the beach other sexy women in swimsuit. Also you will work and notice some handsome business men at meetings. This is normal that another person captures your eyes.

What happens when your temptation turn into attempt?

Sarah and Adrian were couple for a 12 years. They went on vacation in Ibiza, famous place with parties and night clubs. Both were drinking, and soon Adrian went into toilet. Sarah was waiting for him in the corner of the club. She had short black dress and her appearance was very sexy. Soon one young guy approached to her and started to talk. He offered her cocktail and Sarah accepted, because guy was handsome. In this 15 minutes they were dancing and kissing, because Sarah was drunk. When Adrian came back from toilet and saw that scene he was so furious. He pushed that rude guy and they started to fight. Adrian fall on the back and Sarah was terrified. She suddenly woke up, took his hand and walked out. Adrian had pains, and Sarah felt so guilty and ashamed.

Adrian said to her : “12 years of relation and you are doing this. Are you normal? Guy could fuck you just like that.”

Sarah was crying but next day she realized what is important to her. Adrian forgive her this little affair , but yet she felt as bad girl. His reaction hit her into heart, because Adrian shown  how much weak is she. 

Temptations are demons with colored wings. They are flying above our heads and make promises, that all will be better . We will enjoy without paying price, because life is just once and life is short and so on. So let’s take a pleasure.

Before you decide for an affair, think about next:

Will that person call you tomorrow?

Is your relation worthy of sacrifice?

If you lose your husband or wife, will your lover wait for you to take their places?

These are just practical questions, and we should predict or calculate what will happen. If you want to break relation, if you feel bad in your marriage, then is not important. Result is zero.

In the case that you have good relation or good marriage, you can lose a lot because you did not have control and you let yourself to stuck into passionate trap.

Cheating is a roulette. Choose red or black, in both cases you take a big risk.