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Love at first sight


She is very nervous because she has an appointment. She is walking fast and suddenly someone is on her way. What is even worse, coffee to go is in her hands. Suddenly here is crash, her head hit into head of handsome guy. She wanted to kill him, but their eyes met and that is the beginning of love story.

Such stories we can see in romantic movies. Love at first sight is connection between two strangers. It happens on way that sparks appear between them in one moment, even they never met before.

What is truth, and what is only legend in love at first sight? First, can we tell that we immediately love someone we recently met? 

Eye contact can produce sparks, and if person of opposite gender is staring at you longer than is polite, you got new fan. There is statistic, you have four minutes to develop conversation between you and desirable person. If that conversation is short and if you need to drag words from his/her mouth, that person is not interested.

Women like to believe at love in first sight. 

Why is this fairy tale so popular? 

Here are some reasons:

You don’t make much efforts to search for ideal partner. There is no need for calling, stalking, spy on him on internet or clubs or at workplace. He will just come one day in front of your nose.

Your love is written in the stars. So, just wait, it will for sure happen because that is destiny.

Your pride and ego are safe. Now is no need that you beg your friend to introduce you to someone, don’t need to ask phone number or to seduce guys with your short skirt or smell of perfume. He will come to you anyway.

You have good reason to be unavailable to anyone else. Now you are waiting your Prince charming , and everyone else has no chance. He will be recognized in your eyes. 

Love at first sight is easy going event. No need for any obstacles, all will be perfect, you just relax and wait. What is indeed true?

You can feel physical attraction on first sight and there are many people who had sex for one night. This is energy, you want to do it. You simply like that person so you feel free to suggest that.

Real love will never develop for few minutes or for a short time. That is just good start, intro in something good to happen later. What will be next is not so predictable. You kissed him and that kisses were unforgettable, but will he call you again? How can you be sure that your meeting was so fatal that he will call you tomorrow?

In real love, we can’t be sure how this story will develop later. But, we will take a risk because person is worthy of try. Love is kind of silent deal, we will continue this, so let’s see about future. That is why is connection at first sight good kind of intro. You skipped all annoying procedures and now when you got certain signs, that is motivation for next chapter.

Some my friends said that in the start all was beautiful, and things went on wrong path later. How is it possible that prince “loved” you so much in first date, and later he chilled out? Love can’t fade over night, so we need to learn how to read between lines. 

This feeling is similar as you were drunk. You will have dizziness, your face will blush, heart will skip a beat, and your voice will tremble. That is first love attack, it hits very strong. Later, things will change. After some time you will know is this real or not. 

Don’t be so disappointed if things will not go as you expected. That is kind of carnival. Beautiful masks and dance, after people show real faces. Some are pleasant and beautiful , some are ugly. That is reality. So, when you catch some eyes on you, enjoy until it last and be ready for all options.

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Single status – benefit or burden?


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If you are single, some people will pity you, others will make jokes and it depends of you how to handle this. Differences between single and taken status are visible in friend circles. Couples will have prejudices about single people, as they are always available and free for others. Single person sometimes feel as black sheep in group of couples, because in coffee bar is always free chair for someone who is not here yet.

If you are single, is this burden or benefit?
Take a look at your list of benefits.
You pay bills alone and you don’t share money with anyone.
You are not victim of jealousy.
You can go on striptease bar, beach party and football match without discussion with your better half.
You can flirt around without responsibility that you will hurt someone.
You can make mess in your bedroom and kitchen and nobody will complain that you are untidy.
You can listen music and watch movies accord your taste.
Remote control is yours.
Workplace is area where single people can’t feel comfortable because bosses will often dig into privacy of their employers. On other hand, single people will make own attitude to justify their status, and sometimes attack is the best defense.
Jenny is single, and she  compared herself with her female boss, who was in marriage. Her argument was next:
“She is constantly nervous because of her children and husband. I am happy and i smile because i have peace at my home. I don’t care for school problems, for choice of lunch or any such shit, because i can do all what i wish. “
One day Jenny and her boss had conflict. Her boss asked her to work overtime, and Jenny rejected this.
Her boss said: “What kind of reason you have not to stay? You are single, you don’t need to take children into kindergarten. “
Jenny replied: ” I also have life, more filled than yours. I am member of  book club and my friends are waiting for me. Then i go to the gym. “
Being single is a burden in some situations. 
You wish to go to wedding party but you have no escort.
You want to travel but you afraid to go alone.
You have vacation, but there is no person which you wish to spend it.
You are ill and nobody will visit you at hospital.
Married men want to have you as mistress.
Your friends want to pick partner for you. 
Being single is not social disgrace, but it depends about people who surrounds you. It is not pleasant when all around you are in couples, and you are alone and on the target. Imagine yourself in the middle of attention if you come to visit granny in some village, and you are over 30. “Oh honey, you are old maid. Where is your husband? Are you too picky? Are you lesbian? “
Some single people will make kick back. They will say :
I would rather be single than to have stupid wife or husband. I don’t envy you. I would not marry such person even if she is last in this Earth. “
You know the best what to do with your status. If you need space, air to breath or some time, you will enjoy as single, to collect your mind. If you are desperate for being single, don’t let others to notice that. Searching person because you are lonely is wrong reason for relation.
If you date with someone and you say something like this : ” I can’t stand my loneliness, that is killing me.”, this person will afraid and runaway. You are single and happy with yourself, and your possible partner is not your savior. He is your bonus because you can take care of yourself.
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Pir’s victory


If you have mentality of winner, you will wish full taste of victory. In this case you are aware that victory is not just an opposite from defeat, this is indeed confirmation of your strength. If your rival is weak, injured and dead, if he lies on the floor, it is not funny to hit him. Who wants to play with dead dog? Who wants to make final kick in open target ?

I will use sport dictionary, so if you play tennis, Novak Đoković would be the most desirable opponent, and if you are footballer , Barcelona and Real would be big snacks for you. Victory as David against Goliath is crown of victories, so try to prove that you can push the biggest from their thrones. When Pir, king of Epir, won battle in Rome, he said that he doesn’t need this victory, because more victories like these will make them lost. He got much damages and this victory was similar to defeat.

We are competitors to each other, our life is made from victories and defeats. Who will get better job, bigger salary, more kids, prettier wife or richer husband? Whose chances will fail, and who will pick only what is left?

Jessica wanted Colin since they were kids. Jessica followed him everywhere but he thought about her as cool school mate. She was watching him with many women, and she was never one of them. One night he was drunk and they slept together. Then, she was in relation with Sharon, his biggest love. Jessica did all to ruin that relation, she bragged about night with Colin. Result was not as she expected, because even Sharon left Colin, he did not want to start relation with Jessica. Even more, he started to despise her. They never talked again. 

Even word defeat sounds as label for losers, sometimes is better to let it go or give up, than to make one of Pir’s victories. For example, imagine that you steal someone’s car. Later, you noticed that car needs many repairs and that missing parts are expensive. Also, police might catch you. In private area this kind of victory is more painful. Mistress ruins someone’s marriage but her lover’s kids hate her. They make her life unbearable. 

“I wish it never happened. ” “If i can back on the beginning, i would never do this. ” This is description of this useless victory. Our vanity will despise victories without results. If you are woman, you want to push away more beautiful woman. If you are man, you want to compete and win in race with richer man. Our ego will declare war to Pir’s victory because that is wasting of time. 

If you are Pir’s vinner , you probably do next things:

You date with girls whose are rejected by other men.

You eat food out of deadline.

You work on jobs which others avoid.

You collect things which other throw into garbage. 

One of the points in victory is that you will never accept comfort and remains. You are not little kid who will smile after big guy gives him piece of chocolate. 

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Man from parody


When man is alone, he will be frustrated with failed romances. How to seduce special woman? This question will ask many guys, in hope to get lucky. If you wish to get attention of woman, make a balance between romance and reality. Romantic stories and movies will often give wrong perception about women needs and wishes. If you watched some romantic scenes, they will include Gypsies with violins, flowers and balloons, and woman who cries from happiness. Well, we are not all like that, to fall on banal tricks. If movie was a parody, there would be woman with potatoes, to hit such guy from the corner, because his skills of courtship are so old fashioned. What is the biggest defeat of man? That woman will make a fool from him. 

Here are some important things which every guy needs to check before declare his love.

Check is that woman single. You don’t wish to have business with angry husband.

Check her past, maybe she broke relation before few days, and you will not be welcome.

Check her mood, maybe she is sad, she lost dear person recently or she is angry because of some reason in her private life.

Act with style. Be romantic, but not pathetic.

Check what kind of woman is she. If she is elegant and sophisticated, don’t go on date with dirty shoes. If she is natural and spontaneous, wild woman, don’t be artificial as guy from the shop-window. Different types of woman ask for different men.

What kind of mistakes many men do?

Their problem is to make line between hard and soft. There is no need to act as savage guy, but also women don’t like too gentle guys. It is kind of gay, and woman will choose you to go to the shopping with her if you are sweet guy, but she will not invite you in her bed. 

Also, problem appears when guy is clumsy. Don’t sing if your voice sound bad, don’t write letter if your grammar is awful, don’t dance if you will ruin feet of your partner. 

Don’t pretend that you are something what you are not. Fake footballer of fake singer will be exposed very soon, and you will be clown.

Don’t be persistent if you got no as answer. Gentleman will know when is time to give up.

When Mallory opened the door, she was unpleasantly surprised. Steve, guy next door gave her bunch of flowers and her husband stayed behind her. She asked to guy what is this, and he said to her that she is chosen as the most beautiful neighbor. Her husband was furious and flowers finished at the garbage. 

Few special rules for virtual space.

Don’t make close contact with woman who is married and her husband is on her social network. He can have password.

Don’t spam inbox if woman did not reply on your message.

Don’t check woman where is she if she was not active some time. You are not policeman neither her husband. 

Don’t make desperate public statuses about her. She will runaway, if she did not delete you already.

Even it looks simple to approach some woman, some guys will walk in totally wrong direction. Turn around and go on the right path, otherwise you will stay as desperate actor in romantic comedy, alone on the road.

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Lady from the jungle


Dear ladies and gentleman, that is sentence from intro speech when you talk with publicity. You wish to express respect accord your audience, so that titles will help you to sound politely.

Who is indeed lady and does every woman really deserve this name? Recently i went to buy bus ticket because i was travelling in another city. I stand into line, forward me was a man, and few people also waited for a ticket. Suddenly, one woman run and pushed man in front of me, with words “I am in big rush” and before he opened mouth, she was buying a ticket. He said: “Madam, here is the line, you should stand here behind.” She replied : “I am a lady and i need to catch this bus.”  His response was : “You are a lady? Don’t make me laugh. Ladies don’t do this. You escaped from the jungle.”

I was smiling, because in his words were lot of truth. Indeed, real lady will not push people as she is from Wild West. That would do Calamity Jane, but not a lady. She could ask politely if she wanted a favor. Words “please”, “thanks” and “i am sorry” should be in dictionary of woman who consider herself as lady. 

If we go back to history, in Middle age lady was noble title. That was woman from aristocracy, with manners and from high society. Ladies were princesses and daughters of  the blood royal, with their first names prefixes, for example as the lady Elisabeth. 

Today, women will use word “lady” to get some benefits. This is more an excuse, i have some rights because i am a lady. How to expect from men to respect you, to bring your bags, to open you door, if you yell on them , if you are swearing and use filthy words? Your behavior should prove your attitude if you really wish to be a lady.

When i was in high school, last days were really exciting. Everyone wanted to be drunk, because it was goodbye to school days and young people were celebrating. One girl got drunk and she fainted. This image will stay in my memory, because boys drag over her body into school hallway and duster spills water over her. This girl lost her dignity. Later people talked about girl who got drunk and about her behavior which was worse than any guy.

Not every woman wants to be a lady, and this is free choice. Some of us are wild, spontaneous and now days this word might sound ridiculous. It is nice to see well dressed and well mannered, educated and decent woman, so you can say “this is a lady.” 

Now days, lady should be woman with style, who knows when to stay silent, and when to speak , also she will know how to speak. This woman has balance and she gain respect toward opposite gender. Man will fall in love in this lady because she is gentle, and yet with strong attitude.

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Fear of replacement


Competition is pain in the ass. Once when you feel that someone replaced you, your ego is wounded. Dignity is under question and you can ask yourself why is that other person better than you and what makes her/him so special. How to get back in the game ? Are you senior like in tennis, who wish to defeat younger players with your big experiences? Or, you will just let it go and make peace with destiny, because your time is over?

Friendship, job and love are three spots where is replacement possible, and in all areas this could be painful. So, your friend doesn’t think that you are cool anymore, and he found new team? Your boss got rid of you because he needs fresh brains? Your husband abandoned you because of younger woman? Yes, you might feel as shit, because all what you did before is not enough to keep you in surface, you are swimming surrounded by sharks and they will eat you each moment. 

Where is salvation ? Molly gave example of person who faced with her fear of replacement.

Molly survived many situations in her life where people treated her as second violin. She had team of friends in neighborhood, but when new girl came all accepted her because she was so cool, and Molly was not interesting anymore. Also, her best friend Alice always dated with guys who were chosen by Molly at first, and Molly felt as she was stolen. Molly got job as intern in one law firm, but they did not keep her cause she was too rebelious. She did not want to follow their rules as they thought, she had some unusual ideas and it was her end.

One day Molly was in another situation where she could be replaced, and her alarm turned on. She finaly found good boyfriend, but his female friend  called him all the time on his phone. It was friend from childhood who once loved him. Molly knew she could lose him, so she imagined the worst situation of breakup, cried and said to him that he must decide between his friend and her. Her boyfriend chose Molly , with warnings that she can’t control him and that she will talk with friend not to call him so often. Then Molly realized, that replacement was her biggest fear, her nightmare, and that her behavior is indeed the key of solution. She stopped to fear that she will lose everything in her life.

Time is cruel. It works in shifts, so suddenly you will not be enough smart, beautiful or useful. You will not be popular. That is the reason why Madonna likes to cooperate with young singers and kiss them in mouth, because she wants to keep enemies closer. She will steal pieces of their youth, as reflection of glory. She wants to shine forever, but for this collaboration is necessary. 

What to do, if you don’t want to be replaced:

Be original.

Do something what is only yours. Be the only person who can do it something on successful way. 

Be faithful, loyal and respectful.

Believe it or not, this values are forgotten nowdays. Loyal person is hard to find because everyone has his price.

Accept younger colleagues as refreshment, not as treat.

Show that you are not afraid. If you gain fear, this is nail into your coffin. 

Have backup plan in the case of trouble.

Say to your competition that you have joker in the pocket, even you are bluffing.

People will find you as interesting person this moment when you have another option. Nobody likes despair or to be the last straw.

If you are victim of replacement, think about how long you can last. Are you creature with deadline? No, you are not hamburger or pizza. It must be something else. Probably you play with open cards from the first moment, you love people to much, you give too much and never keep your secrets private. Probably everyone knows everything about your privacy or your life can be googled at internet. Did you ever said no or you rejected to do something for your special people? If you gave too much, you are already used. 

Irreplaceable people never discover everything, even when they lose. They are unpredictable and mysterious. They know to whom they will trust and to whom they will turn back. They will do much for their friends, but never everything, because there is border between good person and fool.

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Meeting with addict


Life on cloud is beautiful in fantasies, but hard in reality. Imagine that you are focused only on one thing, instead of many duties and obligation you should do next day. That one thing is your addiction. Ask yourself, did you ever forget to eat because in your mind was only cigarette? Did you forget to pick up kids from school because you get drunk? Maybe you did not came at date because you were gambling. Even it sounds really bad and irresponsible, these are characteristics of addicts.

I will not talk about medicinal basic because i have no expert knowledge about this. I wish to talk of something i saw and i passed before. 

These are patterns of behavior, when you met with addicts.

Drunk person, gambler,  internet freak and other addicts have many things in common.

Family, parents, job or friends are on the margin. 

These kind of addicts doesn’t care for real world, their world is parallel . Day is passing with glasses of wine or another alcohol drink, with wins on the casino or with number of messages on internet pages.

They are sleepless.

Once when you discover secret “cure” for your problems, you will ask for that in any part of the day. Cell phone is under bed, and you need to turn it on, to see is someone send you message. Let’s smoke because we can’t sleep. Let’s eat, something is in the fridge.

They neglect their partners.

You sit with that kind of person in coffee bar and he is typing on cell phone constantly. He stays without money and he don’t want to hear to left casino. Any advice is useless.

They cross their limits and risk.

When you are addicted, you will do everything to come and take your medicine. You will run for source. If your source is casino, you will run there in hope to get money. If your source is cyber sex, you will open internet just to see your naked lover. If your source is cigarette, you will spend last money on tobacco. 

They hurt other people, even without intention.

Would you steal other’s lover for the sake of own pleasure? Would you steal money to gamble? Would you left from work, just to drink alcohol in coffee bar near? If yes, you are addicted.

Addicts seems as weak persons who doesn’t care about reality or tramps. If you think that addicted person is someone in rags, dirty and poor, you are in mislead. They are between us. Your boss is maybe person who is addicted of Xanax. Your colleague can be cyber freak, and your cooperator could be drunk man who hides his addiction successfully. 

Addiction is indeed denial. You refuse to accept that you have problem which should be solved on other way, because solution is not in the bottom of glass. We are all close to that when it happens that life sucks. One or two bad crises, you wish to get drunk , smoke or to send everything into hell.

Lena is smoker. She is doing her work well, but she is under stress. When her boss is unbearable, she is going out to smoke. Day by day, she is smoking more, because every time there is a reason that she must light fire. She is coughing, but her addiction takes over.

When we assemble union with the devil called addiction, we are fooled that everything will look better. Maybe in that moment, when we are drunk or stoned, reality is more pink. Problems are still there and they will not disappear, if we don’t face it with them.

When you are in relation with addict, you are with two persons. One is original and you love her. Other person is clone, but evil twin. That person stands between you two, because she is grumpy, moody and ready to destroy everything. You need to set free your love from slavery, because that is only way to get her back.

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Pay my rent


Life in common is intro in marriage. Once when you decide to live with your partner, you will share bills, bed and meals. This includes also mutual ownership on remote control, and everyone who visits you will also visit your partner. On my personal opinion, couples should live together before they get married. It doesn’t have to last too long, but this is test position for you both, how you will deal with this form of relation. 

While you are dating, you see only the best sides of your partner. He is in nice clothes, you will not see his dirty socks, his breath will be fresh and you will go on cool places. After romantic night, you will go in your flat, he will stay in his flat. His mother will wash his laundry and make him lunch, you will not pay part of his bills and he will watch his football match at peace. That is difference between boyfriend and husband. Wife will collect empty bottles of beer , girlfriend will just call on phone for sexy talk. Wife will clean dirty floor , girlfriend will use mirror in bathroom to fix her lipstick. Where is no serious commitments, there is no obligations. It has advantages and negative sides.

If you think about your plans, you will realize that you can’t date with him forever. Dating is cool while you are young, but if you are 40 and you date with man in forties, that is meeting of two tired people who need comfortable place to settle down. It is childish to wait him on the rain until his bus come, or to apologize to her because your dad did not give you car. So, one day you decided to move in his flat, but he is not ready. He would rather stay your boyfriend, because if you share flat with him, next step is marriage. 

Accord his reaction, you will know does he gets you as serious partner for relation. When man owns flat, this is his kingdom. If he lives alone, it gives him opportunities to invite more women for sex, to party with his drinking buddies and to make mess as he wish. Yes, he likes to sleep surrounded by bottles of wine, with his dirty socks and noisy television. He likes to listen his music as he wish and to forget where he put plates. He doesn’t mind to wash dishes three days after and to wear same shirt more times. 

You will ask, how to move in his flat, if he is not ready ?

You can’t act like thief and enter by force, because man’s rage is not something what you wish to see. 

Well, there are some tricks how to persuade him that you are ideal roommate and perfect match for him.

Find your own job. If you are employed woman, he will see that you are able to pay bills.

Don’t act as boss. He saw this already, with his mother. Show him that you are ready for compromises. 

If you spent night there, leave something as reminder. 

Your toothbrush, well you forgot it, isn’t it? Your lipstick. Your bra. If he return this to you immediately , with alert, he is not ready. If he doesn’t say anything, you have chance to move in. 

Show him that you have already place for life. 

You are not homeless. He must see your real intentions, that you will not use him as toy to pay your bills. Even if you live with parents, show him that you don’t mind , but that you would rather live with him because you love him.

Don’t redecorate flat soon when you move in. Men hate if you try to change their place by your wishes, and you did not ask him. If he likes to live in mess, show him gentle that is not practical way. Find socks which he lost a long time ago so he will be grateful.

Now i have on my mind old songs by Pet Shop Boys, “Rent. ” They sing “i love you, you pay my rent. ” Well, your partner must be aware that you are not homeless intruder who would otherwise live in the street. You are not burden, you are gift. 

After 5 years of dating Alice move in with Peter, in his flat. His mother was against this, and when Alice left towel, she said that she must pick up her rags. Soon, Alice found job. After she paid first bills, Peter’s mother became quiet. Soon Alice bought new furniture, and Peter invited his friends to visit them. All what friends said to Peter was : “Wow, you are lucky man. Keep her not to runaway from you. “

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We couples



We is word of connection, togetherness and mutual deal. For sure you know many couples who use word we to explain you why they can’t do something without acceptance of other side or why they will do something.

It is nice to live in community and exchange opinions and ideas, but what happens when your love swallows your personality?

Some things should always stay private and personal.


Passwords of your web pages. – Don’t share it with partner, you can hurt your friends to reveal their secrets on such way.

Access to your cell phone.  – You have habit to dig on your boyfriend’s sms? It shows lack of trust and obsession.

Pin of your credit cards. – If you split, you can stay without money with your guilt.

Number of your ex lovers. – This is unpleasant and unnecessary. 


If you understand relation on such way that you reveal everything to your partner, you will drown there as part of his personality. You don’t exist anymore and he can rule with you as he wish. Besides, here is danger from boredom. Oh, what else i don’t know about you and you did not tell me? You are book i read a long time ago.

Your private area needs kind of fence. If your relation is not in danger of survival, you don’t have reason to let your partner everywhere. You are not a slave. Some couple are so connected that they don’t do nothing without permission of each other. Sometimes this is really funny.

I had a friend who was so addicted to her husband. Every time i went to drink coffee with her, after half hour her husband came to sit on our table. Conversation was over for me, because i did not invite him, i was her friend. Even that little free space she had for yourself was limited.

Some women think that their husband must go everywhere. In shopping, at hairdresser, even on pedicure or manicure with them. Men will get bored in shopping and it can be big punishment for them, to watch woman how she can’t pick right shoes or dress. She will throw her rage at partner when she realize that skirt doesn’t fit to her. 

If your man has friends, if they drink beer or playing football, if they go to bowling, why to follow him there? This is his area of interest, if he want to cheat you, he can do it everywhere, you will not stop this.

Word we is sign of deal and compromise, in situations where both people must decide. You can’t decide about pregnancy without your husband, if you do, something is wrong. Children are also mutual obligation. Things and situations which are important for life are basic for mutual agreement.

It is not necessary to exaggerate as at is end of the world if your partner don’t know something about you. 

Word we is not forever and always. Sometimes, it will be only you, and you will be responsible. If you drown your personality for the sake of harmony, you will feel frustrations. You did not continue your studying because your partner disagreed with this. You rejected this job offer because he did not accept. Think about, is this really common decision if you don’t think the same as your partner?

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After breakup is breakup


Breakups, we all know everything about it. Someone kick you out from his life or you cut off someone from your life. That should be the end, isn’t it? Can you break up after break up? Like you bury the same deadman twice.

The worst part of this sad story is denial. What if person can’t let you go? Here comes the situation when you are smiling again, breath again without rock in your lungs, when you can walk without chains in your feet.  Suddenly, he appears again in every corner.

Even when he found someone else, he says “she is not like you, it is not the same”, but he doesn’t want to admit that he did wrong thing , he has no courage to start it again. He wants to sit on two chairs. One chair is safe, this sweet girl who will care for him and wipe his ass, and the other, this is you, the other who were challenge for him and he could not forget.

I think that every guy who choose girl by his conscience, to please society, is very unhappy guy. When heart made choice, it will accept only one person as loving one.

World is full of people who got married because it was practical idea, it was wish of his mother, society or financial agreement. Who cares for the heart?

That kind of losers wants to have both, wild mistress and cute wife, so that they can please their wishes on both side.


I believe in old truth about love. The one who loves you truly will never stop loving you because of some interest, because it was not good time or his nerves were broken.

Love doesn’t recognize excuses, apologies, terms. You love or you not love. Every other feeling might be sorrow for something you missed, desire, unfilled dream.

So be careful when you love, and don’t make yourself or other person to play role of victim. Be brave and face it with love.

Real love is naked and simple. That is why we said “i love you.” Not “but i don’t know what to do, give me time, time will show”.

When you love someone, do not hesitate. There is word “not now”, and next following words are “too late.”